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The Weeping Blades

‘Mirueln thill’ehya ito kae’leh’



Protectors of the state, defenders of purity - these are the brave souls that have willingly devoted and given their lives to the prosperity and health of the Silver City. For centuries the Sillumir have been called upon to defend the Republic and give their lives if needed. Through rigorous training and adapting, the Sillumir have truly become something to admire, for their strength  and the keenness of their minds knows no bounds. 

In the modern era and with the reformation of the Republic, the Sillumir must once again maintain anonymity whilst on duty, each Sillumir forming a strong camaraderie with one another to ensure that their tasks are completed efficiently and quickly. 

Typically, the duties of a Sillumir vary depending on their ranking and position, though each Sillumir is expected to carry out gate duties, investigations and most importantly, defending their state against external threats.




The Oath

Larihei, kae'len cruan sulier, ay'kae vallumer'ehya

Elihnsil, Elberr, kina'ehya, laean kae wynne myumiereyae.

ay'nae'leh sirame k' taliiyhe, ay'elcihil k' cruare

il'iylkarim, mirueln thill'ehya ito kae'leh



Larihei, behold my pain, and weep for me 

The spear, the bow and death, these bring me no joy 

for your honor I bleed, for the city I suffer 

with this day, I am silver and red.



Command Structure


The Halerir are recruits of the Sillumiran, being the newest members among its ranks. All accepted applicants are automatically given the rank of Halerir. Members of this unit are considered unproven and therefore have no real authority. As a result, those who are in the Halerir are expected to attend training and rallies in order to prove their devotion and to become full-fledged Sillumir.



The Sillumiran are the primary force, the fully-fledged soldiers of Haelun’or. After proving oneself by attending training and rallies, the Halerir becomes a Sillumir, and is thus seen as a complete member of the force. Along with the new rank comes new responsibilities; Sillumir are expected to regularly attend trainings, patrols, and rallies, to be considered active. Failure to be active as a Sillumir will result in demotion or removal. The Sillumir are responsible for all of the defensive measures of the state, which include patrolling, peacekeeping, manning the gate, rallying, and military duties. They also act as the police force of Haelun’or, enforcing laws, and apprehending those found to have broken the law.



The Tahorren make up a small percentage of the Sillumiran, standing as a ‘corporal’ of such for Sillumiran to look to in the event the Divkinaelan are not present. The Tahorren is expected to muster and supply the Sillumiran, as well as provide guidance and support for them. They are expected to support the Divkinaelan with their tasks, interrogating prisoners and questioning citizenry on certain crimes which have taken place. 



Eldivkinaelan are our blessed officers, those to command the defenders of Silver. They are tasked with the recruitment and training of new Haleriran, the organisation and hosting of various further training and patrols, ensuring the wellbeing of all Sillumiran, keeping watch over the Silver Gates, assisting in updating policies, handling arrests and reports, as well as several other tasks. They assist the okarir’tir in many of their duties; the one selected as Tilruir’sil being the Okarir’tir’s direct second-in-command, serving as general of the armies. Regardless of their class, a Divkinael’s orders are expected to be followed at all times.



The Tilruir’sil is the servant of the Sillumir, obligingly beside the Okarir’tir to facilitate the growth and management of the ranks. The Tilruir’sil will lead alongside or in the absence of the Okarir’tir, ensuring the Sillumir are properly guarded and engaged with their duties. The Tilruir’sil may lead training or patrols autonomously from the Okarir’tir but cannot undermine the authority of the Okarir’tir.



The Okarir’tir manages the judiciary and military functions of the Silver State and are expected to advise the Sohaer and the Heial’thilln on matters of new and existing criminal law. The Okarir’tir presides over the Sillumiran and is responsible for the punishment of those convicted in criminal trials.



The ‘Mahnih'ala’ Unit

The police force of Haelun’or, the Mahnih’ala Unit usually has the easiest of tasks – keeping the peace, patrolling the streets and manning the gates. Most new individuals to the order flock naturally to the Mahnih’ala unit, as it allows them to remain closer to their families and leaves them predominately out of harm's way. They are responsible for the policing and investigations which occur within the state.


The ‘Evar’hileia’ Unit

Members of the Evar’hileia unit act as scout regiment, often working beyond the city gates to conduct their duties. Their tasks often involve tracking down beasts and finding out the whereabouts of criminals of the state, but also most importantly technology which can benefit Haelun’or. During times of war they typically make up the vanguard and are usually populated by non’thill. 


The ‘Walehir’ Unit

Those in the Walehir ensure their comrades are healthy, performing regular check-ups, providing necessary foods and work alongside each unit and the clinic to treat any injured Diraaran. Members of the Walehir unit are certified clinicians of the state, and make up the smallest proportion of the Sillumir. 


The ‘ARC’ Unit

Typically consisting entirely of first and second class Sillumir, an ARC trooper is an individual that expresses free thinking, often able to assess a situation and rise to the task, the common quote amongst the ‘thill is this: ‘When the Sillumir are in trouble, they call in the Tilruir’tir. When the Tilruir’tir is in trouble they call in the ARC troopers’ Most ARC troopers have extensive combat experience, operating on strict confidentiality.




To join, please fill the below form. Alternatively, contact one of our amazing officers!













Bonus points if you leave a book outside the barracks expressing your desire to join!


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