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Da Kirkja Dverga : Armakak

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~ ᚨᚱᛗᚨᚴᚨᚴ ~


“YEMEKAR reached into the soul-forge with his tongs and took out a large ember. He set it in the sky above his creation, and it burned brilliantly and brightly until it was golden. It was similar to the other stars in the sky as it had great value, but unlike the others, it was meant to be exchanged, not hoarded or used in crafts. It was the first coin, and by its beaming light YEMEKAR’s children would be able to exchange their crafts and skills, and its rays became trade and bartering. And became ARMAKAK, the Merchant Father. He would guide the mouths of the tradesmen so a favorable deal is made and prosperity reaches all.”


ARMAKAK is the god of trade, of bartering and of smooth tongued dwarves. The patron of wealth, luck and opportunities. He looks over the merchants, travellers and entrepreneurs, encouraging them to acquire wealth through cleverness and hard work. The Merchant Father will shower with gold those who seek the best bargain and respect their fellow merchants, striking deals that are fair for both parties.


Teachings of the Coin

A collection of moral principles based in veneration of ARMAKAK’s Coin, these teachings serve as a guide on how to honor the God of Trade.



Unnek is the teaching of fair trade, of even exchange. When you conduct trade in the name of ARMAKAK, let it not be done selfishly and corrupt, let it instead be fair and bring great things to both parties as they are due. Do not let yourself be abused by contracts nor abuse them in your favor. Be equal in your deals and many more are to come, and the pockets of both parties will be sure to fill.



Otharem is the teaching of exploration, of travel, journeying under the light of ARMAKAK’s sun to far places and new markets. Do not limit yourself to a closed market, but venture outwards, doing exchange with currency of both wealth and culture. The further you go, the more your goods shall be renowned throughout YEMEKAR’s creation. ARMAKAKencourages his followers to expand their merchant endeavors as much as they can.



Nolvar is the teaching of industry, the wider network of trade and business that leads to prosperity. The children of YEMEKAR have always been an industrious folk, and the root of industry is an elaborate economy with a foundation of well connected infrastructure. The more you partake in trade, the more prosperity extends to all those involved. A soul with an ornate network of trade and contracts will bring extravagant wealth to not only himself but all he works with.


Paragons and Heroes of ARMAKAK


Paragon Tungdil Goldhand

Paragon Tungdil Goldhand is synomnyous with worship of ARMAKAK, also given title of Merchant Father. When he had made trade with a customer, and would shake hands to make an oath of their transaction, it was a guarantee that wealth and prosperity would find all parties involved. Thus he became known Tungdil Goldhand, ARMAKAK’s favored.


Hero Kalgrimmor

Hero Kalgrimmor has throughout his life dedicated himself to his craft and kingdom, using his skills to amass a fortune rivaling the deep coffers of entire nations. With blessed generosity, he extended such prosperity and wealth to his kinsmen, and along with centuries of inspired loyalty and service to Urguan, has earned himself the recognition of such who is gifted by the BRATHMORDAKIN and declared Hero of ARMAKAK.


Hero Thoak Goldhand

Hero Thoak Goldhand is one of the oldest ancestors of the Goldhand Clan, potentially the most active figure in their history. Many times Thoak led the struggling clan to prosperity and honoring ARMAKAK. The same he had done for Kaz’Ulrah, creating the clergy of ar Yemarin Anaros to ensure a strong faith in an era of divided dwarves. The last leader of the nation, Thoak dedicated himself to bringing peace and prosperity among all dwarves in a time of struggle, dying with the fall of Kal’Tarak.



~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~

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Nice post, was an interesting read. 

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