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  1. I'll miss you loads Wolf, thanks for everything you've done for this community :) Know that even in your absence, your narratives, the fear you've instilled in countless many upon the server with Astark's shenanigans and your presence overall will haunt the server forever until your great return. I wish you well, hope life treats you well too. Stay safe, White_Wolf. <3<3<3
  2. A smaller figure held up their hands towards the missive, golden glazed eyes reading it - if they had proper expressions, they'd be smiling right now. @NotAPan
  3. https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxuj90Q04eNVWIE9ut1yvRfJAPxiXMUTHY?si=8-xXMW8L9ZZ7rFd-
  4. The candle light flickered as a man with white streaked ebony locks halted in his daily gait, the dunes blew amidst a howling wind that lifted an unseen melancholy through those empty corridors. A tear was shed, a memory made, he made his way back to his chambers. Silence engulfed those unhallowed halls, a brief mourning for one who was lost.
  5. "Rumors and whispers, though they may be true. I advise caution to those mortals, They are a force to be reckoned with." stated the unseen figure, a blood ridden emissary that had nothing better to do than to listen to the gossip of mortal men and the news of the world - so he may come to understand the intricacies of Almaris and what it had to offer him. "I hope you know what you're doing, old friend.."
  6. I cannot believe I won second place with that video LMAO
  7. Somewhere beyond in the world of Skygods, a girl is malding at her table after laying her sights upon such a ghastly MArt..
  8. A mali'aheral stirred from her stupor, a hand brushing through her bangs as she laid it to rest upon her scarred forehead. Fear was naught in her gaze, instead there was a faint smile pressed upon her lips. And so the famed storyteller for the dead and damned would return once more, with a riveting tale to tell to her best audience.
  9. Flesh and sinew tore open from a mangled mouth, fangs jagged and cruel piercing through those lips as the beast smiled, a luminescent gaze of crimson peering across the missive with such delight. "I believe it's time for a change of pace.." It rasped out in a cackle, for it was to prepare for a war long awaited. A war that shall thrive throughout history. "Radiant is the Black Sun."
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