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Da Kirkja Dverga : Ogradhad

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~ ᛟᚷᚱᚨᛞᚺᚨᛞ ~


“YEMEKAR’s creation, now becoming more ornate and detailed than ever, was carried to his workbench. There the soulmason placed his chisel on his creation and carved into his creation names of what he had made in his sacred language. These symbols and names, known as runes, carried great power in them. As the runes were carved into creation, so did become wisdom and scholarship, and became OGRADHAD, Lore Master. He would guide those who dedicated time to discovering his vast knowledge in their research and extend his blessing of divine wisdom to those with the temperance and humility to earn it.”


OGRADHAD is the god of knowledge, The Lore Master. He serves as a patron of knowledge; watching over any place where knowledge is kept and any one who pursues the further development of their own knowledge. However, OGRADHAD does not only guide those who wish to learn, he also acts as warden to hidden knowledge. It is OGRADHAD who determines which knowledge might be revealed to the descendants, and which knowledge must remain hidden in order to maintain Yemekar’s Balance. 


Tenets of Lore


The Tenets of Lore are three major principles based in the patronage of OGRADHAD. All those who wish to honor the Lore Master manifest these tenets in their daily lives. These tenets revolved around the discovery and preservation of knowledge. 



Grond, meaning discovery or to discover, is the first of the Tenets of Lore. We honor OGRADHAD by constantly seeking out new knowledge, whether that knowledge is simply new to the seeker, or if it is a great discovery never before seen by the descendants. OGRADHAD delights in those who search for new knowledge, and any who wish to honor The Lore Master will dedicate their everyday lives to the discovery of knowledge.



Kahiv, meaning wisdom, is the second of the Tenets of Lore. It is not only enough to obtain knowledge, one must also possess the insight to apply the knowledge effectively. We honor OGRADHAD by using our knowledge of the past and present to inform our actions. This is the path that all followers of OGRADHAD must take to shape the future. 



Anym’arkon, literally meaning “A Life of Remembering'', is often translated to simply “Scholarship”. To lead the life of a scholar, one must not only gather knowledge and wisdom, but should be dedicated to fully understanding that which they have learned. We honor OGRADHAD by taking the time to study the knowledge and wisdom we have gathered, and by preserving that knowledge for use by future scholars.


Paragons and Heroes of OGRADHAD


Paragon Valen Grandaxe

Valen Grandaxe is venerated as one of the greatest dwedmer scholars to have ever lived. It was by his hand that most of the dwed oral tradition was preserved on parchment so that it might not be lost to the ages. It is because of these actions that Valen was named a paragon. His life symbolizes the epitome of scholarship and wisdom.


Paragon Hiebe Irongut

Hiebe Irongut is venerated as the greatest dwedmer mage to have ever lived. As a Master Sage of the Ascended, he showed incredible prowess with the arcane arts, and took great care in passing his skill down to his descendants so that the dwedmer may never lose use of the voidal arts. Because of this, Hiebe is lauded as the dwarven Paragon of Magic, and is recognized as a symbol of wisdom and scholarship.




~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~

Da Kirkja Dverga thanks Falk Irongut for his remarkable leadership in writing these teachings.


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