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Albarosan Powder - Canonism made Magic

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The bureaucrat working overnight, the soldier patrolling his hundredth road. The Empire’s hunger for work never ends, and yet, the human is only so durable. With Albarosan Powder, Magic is made Canonist. Sleep and fatigue become figments of the past, you have become a super soldier. An unbeatable machine working through that pile, earning your bread. You’re a hustler, just like the titans before you. You do not consume Albarosan Powder out of weakness: you consume it because you’re a ruthless competitor in this capitalist rat race. More importantly: it’s perfectly legal






Dr. Lemuel de Langford 



A fatigued Prince-Archbishop was once sat amongst his many female servants, their endless babbling and touching tiring for the ageing man. The mere thought of finishing his first Homily of Albarosa rendered him nervous: eyes blurry, motor skills fading, a body ready for bed.


Unbeknownst to him, right beneath his window in the Pruvian Estate, a doctor and farmer were arguing.


“So you just burn these leaves?” Lemuel would inquire, his chin raised in agony.

The farmer nodded nervously “Aye, these plants are but a pest for our crop.”


The pest mentioned was the Albarose, a plant native to Kaedrin: named by Richard Helvets in jest, as it was but a weed pestering the agrarian city. The Albarose’s leaf was potent however, filled with a white goo that had unintentional chemical consequences. That day Lemuel, perhaps out of boredom or curiosity, demanded the sack of weeds from the farmer: determined to arbitrarily research the common plant. 



“The Albarose”, former weed in Commonwealth of Kaedrin 1765.


And so while the Prince-Archbishop slept on the floor, Dr. Lemuel examined the goo in his basement laboratory. Explosion here, suffocating gas there: the weed’s intestines proved hard to master. But there came his eureka moment! As the goo dried up on his table, its exterior became almost sugar-like. As a worried servant opened the door: a handful of grains found their way to the doctor’s airways. Understanding what happened, he leaned forward to consume some more. 


The next day he presented it to the Prince-Archbishop, who then could finish his Homily without sleep for two days straight. He suggested it to His Holiness. Then came the cardinals, the House of Pruvia-Albarosa, Helvets and Armas. A trail of white powder leading from Owynsburg to the busy bureaucratic machines of Helena. The rest is history.




“Can’t talk to you, gotta work.”

His Holiness the High Pontiff James II 


Snort this again and I’ll f**king disinherit you, son.”

Richard Helvets to Adrian Helvets


“Hey talk to me later, I’m on my hustle now.”

Cardinal Sutica Amadeus d’Aryn 


“Do you think you can just do this? Walk in the room? Interrupt me? Who do you think you are, Pruvia? The lights were on, okay? You could definitely hear my pen from the hallway. Did it never occur to you that I might be working? Can’t you see how much work I need to do? I am carrying this nation on my shoulders, Pruvia. You dumbwit. Absolute degenerate. Coming in here for what, chit chat? Another melodrama? Look. Now I wasted over twenty seconds talking to you, instead of working. A person could have died due to my laziness. Some Haeseni might be climbing my roof as we speak. What if I get killed because I am standing still? Get that through your skull, Pruvia. And stop wasting my time while I’m working!”

Sir Frederick Armas


“Get those drug addicts out of my court!”

Jonah Stahl-Elendil 


“Does what it promised, comes in a comfortable package.”

Payton Smith 


“I can no longer wake up without my daily dose of Albarosan Powder. An -effing splendid product!”

A very handsome model from Johnstown


"I'm gonna let the powder do the thinking."

 Cardinal Renzfeld Jasper ‘the thinker’ de Sarkozy




Albarosan Powder is an exclusive product only sold or gifted to those acquainted with the Rhoswenii houses or the Holy Canonist Church. It is not sold in a store, and therefore, requires you to seek out current consumers. 


The market price for Albarosan Powder varies between 45 minas and 250 minas, depending on your relationship with the vendor and the intensity of the batch. The intensity is examined by the producers themselves, who take a spoonful before sealing it in the Albarosan Powder packages. If there is no seal of the Pruvian Griffin onto the package, it means that the produce is either old or fabricated! 

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“He knows.. He knows about the Spice Mélange” says a white-nosed Kaedreni named Janus

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“Good s***” says Hildwin.

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"Using the Churches good name to peddle his drugs, preposterous." Remarked Friar Boniface in his home as be read the pamphlet.

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