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[✓] [Amendment] Aurum & Phantoms

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This piece serves to clarify and amend the abilities of phantoms and their interactions with the material world, other magics, and the art of Mysticism. It also seeks to balance out some abilities of phantoms, as well as address some issues that were not initially foreseen during the writing of the current phantom lore.




Aurum Clarification


Aurum bears unique and astonishing properties, unlike those of nigh any substance found within the realm of man. Able to tug upon lifeforce, this revered material may unravel those of spectral or undead nature, unravelling them in an excruciating fashion—their very essence torn from these fleeting forms. This may feel as white-hot iron to such ethereal entities, often employed by many religious as a means of warding off less favored spirits and demons, though also hexers and witch hunters who may seek to debilitate these intangible foes, for aurum is fully capable of making contact with such as if they were physically manifested.



More peculiar among its effects is the ability for this material to ‘trap’ a semblance of the phantom's spirit within, not unlike that of some occult or mystical ceremonies who may very well do such of their own volition. In the instance that a spectral entity is subdued by pure aurum, the phantom, along with demanifesting back into the Elysian, would have some portion of their lifeforce tethered to the object as it is made “haunted”, acting as a crib for the spectral being's personality. This would cause the object to bear a pale, dying glow akin to the fading hue phantom’s own ectoplasm, trailing off of it like some very thin mist. 



With a fraction of the phantom's being imbued within the aurum, the item is capable of relaying a passive aura which pertains to the general emotion of whatever apparition had been bound; whether it be a poltergeists rage or a specter's grief. Bound personalities of Gravens are also able to manifest a very soft, tugging towards whatever their obsession might be, making one feel the inclination to pick up a blade should the Graven have some unfinished crusade, despite perhaps not necessarily knowing what they might use said blade for. Should the item be destroyed or damaged beyond repair, the lingering spirit may be freed and its effects will fade, often in the form of some brief puff of ectoplasm. Mystics, Lataumancers, and holy ecclesiastics are all capable of purging the spirit from the cursed item as well, the respective phantom feeling a strange, lingering pain as if a portion of their being was being seared; despite not knowing precisely what it was that had transpired.






- Pure aurum feels like a white-hot iron to a phantom, interacting with the intangible being as if they were in fact tangible. This incredible pain may debilitate phantom, capable of demanifesting them after two to three successful blows. 

- By granting OOC consent, a portion of the phantom's personality may be bound to a solid aurum object, such as a dagger. In the event consent is granted, the item may be “cursed”, now bearing a haunted aura and requiring the username of the phantom player be placed in the description (Ex. “Cursed Dagger [SuperPhantom10]”). This item may capture the emotions of the phantom that is bound to it at the time of demanifestation; whether rage, or anger, or woe, etc.

- Ghosts/Gravens bound to aurum cannot relay any thoughts through the object, nor can they know where the object itself is. The object is only capable of inflicting a gradual aura of the phantom's emotion upon the person who most frequently uses it. In the case of a Graven, it may manifest a subtle tugging/inclination towards the obsession of the respective Graven should it be in nearby.

-  This cannot be used to metagame. For example, a Graven that desires to hunt mages might incite a passive distaste for being around magic, though this cannot be used to relay a mage’s identity whatsoever, nor point towards one even if they are in immediate proximity. 

- Phantoms are unable to pass over/through aurum. Were a Phantom to be placed within an aurum containment (i.e. a cage), they would be weakened to the state of a newly-made revenant. Without OOC consent, this cannot be used to bind them permanently, but should they go fifteen minutes without active RP (as per the current conflict rules), they may depart. This constitutes as a demanifestation, and they are unable to recall the encounter as if they’d died.

- Wights and phantoms bound to a Menhir/crib are unable to be bound by the effects of aurum, though still face pain.

- The use of aurum in combat against a phantom/undead requires an item present to represent it. A golden sword would suffice for a mere dagger or blade, though aurum dust would necessitate a mechanical item claiming it as such.






Phantom Lore – [Link]

Mysticism Lore – [Link]

Aurum Lore – [Link]



Sorcerio – Writer

Gamma and Kalehart – Consultation

Squakhawk – Aurum Writer

The Phantom Community – Consultation


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+1, a much needed and well written amendment.

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9 hours ago, Sorcerio said:

Menhir Creation – The creation of stone pillars which may store souls, a crucial catalyst in Mystic rituals and rites. 

It was the First Synod, in their ambitions for immortality, who came upon the first Menhir; a terrible construction of otherworldly nature—retaining their deceased souls within itself. These accursed stone spires act as entryways to the Ebrietaes and Elysian, storing offered souls in order to fuel the more potent abilities of Mysticism, leading many occultists to engage in profane ritual sacrifices wherein they slay a living mortal before a Menhir as to let it absorb their spirit. Amassed souls may effectively act as a conduit of greater, prolonged liturgies, whether one be binding a phantom or creating an apparition—for though potent, the powers of Ectoplasm alone pale in comparison to the output of a true, pure soul, making them of invaluable use to Mystics. 


Menhir vary in size depending on the power they wish to sustain, being naturally generated pillars of stone glued together by ectoplasm, the larger they are, the harder to move, yet greater the power within lies. Most Menhir may be anywhere from five to eight meters in height, while Menhir which store apparitions may scale upwards from twelve or fifteen meters. Smaller ones may be moved by cart or magic, yet only power akin to that of apparitions can move one of their own Menhir. These structures are also rather resilient, requiring great amounts of force or magic in order to destroy—requiring five emotes from sustained  magic cast by a master in its craft;or the combined efforts of three or more descendants employing the use of hammers and pickaxes over the course of seven emotes. The larger the Manhir, the sturdier it may become, allowing them to hold an even greater number of souls—yet perhaps also drawing more unwanted attention. Covens should employ wariness when creating grand projects and erecting larger monoliths, however, for should they be destroyed, all souls bound to it will be lost.


One particular use is the sustenance of liturgies to hold more permanent effects, such performed through the efforts of three or more Mystics, depending upon the potency of the ritual they wish to maintain. Menhir that have been imbued with up to ten soul fragments may be used as channels which offput the souls’ syphoned energy into the nearby region, weakening the strength of the veil through this grand feat of death. Ectoplasm weaves throughout the land, sewing itself between the lifeforce of existing flora and fauna as its influence spreads with each and every sacrifice endured—leading to vast swathes of land that have been hindered by more zealous sub-cults amongst the Mthyul’s chosen. 



These hindered areas become ghostly in appearance, plants made translucent as if a faint fog engulfed the region, whilst simultaneously drawing forth less desired beings that linger in the Elysian—scaring off wildlife and creatures that may have once resided within that field. A passive deadbreath mist would linger above the ground, restricting one’s vision to a mere six meters in-front of them, as if some impenetrable ocean fog had rolled in upon the shore with the tide. This immense Ebrieatael presence also empowers spectral entities whilst within the region, nearby phantoms and apparitions sustained by effects akin to Mystical feeding. Though not acting as a tether when used in such a way, the Ectoplasm which permeates throughout the region grants them greater manifestation due to its Elysian ties. 


Hindered land, despite its ghastly implications, leaves nature to thrive as normal—forming no true blight or taint, and thus rendering it immune to the effects of Druidic Blight healing. Holy Magic, however, may be more capable in terms of expunging its phantom presence from the realm, though likely requiring many practitioners should the Hindering be significant—often demanding that they destroy the Menhir itself as opposed to purging land in small increments. Creating an above-ground hindered region in a tile or settlement that is not the Mystics’ own requires RO consent. 


- Menhir will store souls of those who have died in its immediate proximity, or those brought through means of saturation.

- While within Hindered land, the living may get easily lost and the spectral undead are perpetually under the effects of Consumption’s Feeding, gradually increasing for every increment of souls. Only ST-played apparitions may exceed the strength of an olog, this generally depending upon their general power and scale.

- Menhir must be mechanically present to be viable, being themselves constructed as a pillar-esque object of prismarine. The  Menhir must also be approved by an ST, though it does not need a sign explicitly stating it is a Menhir to prevent metagaming.

- Other spectral beings may wander Hindered regions should they be big enough, and may be emoted as environmental NPCs, though will not offer any combat capability or aid unless for some distinct event purpose.


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More spook for us. +1 Just in time for Halloween.

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Happy Halloween, it’s time for the cheese bandit

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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