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Nomination for Okarir’maehr

A Nomination of Self

11th of the Grand Harvest, 8 S.A


Amongst the shinning streets of Elcihi’thilln, a young elfess would tentatively stride towards the entrance of Karinah’siol, platinum locks cascading down from the constraints of a satin ribbon flowing behind her as she quickened her pace, scrolls cradled beneath her arm. Upon her arrival pinning a piece of parchment on bulletin board, taking a moment to neaten the missive amongst the litter of similar notices, taking a step back to survey the position of her newly published letter, which read the following:


“Dear Silver Citizens,


             Most of you are now aware of the resignation of the now former, now former, Okarir’maehr Aierra Sullas. When the announcement was made in the upper levels of the Eternal Library, just as her lesson in Mali’san came to a finish, Miss Sullas recommended I, Illyara Valarieth, pursue the position, as she would soon be stepping down. Saying this, I would like to take this opportunity to officially nominate myself for the position of Okarir’maehr. Her confidence in my ability will forever speak higher than any lavish flattery, and I do not wish to take this praise sitting down but instead stepping forward, in the name of progress. I am but a servant to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, and with experience of running the Eternal College and understanding of the intricate inner working of running the library, I hope it’s fair to claim myself qualified to run for the position of Okarir’maehr. I wish to serve Elcihi’thilln, I wish to serve maehr’sae hiylun’eyha, and if the people of Karinah’siol elect me, I intend to do just that.


Yours respectively,

Illyara Valarieth


elcihi'thilln'onn maehr chulae or'okar

chil'ii Lariher'leh chuleyae o'iyath o'nealu'ehya

ay'maehr'sae hiylun'ehya



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