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Core Race Lore - Elves: Dark Elves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Elves




Core Race Lore - Elves: Dark Elves


The Dark Elves, known as the Mali’ker within the Elven language, are a subrace of elves. Traditionally, they have resided in caves or cliffs and other relatively low light areas. In modern times, this has changed and living in surface cities is common amongst the Dark Elves. However, some Dark Elves still follow in this traditional structure of submerged living. The ‘ker have a rich history, filled with the rise and fall of their cities and diverse cultures. Compared to the other subraces, the ‘ker are traditionally split between multiple cultures and cities and ideologies. Religion, craftsmanship, lifestyle, and all else varies greatly amongst the Dark Elves.


Skin Coloration

The Dark Elves are known almost universally by their dark skin. Unlike the brown tones of the ‘ame, the ‘ker have true ashen and grey skin. This ranges from a light grey, ashen color all the way down the spectrum to what is almost jet black. Sometimes, the skin tone has the faintest hint of blue or violet hue. This is no more than a slight tinge, however.


Hair Coloration

Hair color is most commonly pure white, with hints of silver and platinum coloration being common as well. Black used to be a rare hair color, though is now more prominent and common amongst modern Dark Elves. Other hair colors, such as very pale blonde or copper red, can be used to denote mixed heritage.


Eye Coloration

Eye color varies, most commonly blue or violet. Desaturated red and green are not unheard of either, though are rarer. True crimson eyes are rare indeed, though not entirely impossible and recorded a few times in Mali’ker history.



The Dark Elf height range is 5'0" - 6'4" ft. Taller than the ‘ame but shorter than the ‘aheral on average, the ‘ker have a middling height range. This range is encompassing all Dark Elves, with a few exceptions. To be above this range is unusual and freakishly tall, the same as being below this range is unusual for the Dark Elves. A Dark Elf above this range would struggle to present a muscular body build, as the physiology of an ‘ker is unusual and stretched when above the 6’4” height cap.



The Dark Elves vary in weight, like anyone else. However, given that the ‘ker walk the middle road as far as height compared to the other subraces, a general healthy weight range can be gauged. The average healthy and fit Mali’ker at the higher end of the height range would be upwards of 220lbs, with 250lbs being the limit of ‘health’.

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