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Welcome to the

⋆✧Selestia Wine Festival✧


[!] An artistically written poster would be sent out and put everywhere throughout Almaris. It would be depicted as an invitation for all who see to come.


Welcome to the Wine Festival hosted by 

The County Of Selestia


The County Of Selestia formally invites all who see to the Wine Festival. During this Festival there be a large array of drinks mostly wine but there are other drinks available such as whiskey, medley, Mulled Wine, Spiked Tea, and Flavored Vodka (And much more). The Festival will be a night under the stars where there will be lots of drinking and dancing till the night ends. There will also be a drinking contest that you may partake in, it only costs 3 mina to enter, with a prize of 20 mina. All taverns across all of Almaris are invited to partake and sell their Booz at a stall that will be provided with a small reservation fee (1 mina).
(Please contact me Oh_Ontario#4000 to get a stall )

(( OOC INFO ))

DATE: Saturday, April 10th

TIME: 4 pm EST

DIRECTIONS: Travel to West hub, from there continue with the path until you get to the sign towards Krugmar or Elvenesse. Take the Krugmar road and continue with it until a sign that points to Krugmar or Talon’s. Take the road to Talon’s and continue with it, staying only on that path until you end up right by Talon’s Port’s front gate then turn left and follow the path until you reach Selestia!


To get more information contact:


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Charlotte de Motte smiles upon reading the poster. “Oh my!” Called the Auvergnian. “Perhaps I can bear some gifts for mistress and her family.” She’d smile. 

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