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Venit Autem Illa Aetate



It is with pleasure the Comital Household of Dobrov announces a ball in honour of Elisabeth Leopoldine Carrion-Tuvyic's coming of age. The Dobrovian estate opens its doors for said festivities in honour of the Carrion girl and looks forward to a day of joyous fun, drinking and dancing, hosted by the Countess.


All peers, knights and dames of the Holy Orenian Empire are personally invited, and all citizens are welcome to attend. Guests may arrive early to entertainment in the lounge of the Carrion Estate where music, cheeses and wines will be handed out. The main dancing shall then proceed to the grand-front hall!





The Right Honourable, Aimee Carrion-Tuvyic, Countess of Dobrov, Baroness of Woldzmir




16th April, Friday;

6pm EST;

Location: Dobrov

Co-ords: X: 600 / Z: -1400

((Take road from backgate of Providence and you'll get there directly)).





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From the Seven Skies a certain Anna Katerina would smile down upon her daughter. "May your special day be one you look back on fondly, daughter of mine." She would shed a tear, unable to be there, but knowing she would forever be with her heart-out-of-her-body all the same. 

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