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  1. nvm shop is closed :( ive decided to make money by selling my soul to the tech team
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    1. edelos


      nvm shop is closed ive decided ill make mina by selling bread for .1 mina

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  4. The Funeral of Theodora Angelica de Falstaff née Helvets The news came at night, messenger pigeons released to the estates of the Orenian nobility bearing a sun stamped upon blue ink. It is with heavy heart that the House de Falstaff announces the passing of TRH Theodora Angelica, the Countess of Leuven, on the 20th of Sigismund's End, 1803, due to complications in her fifth surgery following the tragic events of the Karosgrad Riot. Whilst held captive by the ghosts of her past in life, there is no fear that they shall haunt her in death, for she lived as a
  5. 1 mina = i +1 one of ur posts hmu bickando#5883
  6. if i bid on the martyr skin can i have it in a display case saying it's azorella's bloody dress?
  7. SUNSET AT WHITCOMBE The sun had crossed its high mark long before the Helvetii carriage made it to Whitcombe, home of the House de Falstaff. Here reigned Albert Arthur of Leuven over fields of poppies and roses, and a craggy coastline of little sand but many rocks. Indeed, few would call such a structure a manse comparable to that of the Augustine or of Trissingham, but fewer still would call it unworthy of even a Count. It was a lordly structure by all meaning of the words, but more perfectly suitable to a lord that might wish a quiet retirement in a corner of the Emp
  8. Albert took the news poorly, even as he became ever more reclusive - for his friends continued to die of age or of illness, a reminder of his own approaching mortality. As soon as would be proper, he visits the Cathalon Estate to offer his condolences to the family.
  9. Albert de Falstaff feels incredibly slighted by how low on the comital list his name appears, and determines that he shan't attend. He passes the invitation off to his wife and children, though. @froeggy
  10. The Plea Agreement is duly confirmed by the presiding justice, and the case closed.
  11. THE CENTRAL CIRCUIT COURT In accordance with the Legal Procedure Act of 1772, the Rt. Hon. Albert Arthur de Falstaff, Justice of the Central Circuit Court, does duly assign himself to these proceedings. Accordingly, the assigned Justice shall schedule a preliminary hearing with the Plaintiff and the Defendant in order to review the merits of the case and decide if the matter shall be allowed to proceed to trial. The following parties are to contact Justice Galbraith to arrange a suitable date to present themselves before the Court: - The Plaintiff Henrik Lar
  12. selling the secret way to get instant steel weapons for 100k mina hmu! the tech team hates me!

  13. they see me rolling

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      they hatin

  14. Albert de Falstaff smiles the sun’s smile and recommends his wife’s work to all three of his friends.
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