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  1. edelos


    “what the where’s denims-therving or althered” ”shouldnt this be called new-new-ager”
  2. where did this log pit meme even come from

    1. Fireheart


      It started with people complaining about cutting down trees on resource island and wanting log pits instead.

    2. NotEvilAtAll
  3. edelos

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    “what the”
  4. You’re a nice dude, up for roleplaying w/ my heartlander human Morgan A. Brown or my to-be dwarf character this week? 

  5. edelos

    A Map of Arcas

    city state?!?!?! silver state of haelun’or u dirty impure good map though
  6. edelos

    The Marriage of Talia Le'Quella and Renne Fester

    The Laurir of Haelun’or reads the document acquired by his Sutican spies carefully, then reads it again. He write a small note, handing it off to a courier to send to the couple. “Learn the term’s history and meaning before using it.”
  7. Delos prepares to attempt a great escape from real life duties to attend the GRANDEST ball in all the land.
  8. edelos


    live picture of high elves reacting to the news about their good friends
  9. elcihi’thilln annil 1706 The Guidance of the Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State by the will of the Maheral and Laurir As written the 8th of the Amber Cold, 1706 Blessed citizenry, rejoice! For your Maheral has found it within the path of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, of progress and of health, that all those that might wed within elcihi’thilln have their purity proven for the sake of their brethren and the future of the Silver State. The introduction of the Purity Scale, arhiln’thill, to the people begins today, and as such all men, women, and children of the mali’thill will find themselves judged by legal system their weaknesses and minor impurities, that they remedy it and find themselves anew, and that all citizens find their just rewards for contributions to the city. It should be noted with special importance the new regulation’s overwriting of a partial clause in the IMPERATIVE OF REPRODUCTION. From this point forwards, all those that score less than the requisite 85 on the Purity Scale are forbidden from pursuing courtship of or marriage to another until such a time as their aggregate Purity Score reaches above 85 once more. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Undersigned, Dimaethor Visaj, Maheral [[Link to the Purity Scale]] [[ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18S8gsYvSk4G7BlCsnj1Ar90pROLHoXcg8BnPvk7EdlI/edit?usp=sharing ]]
  10. high elves getting 2.3% when we spent 3 days off the plot to grind for mats so we can build our city xx

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    3. Sporadic


      Adversity builds community tbh


    4. Harrison


      we’re still playing minecraft at the end of the day

  11. edelos

    From Ruination [FRP]

    The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda Income: {Economy Point [Economy Points x 1,000G]} – 3,000G {Capital City [3,000G] – 3,000G {Towns} - 3,000G {Trade [#Partners x 1,000G]} – 3,000G {8 Trading Caravels [Max 16]} – 5,000G [Risme], 5000G [Auldin Tribes] {2 Inbound Trading Caravels} - 500G [Risme] {Population [1,500G*(Pop./500,000)]} – 15,000G [5,373,236 Population] {Manufactories [1,000G Each]} - 2,000G {Commercial Buildings [3,000G x #Merchant’s Guilds, 1000G per TradePartners/2 per port]} – 10,000G Total – 49,500G Stored Gold: Total – 0G Costs: {Army Upkeep [1,000G x #Soldiers/3,000]} – 2,000G [8,500 Soldiers] {Navy Upkeep [1,000G x ShipWorth/5,000]} – 7,000G [4 Cog, 8 Caravel - 38,000G] Total – 9,000G Start of Year Treasury – 40,500G Total Investments: Army – 2,000 T1 R M Cavalry, 500 T1 R M Archers, 3,000 T1 R M Infantry, 1,000 T3 R M Infantry, 2,000 T1 R Light Archers Navy – 1 Minoleki Cog, 8 Auldhauan Caravels, 3 Auldhauan Cogs, 1 Cog in progress Religion – 3 Noble Adepts New Auldhau [Level – Capital] – POI [Shorebridge], Fortress, Walls, Place of Worship, Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple, School, Manufactories [2], Manufactories [1][INACTIVE] Little Auldhau [Level – City] – POI [Shorebridge], Keep, Merchant’s Guild Strakzhau [Level – City] – Keep, Merchant’s Guild Mirvliecht [Level – Settlement] - Greenleaf [Unresearched] Alsmacht [Level – Settlement] Grellhau [Level – City] - POI [City of Krell], Merchant’s Guild [INACTIVE], Keep [INACTIVE] - The Auldhauan Hierarchy was all but silent to the outside world, compared to the other nations of Aros. Perhaps there was internal turmoil. Maybe, instead, they simply wished to consolidate their hold on the outlying territories. Regardless, it is obvious the incarnation of the Enlightened Kingdom of old did not take the Kingdom of Five’s NAP to heart, given its king’s untrustworthy manner. A keep is erected in Grellhau, and the transport of soldiers to garrison the city is a constant sight. Money is poured into the construction of the Grellhau Canal, the largest investment ever made outside of normal buildings by the Hierarchy, and the building of naval manufactories and ships in New Auldhau continues. Of note to the outside world is that the Kingdom of Five’s response is not responded to in any official capacity, but upon meeting the Fiver scouts at the border of the isthmus, the Auldhauans simply erect small barriers and camps to ensure no military forces cross into Auldhauan soil. They even offer some extra rations to the Fivers, as if it is charity to a starving beggar. [10,000G] – Merchant Guild – Another Trade Association and Collaborative Merchantfolk Guild of Aulhau branch is constructed, this time in the very quickly growing city of Grellhau. 9,000G – Canal [10,000G Total] – Which ancient civilization built such a wonder? Thousands of Auldhauan Mint are paid into laymens’ salaries by the House Auld sen Mel for the repair process, and it is widely thought that this new route would make transport to not only the Auldin Tribes easier, but to the Old Country possible. 10,000G – Keep – To the north of the ruined canal, bordering it and the Sea of Five, a keep is built to garrison the city in case the Fivers decide the NAP is no longer necessary. 7,500G – Manufactory – The obsession of Auldhau with naval manufactories is obvious, if not strange. Another one is built in the capital. 1,500G – Another Cog. 2,000G – Greenleaf Research [7,500G Total] [0G] – The Kingdom of Karel is, if the canal is finished, banned from travelling through it until proper relations are re-established. [0G] – Expansion.
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    heinrich ff stafyr frowns bigly.
  13. edelos

    -= A Midget's AMA =-

    how big dumb r u
  14. yes im applying for nation