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  1. The obscenely attractive Princess Helen lies among a field of wild poppies, basking in the summering sun. "Dearest me, how the time flies," she says, after a while. "It is nearly time for afternoon tea!" At this, she stands, pulling up too her companion in Anna Henrietta, and the two return to the picnic that had been so meticulously made by their servantry. @libbybelle
  2. On a fine, sunny day in Providence, the enchanting Princess Helen walks the grounds of the palace gardens. "Look here! See you the peonies so finely colored? I should hope the handmaides pluck some, that they may be brought inside to adorn our halls," she quips to the not-quite-as-attractive, but still beautiful, Anna Henrietta. @libbybelle
  3. Deep in the Orenian countryside, the wildly attractive and flamboyant Princess Helen shouts in delight. "Nearly, Anna!" she exclaims to her ever-present compatriot, the Governess of the Augustine. "It is nearly springtime!" Obviously nobody had informed her flowers bloom well within the Spring, and therefore that it eas already springtime... @libbybelle
  4. Pretty Princess Helen mourns the loss of her mother - on the surface, at least. Beneath the surface, she prepared to celebrate her wicked mother's absence.
  5. "Dream Catchers were made by pagan Dark Elves called Warhawkes!" exclaims Pretty Princess Helen in horror upon discovering the brochure, shoving it in front of her best friend, Governess Anna Henrietta. "This is cultural appropriation!" ..She readies her purse to buy one anyways, though, knowing how very trendy it shall soon be. @libbybelle
  6. Pretty Princess Helen's sad gaze followed her grandfather to his end. His reign did not greatly alter the Empire's course in history; but it did bring with it a generational peace. She mourned for him, just as the well-read of their faire Empire would, for with his death brought with it the unknown upon their realm.
  7. Pretty Princess Helen Antonia prepares to propose to her uncle, in true [redacted] fashion!
  8. Application: Nation Type: Tribal Nation Flag (optional): Nation Name: The Torchbearer Kings | Taimatsu-no-Ōkamigami Nation Culture (Brief description): Among the myriad fables of the Elraic Empire, one tale speaks of a land on the edge of the world, where the disobedient are fed to a dark forest. There, the grass is black, the sky is dark, and Stygian devils replace its gods. Indeed, even its people are warped, with only their black teeth visible beneath demonic masks and many-layered bone armor. It, of course, is just another
  9. Pretty Princess Helen never read these papers, but if she had, she would have been most aghast. In reality, even thinking of the possibility of somebody making such a fanfiction of the esteemed General d'Arkent left a sour taste in her mouth as she waded about the shallows of the River Reden. "How sordid," she blurted out to herself, randomly, and with no knowledge of this fanfiction, disturbing the peaceful burbling of the small river - and of Anna Henrietta's quiet reading by the shore. @libbybelle
  10. Pretty Princess Helen nods upon hearing the news. To her ever-present companion, Anna Henrietta, she quips, "Murder was the tactic of the warlords of past eras; such was a brutalist and terrible time. It is a good thing that our Empire does not support such heinous acts." @libbybelle
  11. my queen..

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      your pretty princess*

  12. Pretty Princess Helen Antonia finds the letter on Charles' desk on one of the many days he's tried to recruit her. "This is the most attractive thing I, the prettiest princess in all the land, have seen all day," she'd comment idly to Anna Henrietta. @sergisala@libbybelle
  13. Helen of Crestfall, that youthful Imperial scion, had spent the summering months in the gardens of the Augustine - for, as luck would have it, the ravages of war had demanded she be locked up in the palace with only her guardian Anna Henrietta for real company. Anna and, of course, her guiltiest pleasure - reading the latest editions of Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska. Deep in the bowels of the palace, sly butlers handed off to her the latest edition, and behind closed doors she read it. "...I liked the last one better," she eventually said to herself, with a slight frown.
  14. "Though I bemoan the fate of the Sedanites, their fate seems sealed from the beginning; for our nation shall be reunited, and my imperial grandfather would accept no less than an eradication of rebellion." Pretty Princess Helen's speech falls largely into empty space, save for her guardian Anna, who sips from her morning broth - for the two were taking breakfast alone, and Helen reading the bottom of the latest Imperial Times. @libertyybelle
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