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  1. The Lord Justiciar of Renatus offers the Prince Regent a prayer as he snuffs the light from his dull eyes with a torch. “I hope you find the Seven Skies. It is unfortunate your family had not your mind.”
  2. “Again with this ‘equality of all men’ business,” mutters William Jrent. “What’s next? Equality for the Elves? Equality for the dogs?”
  3. William Jrent would hope Ser Darius Ault understands resigning from his post doesn’t disqualify him from being able to call himself a Dragon Knight, as they don’t lose their titles or privileges when honorably discharged – which is why Darius Ault is still called Ser Darius Ault.
  4. Grand Empire Deep troubles had caught the Empress off-guard, and now her resources had to be split between three causes at once. To the West, the Resurgent Er rebels had spread from Pollon Tri, and in a measure rarely seen the Grand Empire has deployed a full army unit to the area. The First Foundation Regulars march on the city, even as the slaughter of Imperial citizens is broadcast daily. It is said most militia forces in the city’s region have, however, joined with the rebel cause, and the ensuing battle expected to take thousands of lives. Further west, the Edict Military Project continues, launching supplies back and forth over the war-torn Ers in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. To the North, though, lays news that worries the Empress far more. The existence of non-Da’nor life had become obvious, and so measures must be taken to protect the homelands. In Ium, like Ers, are hundreds of bunkers and other sector defenses built, aimed towards the rest of the galaxy. The Second Foundation Regulars is raised in its capital, prepared to defend it with their lives. It is inevitable that dangers come with colonization, but the initiatives of the Empire cannot be stopped. The colony ship is sent out, and with it, full military groups to immediately build a set of fortification in the area. On Lev’arum, a fleet is built. The first of its kind, the frigate Time of Av is crewed by officer-tier Resistance Psionics, and within it kept a Rosetta stone of the Levite language. To accompany it, two corvettes are also built and staffed by similar crews. Summary of the Collective Da’nor Peoples Rulership: One Attitude: Tradition Rights: Restricted Faith: Atheist Society Economy: Free Foreign Policy: Isolated Mentality: Balance Actions of the State Population: 5,347,210,695 [1.015x – Foreign: Isolated, Attitude: Tradition, Base: Regular] Resources Generated: 15000C [Base] 5000C [Rulership – One] 15000C [Population] 10000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Capital Sector] 10000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Ers (West of Capital)] 4000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Ium (North of Capital)] 2M 5M [Rulership – One] 3M [Business Infrastructure – Edict (Two West of Capital)] -3000C [Business Infrastructure – Edict] 2S 2R Static Resources: 20T 2L [Base] 15L [Mentality, Rights, Pop] -3L [BI] Prior Stockpile: 3000C 20S Allocation-Ready Resources: 62000C 14L 10M 22S 2R 20T [10000C] – Sector Fortifications, Ium [40,000C] – 4 BI, Edict [7 Total] [10000C] – Sector Fortifications, West of Ium 4M – 2 Corvettes [Deployed in Capital] 4M – 1 Frigate [Deployed in Capital] 1M, 1S – Land Forces, Regulars [Deployed in Ers] 1M, 1S – Land Forces, Regulars [Deployed in Ium] [0] – Colony, West of Ium [2R] – Civilian Infrastructure. [12 Total] End of Year Stockpile: 2000C 20S End of Year Map: [[Colonize Left north, 1 SF both northern sectors, +4 BI Far Left sector]]
  5. dewper + trendE winked at each other on video pass it on

  6. Delos wonders how this little’un didn’t know High Elves have always been genocide enthusiasts.
  7. “This is backwards and misogynistic and you shouldn’t hurt women’s rights like this,” says William Jrent, infamous civil rights activist.
  8. The full poem The Dragon’s Throne, as written by William Jrent on the eve of the Siege of Helena. Released from the Imperial Archives in celebration of the passing of the Treaty of Ves. Woe to ye who wakes the dragon, Woe to ye who seeks its throne. For in your quest to find it, You’ll find yourself alone. The drakeling wields both fire and flame, Enough to chill the crow, But compared to dragons true and great, It is as a candle low. Lit are the embers of patrician homes, While the drakeling crows and crows. Golden is his dragon crest, Though he a wide-eyed doe. Two times the size his army is, Three times the size his land. Four times he lost in burning fields, And still the murder grows. Now he seeks his cousin’s throne, Guarded by dragons three. And should he pass through all their gates, Craven as can be, Watch his men die in the roads, And dying in the streets, He’d see the seat of wing-ed flame, And he’d proclaim to thee; Woe to ye who wakes the dragon, Woe to ye who seeks its throne. For in your quest to find it, You’ll find yourself alone.
  9. Delos Telperion is shared this mental image, and shivers.
  10. Grand Empire They say that far from the capital world of Lev’arum, the Grand Empire’s new colony undertakes a massive new project, wholly dissimilar from that of their sister colonies of Ium and Ers. “A military undertaking never before seen,” whispers the undercurrents of the Imperial Heart in their back rooms and shadowed councils. “To finally wipe out the insurgent rebels once and for all.” Perhaps those insurgent rebels had caught wind of such an event, for even as Ers’ infrastructure project is completed and Ium’s goes underway, the city of Pollon Tri on Ers is overtaken by cult forces at the end of the 9th rotation. An ancient enemy of the Empire, potentially reborn, and the Empress keen to end it before the situation spirals out of control. Frantically, the Foundation Militant builds dozens, nay, hundreds of fortifications across the sector, locking the planet down, even as the cultists declare their Resurgent Er Empire. A true war has broken out once more in the fragmented states of the Da’nor. Summary of the Collective Da’nor Peoples Rulership: One [INACTIVE] Attitude: Tradition Rights: Restricted Faith: Atheist Society [INACTIVE] Economy: Free Foreign Policy: Isolated [INACTIVE] Mentality: Balance Actions of the State Population 5,268,187,877 Resources Generated: 15000C [Base] 15000C [Population] 10000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Capital Sector] 7000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Ers (Left of Capital)] 2L 2M 2S 2R Prior Stockpile: 64000C 16S 6M 10T Allocation-Ready Resources: 111000C 2L 8M 20S 2R 10T 30,000C – CI Left Sector (Ers) [10 Total] 40,000C – CI North Sector (Ium) [4 Total] 10,000C – Sector Fortification – Ers. 30,000C – BI Far West Sector (Edict) [3 Total] 8M – Colony Ship. 2R – Civilian Infrastructure. [10 Total] End of Year Stockpile: 3,000C 20S
  11. Kristoff Stafyr welcomes his grandson to the Seven Skies, a bittersweet smile crossing his face. “Did you cross before your father, even after so many years?” he might have asked, had he not been watching for so long, seen the rise and fall of his son. “Did you do well?” he might have asked, had he not seen Leopold bring so much honor to his name. Instead, all he says is, “Welcome home.”
  12. The Grand Empire 1259 AE, 8 Ro. 21 [2205 Sol Calendar Date] Imperial News Network Public Broadcasts Reportedly, the Sons of Allin Li’ko has been found and executed in a Foundation Enforcer raid on Ers. The 14th Ta Empire has been defeated once more at Iria, and negotiations are now underway with the 32nd Ta Empire. The city of Opar has come under siege, with Ta’iun mustering its forces for a final battle. Empress Kells’av’s marriage to Prince Miran’av, her Davorian third cousin and a Tier 8 Fury psionic, is announced. The people rejoice! Actions of the State Population 5.20302005 billion Resources Generated: 15000C [Base] 10000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Capital Sector] 4000C [Civilian Infrastructure – Ers (Left of Capital)] 2L 2M 2S 2R Prior Stockpile: 5000C 12S 2M 10T Allocation-Ready Resources: 34000C 2L 4M 14S 2R 10T 30,000C – CI Left Sector (Ers) 2R – Civilian Infrastructure. [8 Total] End of Year Stockpile: 4000C 16S 6M
  13. LINE OF SUCCESSION OF THE IMPERIUM RENATUM “In Nomine Dei.”` Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, 7th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1718 -=- The Imperium Renatum adheres to absolute lateral succession, wherein the crowned monarch has the right to name his heir, whether it be the eldest or youngest, from brother to uncle. This prevents the problematic clog of devious would-be monarchs attempting to take the throne by long-forgotten and tenuous blood rights, and ensures that it is a strong, pious Prince that ascends the throne, governing both their Horen lineage and Crown alike through a golden succession. Provided one is from the lineage of the Exalted Godfrey and the Crowned Pertinax Horen of yore and derives from the blood of one Antonius Horen, Fidei Defensor, then one may potentially have a claim upon the throne, but only he who has been named Crown Prince to the Crown, may supplement their true claimant to the throne. The current Imperial dynasty to reign over the Imperium Renatum is the House of Horen, with its current succession limited to only those of pure Horen descent, ergo relinquishing any claim held by the various branches of the House of Horen. Such examples of invalid branches include that of Horen-Preussen, Horen-Cantal, Jrent, etc. Those who are of pure Horen, or legitimised into the pure-blooded succession of Horen, may pose a claim to the Empire of Man and a claimant to the Dual Monarchy of Renatus-Marna. Such legitimization applies to both bastards and those within Horen branches, though the claim of legitimized bastards falls last upon the generation in which they were born (after any born-legitimate brothers and their offspring and lines). In the event of the Monarch passing before he can name a claimant to the throne, a succession crisis occurs, and it falls to the Privy Council of the Imperium to implement agnatic primogeniture. Therefore the throne is never vacant, and absolute coronation isn’t a necessity for one to take the Crown of the Imperium. -=- INCUMBENT MONARCH: Godfrey III Horen HEIR APPARENT: Achilius Horen, second son of Romulus Horen. In the event of both the Monarch and the Heir Apparent’s death, then the line of succession is as followed, personally selected in the event of an absolute crisis by the crowned Monarch of the Imperium. Likewise, in the case of a female heir apparent, her Highness shall retain inheritance until the next male in succession is of 16 years of age. His Imperial Highness, John Alexander, first son of Alexander Frederick Horen. His Imperial Highness, Persus Horen, second son of Antonius I Horen. His Imperial Highness, Romulus Horen, second son of Augustus I Horen His Imperial Highness, Thomas Elliot Horen, second son of Charles Elliot Horen. His Imperial Highness, Tiberius Horen, third son of Aurelius I Horen.
  14. I want downvote back please
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