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Missives have been spread throughout the lands of Almaris to promote the upcoming celebration within the Golden Vale! 


ℌ𝔞𝔯𝔳𝔢𝔰𝔱'𝔰 ℭ𝔩𝔬𝔰𝔢 𝔉𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔞𝔩

20th of the Second Age


Since Veritas’ settlement, the roadside village has witnessed generous yields of produce from the Golden Vale’s abundantly rich soil. To celebrate the season’s massively successful bounty, Veritas is hosting a celebration to conclude The Grand Harvest in a memorable way— The Harvest’s Close Festival. 


The suitable surplus of crops and goods will sustain Veritas through the upcoming autumn and winter months, but production was much more sizable than expected. With the village’s surplus of produce, it is only fitting to celebrate the occasion. 


Faces old and new are invited to partake in the Harvest’s Close Festival!


What Did Peasants Do For Entertainment In The Middle Ages? - About History





The Harvest's Close Festival will begin within the town’s market, and the festivities will start at the close of the Saint’s Day. Market stalls, operated by Veritas merchants and foreign sales groups alike, will sell goods and imports to promote exchange. 


Notable attractions of the evening will include:

  • Marksman’s Pride Archery Tournament
  • Rolling Wheat Raffle
  • Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive
  • First Annual Prize Produce Gallery
  • Closing Ceremony


Marksman’s Pride


With a keen eye and a knack for sharpshooting, visitors are invited to compete in the Marksman’s Pride Tournament! Stand over the hills of Veritas and hone your focus as you attempt to out-shoot the other competitors!


Several mismatched scarecrows have been posted within the sprawling fields of the Golden Vale. A measly three mina is the participation fee. Each participant is given three shots with a longbow or shortbow, aiming at whichever scarecrow they may choose. Arrows and bows will be provided to participants.


The victor will be rewarded a pot of mina and a custom-crafted longbow, shortbow, or crossbow matching their desired specifications— courtesy of Dering Smithworks.


Rolling Wheat Raffle


For a meager five mina, you can reserve yourself a ticket within the Rolling Wheat Raffle! Five mina secures an entry within the raffle’s pot, with the chance of winning half of the total mina donated. The other half of the mina will be funded to Veritas’ treasury to promote future events and the inevitable winter season.


Each competitor pulls a hay strand from a bale and ties a note with their name around it. Every hay strand purchased will be placed within a barrel that contains a large funnel within its interior. The barrel will be rolled down Veritas’ street, ensuring that all entries are properly shuffled. By the time the container rolls to the hill’s end, a single strand of hay will have protruded the barrel’s nozzle, as a result of the funnel. The hay strand’s owner will be rewarded half of the raffle’s pool and additional bragging rights!



Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive


Within the yellow and gray tent near Veritas’ entrance are promises of adventure, honor, and camaraderie! The Brothers of Virtue are recruiting!


Join the Brotherhood for proud service in the pursuit of discovery and upholding moral righteousness. Alongside the natural companionship found within this tightly-knit organization is the reassurance of equipment, room, and meals when not serving Veritas and the Brotherhood’s clients!


Be sure to visit the Brotherhood’s yellow and gray tent beside the Marksman’s Pride Tournament to understand the Brotherhood’s Precepts and learn more about the organization!




First Annual Prize Produce Gallery


Centered in the town square will be Veritas’ First Annual Prize Produce Gallery! For only three mina, Veritas farmers and the festival’s visitors can submit their greatest and most unique crops of the season.


There are three separate divisions of the competition that will be separately judged. Each winner will be awarded a celebratory medal of their victory within Veritas’s First Produce Gallery!


Biggest Pumpkin

Tallest Cornstalk

Reddest Tomato



Closing Ceremony


As the attractions quiet down and the drunkards start to stir from their stupor, the Harvest’s Close Festival will gather its participants for a Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony will be held by the Veritian Legislature, where gratitude is given to all in attendance. 


The winners of the evening’s attractions will be congratulated on their respective prizes and the festivities will conclude. Even though the competitions have concluded, The Lumpy Pumpkin will remain open to those who wish to stay in the Golden Vale for the rest of the evening.


All are welcomed to attend the town’s celebration of a successful season! Join townsfolk and travelers to commemorate the end of a fortunate Grand Harvest!








The Harvest’s Close Festival and aims to promote roleplay opportunities beyond Veritas' traditional farming village culture. 


A variety of shops with roleplay items will be present and there will be some available for rent. In addition to the shops, all are welcome to join in on the Festival’s many attractions and competitions. Good vibes all around.


Veritas is located in the East Hub, towards Urguan, at the beginning of the road that branches off to Yong Ping! [X- 1558, Z- 541] 

Saturday, April 17th - 7:30 EST

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Annabelle Kelmenour began to prepare for the festival, “an event to remember” she thought! 

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A certain elfess looks onto the missive with slight curiosity. 



ur getting better and better at formatting


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The Golden Vale peers over Veritas, a smile resting over their covered countance as they walk the quiet streets, "...Nothing makes me more proud to see the hard work pay off..."

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A certain dark-haired elfess could be found sitting on the town’s notice board before hopping down and only then noticing the missive that had gotten stuck at the bottom of her boot. “What’s this?” She asked out loud with nobody around to hear as she bent down and picked it up. “Ah! Yet another archery competition for me to own! ..Here’s hoping I can make Kallian pay the first price a little extra, again.” The girl snickered before turning around and standing up on her tippy toes to place the note then leaving with a smirk plastered on the lower half of her face.

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Audry would look over the missive in her right hand with a soft smile, finding her gaze flickering back to the words 'Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive' "Well, it's been a bit since I've read about the brotherhood on such a missive." She'd say, holding her bronze tatter in her left palm, gently running her thumb over it. "Sounds like we're making a comeback..." She muses with a chuckle. "Bout time." The elfess would say before setting the missive down, heading for the tavern for another peaceful work day, slipping her tatter into her pocket.

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