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  1. AudTheOdd

    New 8.0 CT

    I looked at the screenshots before the text on the post and thought 'Huh, looks Asian.' then I read the text and got really excited! (I really like Asian designs) This looks so much better than the old sandstone designs! Definite +1 from me.
  2. Audry laughs in committing arson.
  3. Audry lets out a soft sigh, reading her letter five times over. Each time brings her closer to tears, before her gaze turns over to the scarves that had come with the letters. She picks one up, the maroon one, gently running her finger over the soft yarn and careful knitting. A tear finally falls from her eye before several more come to follow. "I'm so sorry Leyu..." She lets out a sniff. "If only I could have helped you more... Perhaps none of us would be dealing the the loss of someone so dear to us all..." She folds the letter closed, setting it on her desk along with the scarves as she gazes at them in painful silence. Andria, after having slowly read her letter, scrunches her brows. She picks up the jar of seeds she remembers collecting with her mother, a time not long ago and yet a time so, so much happier. She sniffles, tears welling in her eyes as her calico kitten, Isha walks over to sit in her lap. More sniffles paired with a large amount of tears come from Andria as she sets the jar down, looking to her large scarf her mother had made for her, and that she cherished oh so much. She takes part of the scarf, wrapping it around herself and Isha tightly as she hugs her kitten with a sob. "Mama... I don' care if you had stuff... You were there... You were always there..." She sniffles. "W-When will you come back?" She asks. Sadly, no one could answer her question. "When will you come b-back?" She repeats. "Ma-Mama... We still gotta pick all those strawberries... And-And you gotta teach me how to f-fix people... Come back soon... Please..." She says weakly, half of her refusing to believe her mother was gone. The other half in shock and misery as she continues her hopeless sobs.
  4. Very cool. Can't hurt to join. My Lavender Nonbinary :3 https://imgur.com/a/cxkrcej
  5. Wynnrel is ready to vibe.
  6. AudTheOdd

    Brothers of Virtue

    A small grin paints Audry’s face as she reads over the flyer in her hands. “Interesting...” Her adfectio stone choker charm fades into a curious purple. Username - AudryTheOddity Character Name – Audry Proficiencies/specialties - Combat, Charisma, Cooking, & Herb Collection.
  7. Audry hasn’t been involved with Norland for a little bit, yet she is a member of the Red Faith and can hear this yelling from miles away. She sips her hot chocolate and burns her tongue as usual, cringing before speaking. “This man is going to get slapped.” She states matter-of-factly.
  8. Audry thinks Anduin is a simp. This only proves her theory more.
  9. Audry grins brightly. “I suppose now I’ll have a use for my masks.”
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