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  1. Please I beg, we need more inventory space or storage somehow. If someone wants to be prepared for CRP and PVP their inventory will basically have close to no free slots.
  2. Audry would look over the missive in her right hand with a soft smile, finding her gaze flickering back to the words 'Brothers of Virtue Recruitment Drive' "Well, it's been a bit since I've read about the brotherhood on such a missive." She'd say, holding her bronze tatter in her left palm, gently running her thumb over it. "Sounds like we're making a comeback..." She muses with a chuckle. "Bout time." The elfess would say before setting the missive down, heading for the tavern for another peaceful work day, slipping her tatter into her pocket.
  3. A previously very energetic mage steps out into the streets of Haense after what feels like decades, during quite a long walk, her purple gaze lands on a poster pinned to a wall in front of her. She scans it over with a squint before giving a scowl, her gaze becoming that of a glowing indigo hue with a deep inhale... She then shakes her head, stepping away from the poster as the glow in her eyes fades. "...I'm starting to dislike humanity, even my own..." She'd mumble to no one but herself before continuing her walk. A pale mali'thill woman skips through the square of Haense on a v
  4. Do their skins change based on 'rank'?
  5. Why you do this to me @Bethinwonderland Midnight, 95
  6. Audry Sanguine would let out a heavy sigh upon hearing of Jorden's passing, recalling her fond memories of her. From as early as a few elven days ago where she told stories as those that lived in Veritas, and frequent visitors, listened intently to her tales. To when Jorden had led contracts in the brotherhood when she was still in tip-top shape for battle and travel. "I only hope that in your death, you have peace, llir..." Audry utters out the elven word, the language usually foreign to her tongue, as she walks past Jorden's home, turning about her heel and walking
  7. Audry Sanguine would have a small grin tugging at her lips as she hears about the tavern opening, sitting up in her seat a bit. Her posture straightening as she comments "Well then, glad to have another fun time back in Veritas, should be quite amusing!" She says, excitement in her tone before she stretches out a bit, returning to her book.
  8. Discord: AudTheOdd#1560 Skin: Lowkey Earth Bender Bid: 50
  9. Discord: AudTheOdd#1560 Skin: BlueBerry Bid: 50
  10. Audry Sanguine would be sorting through some boxes as she was moving into a home in Veritas. Whilst she looks through the items, bottles, bracelets, old notebooks, and random trinkets, she finds her bronze tatter from the brotherhood. She picks it up and lays it on her palm with a soft smile, looking forward to the next brotherhood get-together. She carefully places the tatter into her pocket before reaching to close the first of the multiple boxes.
  11. Saria Uialben blinks. She merely sits in silence for a few moments before speaking up. "They're gonna need a lot of buckets..."
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