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The Yong Ping Vassalship Act




Year 22nd of the Second Age, 3rd of the Deep Cold.


Upon the expansion of our prosperous City-State of Yong Ping to a nation comes increased land and holdings. This in turn brings us to a point of having the possibilities of growing groups and cultures coming to us and this we bring you the possibility of Vassalship.




一。 For groups or peoples needing a space that’d encompass more then what is allotted in the Private Property Act, the possibility of Vassalship has opened up, though would undertake a more arduous process. Those wishing to learn about such a thing would need to first make a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and if the proposal is accepted, contact the Minister of Interior to discuss a contract.



二。The Vassal benefits from being under Yong Ping, as they can request aid from the Sovereign City when required.

As a Vassal, the settlement may form their own guard force to protect and maintain order in said settlement. However, as vassal the Guard force is required to come to the aid of the Main City State (Yong Ping) in times of need. If a sister settlement/fellow vassal is attacked by outside forces, the guardforce of other vassals is expected but not required to come to their aid.


In regards to law and leadership within a vassal state/settlement, a vassal is expected to have it’s own leadership to run said settlement. This leadership should be managing their own funds, taxes, economy and stewardry and can be elected however the settlement sees fit to do so. The settlement has autonomy to make its own laws and rules so long as they do not conflict with the Mother City’s laws. 


A Vassal does not have to conform to Yong Ping’s religious laws within its own bounds and can freely practise and preach it’s religion within its borders. 

(1) They may make their own laws around their religions, however they cannot punish any Yong Ping Citizen or other Vassals Citizens with these laws.


Laws on Vassalship

三。The Vassal may make their own trade deals with other places. But is still subject to the same alliances and non aggression pacts as the Mother City.


Yong Ping reserves the right to allow the YPA to arrest criminals of the Nation found in or on the land of the Settlement. 


A Vassal cannot declare war as it does not speak for the nation. Declaring or entering war not authorised by Yong Ping will result in losing their settlement. 


A vassal must also pay a certain amount of taxes to Yong Ping per Elven Week, if these are not met, same as any property, the settlement will be reclaimed.


In times of war and conflict, aiding the enemy is considered traitorous and any Vassal who is found to be doing this will lose their settlement and be punished in the court of law. 


Groups or cultures that approach us with the intention of getting Vassalship will undergo an activity trial to prove the need for land and set up within the Mother City during this duration. If the group is moving from somewhere else and has already proven their activity, they are the exception to this.

Every two weeks the Settlement will be subject to a census. As they are expected to manage their own citizenship process. Due to this, the Leaders of the settlement are expected to bring a list of current citizens, with their name, age, race, gender and occupation on it, every two weeks.


Blueprints of the planned build on approved land must be first shown and approved before any construction occurs, to prevent the damage and scarring of the land.



四。It is important to remember that a Vassal does not speak for the Mother City nor the nation, as it is upon the Land of Yong Ping you sit not your own. 


If a Vassal cannot comply to its duties, taxes or commits some other egregious act in the eyes of Yong Ping. The nation of Yong Ping can take back the settlement at its own discretion


六。This act will come into effect immediately upon the City-State of Yong Ping’s expansion into nationhood.




Wenping of the Chen Household, Minister of Justice and Head Judge of Yong Ping

 陈  文平 

Yunya of the Chen Household, Minister of Interior and leading lady of the arts within Yong Ping.



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"Oh my! they are really growing fast"
The grandmaster chuckled "who knows? maybe they will require our great house's services... we could really work with them."
He then waits for a moment
"Let them know that they can always request our aid in Masonry or anything else we can provide!"

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