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[!] Posters were hung up in various locations around Karinah'siol and the surrounding island! Though, it seemed to fall into the readers hands somehow. If one were to simply flip the page over, they would read the following: 


Are you interested in becoming a Doctor, herbalist, medic, or nurse? Good news!! Haelun'or is in need of exactly that!! Look no further, for even if you have zero history with medicine, we will take you in and teach you. If you do? we will test your skills and place you accordingly. There is a variety of fields you could fall into, such as:


General Medicine 


Alchemy [Must have a valid FA]




Historically, Haelun'or's Clinic is one of its greatest achievements, as it houses hundreds of years worth of knowledge and history. In addition to this, the Karinah'siol clinic is the ONLY one in Almaris with location of EVERY herb known on the continent, which you would be provided the map if you joined.  We are a close knit group, who work side by side with not only each other, but the Sillumir, as many of us are also part time combat medics. We are an active clinic who aims to host fabulous events with active staff.  If you wish to become part of the Grand Haelun'or Clinic, please Contact April Vallei'onn or Hileia'asul Altalune! 


Issued and Signed, Head Physician, April Vallei'onn


Hello, all, it's latte. If you want to join the clinic, contact my discord @latte#8455,


i am very excited to be put in this position, and help out Haelun'or. I'd like to make medical roleplay an enjoyable experience, not only for the medic, but for the patient! 


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Seraphite laughs softly, scanning the poster. "This is amazing!" She nods, folding the paper and pocketing it, turning to look at the sky, bringing a hand to block the sun from her eyes. "We've got a lot of work to do....."

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The former Head Physician looks at the poster, a smile on her face. “She’s already doing much better than I ever did.” Syllana stated before turning her attention back to her newborn son. 

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An elfenn'neus dilec'h e lakaat e teu, ha diwezhañ e-barzh ar postel: "Sklaer e vo an amzer-mañ nevez eus ar cliniñ!." - Madya Seth'onn

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