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[✓] [Arcane Feat Addition] Atronach Drones


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While it is considered a very respectable feat to construct an atronach, those that forge these mighty creations always aim to challenge themselves with this use of voidal artificery to create even greater marvels to be witnessed by those who as well practice these magical arts and those less talented in the arcane.


Thus instead of giving full sentience or that of a full-scale body to their creations, a forger with a delicate hand could formulate a construct fit for simple mundane tasks, or those of such a small scale to act as simple pets and familiars just to challenge themselves with a task that requires much patience and skill.


Micro Atronachs



Micro atronachs are forged the same way any atronach is made; requiring the creation of a core to house the needed enchantments that give them life. Due to their size and very nature, they do not require a mana obelisk to occasionally recharge at, instead they are able to feed off of the passive mana of their voidal mage handlers. The creation of these lesser variants does not require as much energy as a regular atronach- instead requiring at most the amount of energy a mage would need for a Grand Enchantment. Due to them being generally much smaller than a full-scale atronach, they are rendered defenceless. These small creations often need to prioritize their mana stores on their core to maintain their elemental structure. They also develop and are often shaped much like a full-size atronach but are non-combative and small in size, being anywhere from 4 inches to 3 feet tall.


Due to the micro-atronachs small size and  need for smaller frames, they are granted the ability to sway their bodily structure. This ability is only given to the liquid variations as they have a much better time shifting their plate structure as a solid atronach does not have as much of a fluid nature as their liquid cousins.  This means a micro-atronach can freely change its physical body type, though this does not add mass but alters the shape of what is already there.




  • A smaller variation of Atronachs that serves purely for non-combative NPCs.

  • The general body can be those of a humanoid or animalistic in shape or a bit of both for aesthetic flair 

  • Liquid versions (Water, Air and Fire) can shift their plating to change the general structure of the atronach. As an example, from an animal to a more humanoid body type.

  • These little variations hold the ability to speak, think and interact with the world, sharing the mental traits that their larger counterparts would have.




  • They’re unable to be used in combat

  • An ST signed item is required for this atronach to be used in roleplay

  • In no way shape or form can one use a micro atronach for a means of metagaming or ‘spying’. They will always linger and become very attached to their creator or designated handler.

  • Micros still require to be recharged either at a mana obelisk or any transfiguration of T5 in skill and power. They are required to be charged once every ooc day.

  • Cannot be smaller than 4 inches, cannot be greater than 3ft in total and tend to have a weight based upon what they are made up of/their element.

  • A micro atronach will either float and levitate or walk upon the ground. This should be denoted in the description of the item that represents the familiar.

  • If attacked, a micro atronach will immediately dissipate, falling to the ground as their platting and core.


Idle Cored Atronach / Drone Atronachs


With the advancements of atronachs being very strong companions and able to outwit those around them if they have been given the time to progress long enough. A forger can simply remove this ability of thought from the Atronach, constructing a core to be an idle machine incapable of thought and ideas. These idle cored atronachs hold a one-track mindset and must be given both direction and objective, otherwise they would come to halt function, awaiting for a new command. This is obtained by not adding the needed enchantment that would normally give an atronach sentence.




  • Creates an NPC Atronach. They function based on what tasks they are given. Once finished the tasks that they have been given they will wait for the next objective, unable to think for themselves outside of point A to point B.

  • The atronach with this core will no longer be very effective in combat and will not fight back if attacked. If the atronach is damaged too much, they will fail to function.




  • Idle cores are used to make atronach NPCs. They lack the ability to attack anyone, being unable to comprehend the orders to engage in combat, being considered too complex for them to understand.

  • Upon being damaged to a servere state, the atronach will halt all functions and be rendered useless until repaired.

  • Idle cored atronachs range in strength;  fire and water idle cored atronachs will only extend the strength of a human; air cores would be slightly weaker than a human; ice cores slightly greater than a human; and earthen ones, slightly weaker than a golem.

  • Idle core atronachs lack the ability to think for themselves. They MUST have an objective to be completed or else they become inactive and wait for their next order. They are unable to hold speech and conservation, using only basic functions to perform the tasks given.

  • Idle core Atronachs are susceptible to abjuration/warding/anything that is designed to eat or destroy voidal magic as well as suffering from the general weaknesses their sentient cousins would have (a fire atronach would be weak to water, ice atronach to fire, etc). They’re able to absorb around 4-5 direct hits upon the core before being destroyed. A destroyed core can be salvaged and repaired by an atronach forger to return it to life. If an idle core atronach is destroyed, an sreq should be made to inform ST of its destruction. ST do not need to oversee the atronach’s destruction (though screen shots should be provided if asked for).

  • Solids are generally better designed for idle cores (being ice and earth), for they can manipulate the realm more effectively, while the liquids may be of use manipulating their elements to perform tasks assigned (such as a fire atronach in a forge to heat ore, or a water atronach being used to clean). 

  • To denote an active idle core atronach, an ST signed item of the core is to be made, and a screenshot of it is to be added to the creators FA.


Purpose (OOC)


The main purpose of this addition was to add a little more to atronach forging to have a range of things that expands to NPCs not just the CAs we all know and love. It is to add a little spice to a voidal workshop and not simply bore the CA players to do mundane tasks that no one wants to really do. So why not make smaller non-combative atronachs to simply add to spice of life in a voidal mages roleplay! 



Special Thanks to the following players for reading, feedback and general motivation. Isaac for his feedback and suggestion, really helpful and respectable gamer for his aid! Z3m0s for his feedback, approval and motivation, wouldn’t have written much without it. Mika1278 for his motivation, feedback and suggestions that have been added or taken away from this write!


And of course, to Pundimonium for writing the current active rewrite for atronach lore that is currently implemented, should if accepted be an additional spice for players to do! And finally Squak for suggesting an addition was to be made! Much love to all!


Changes were made based on LT's feedback. These changes were mostly aided in by King_Kunuk, big help in grammar and all changes required. Huge thanks!




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Now this is epic, finally can have NPC atronachs bring me my tea

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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