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Throughout the history of the khazadmar, there have been those so honorful that they are given commendations and titles of great prestige by the Brathmordakin as recognized through da Kirkja Dverga. The goal of this project is to recognize many of the heroes who never had been properly recognized, as well to recognize a few recent Feats of Glory.


Secondly, with the publishing of this letter is the officiation of a new method by which all future Heroes and or Paragons are to be declared. Too long has the process been unlisted and at the whim of reigning leadership, devoid of any tradition or ceremony. There will be first the public recognition of a Feat of Glory, requiring the nomination of either the High Prophet or the council of Prelates. This alone does not guarantee one's promotion among the ranks of the Brathmordakin’s honored heroes, and independently is a great honor that begins the process to be considered for heroship. It is possible for dwarves to earn multiple Feats of Glory before attaining Heroship, or to never be granted it at all despite them. 


After this, the clergy shall entrust its members to do study on not only the validity of the Feat of Glory, but also the moral standing of the individual and any facets that may contribute to the determination. After enough work is done, the High Prophet and Prelate council must agree on promoting the dwarf to Hero status, and hold an extravagant public feast in honor of the dwarf and the patron of their deeds, with traditions begun in the name of the Hero. 


Paragons, a rare honor to bestow on a dwarf, shall only be granted after an inquisition on the deceased dwarf and a miracle or revelation by the clergy on whether the Brathmordakin have chosen the dwarf as a Paragon.


In order to end an era of poor process for the Halls of Heroes, Feats of Glories are hereby recognized for the following dwarves from our history and antiquity, to be further debated on by the clergy for Hero status individually in years to come. The dwarves having suffered many controversies despite the blessings of Anbella, it is expected that there shall be names that certain clans may hold in distaste, but it is urged upon all honored folk young and new to remember the goal of this project; to judge souls in the eyes of the gods not grudges.






Fierce warlord king of the Third Grand Kingdom, fought valiantly against rebellions who sought to destroy Urguan in Axios. His service helped ensure the continuation of a unified dwarfdom in Urguan and its traditions, only after his injury and reluctant resignation did the Blackfist Frostbeards begin to make headway in their rebellion.



Longest reigning dwarven king, Utak was a formidable warlord. Early in his reign, Utak led the sacking of the damned Mage-hold of Llyria and the vassalage of Mynebor. In the latter half of his reign, Utak made war against the War-Nation of Krugmar in retaliation for the slaving of Dwarven citizens, and so utterly defeated the descendants of Krug that they did not recover for over a generation thereafter, in surrender fully admitting the khazadmar as the most honorable race. 



Crowned many times for his leadership expertise, Fimlin Grandaxe led an expedition into the ancient dwarven stronghold of the Hall of Urguan. Pioneered a treaty between all major nations and  led Urguan and all major realm’s armies into victory against the forces of Iblees and recaptured the dwarven capital in Athera. Oversaw the reunification of Urguan’s people following the near constant state of kinstrife and civil war during the Atlesian period. Through a keen diplomatic mind, and utter and whole dedication to his people, he prevented the near-genocide of the Dwarven Race after the fall of Kaz’Ulrah in 1692 at the hands of the Empire of Man. Towards the end of his reign, Fimlin oversaw the restoration of the Urguanite state, and constructed the city of Kal’Varoth, which served as the first Crownhold of the Dwarven Nation since Axios.



One of the most famous and influential military leaders that the khazadmar has ever held the honor to fight under. Jorik led the Grand Legion of Urguan many times into battle with great success, not limited but including the 18 Years’ War, the Coalition War, and the Three Month’s War. An astonishing 72 years of his life were spent in the service of the Legion, becoming the most decorated legionnaire in history. Known for his brilliant strategic mind, he personally mentored many future Grand Marshals and his strategies are still studied to this day. 



Slayer of Gazardial, Slayer of the Void, renowned Grudgebearer who authored most of modern Urguan’s grudges and zealously enforced them, his defeat of Gazardial marking a Second Age. He served as Urguan’s chief statesman and Chancellor for nearly forty years before his tenure as Grand King, during which the cataclysmic Inferi War occurred, Urguan serving a pivotal role in many notable skirmishes. At the final battle, Grand King Jorvin was wounded in combat against the leader of the Inferi Host, yet nevertheless went on to challenge the Aengul Gazardial in single combat, as the other had formed a pact with, and attempted to bring about the resurrection of the Archdaemon Iblees. Jorvin’s cataclysmic battle with the Aengul shattered the continent of Korvassa, yet ultimately the Dwarfking prevailed, smiting Gazardial, and ushering in the modern age.



Renowned scholar and teacher of Urguan, Preserver of Dwarven history and culture throughout the warring states period of Atlas. Kazrin Starbreaker served as the High Remembrancer for nearly two centuries in Kaz’Ulrah, Agnarum, and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and is almost single-handedly responsible for educating the post-reunification generation of Dwarves in the ways of their ancestors, trusted for this reason in serving as sole judge for much of his tenure and keeping the Great Book of Grudges. Despite his scholarly profession, Kazrin led battles against many forces of evil and corruption during his tenure, using his wisdom graced by Ogradhad to lead the dwarven strategy against the abominations of Khorvad.



Architect of numerous prominent cities, constructing equal if not greater to the famed Paragon Omithiel. Balek personally designed the city of Kal’Karaad which he then reigned as Grand King with great success, prosperous in peace and victorious in war, defeating both Oren and Krugmar. Outside of his own reign, he fathered modern dwinic architecture, constructing and restoring countless capitals across several realms. Balek is often dubbed not only the greatest builder of recent centuries but perhaps the greatest dwarven king known by living kin, rivaling those even among the Grand Kingdom’s founders.



Brought about an age of industry for Urguan, and massively influenced Urguan’s culture to forever pursue unparalleled industry, a widely admired Grand King. Reunited the dwarves after crushing the first Frostbeard Rebellion. Known for establishing one of the most successful workforces in history along with guaranteeing great wages and rights to his workers in his reign as Yemekar’s Pick, founding the Red Urguan’s Workers Party.



Renowned Scholar and Politician of Urguan, primary keeper of Dwarven knowledge and wisdom from Vailor until the restoration of the united Remembrancers in late Atlas. During the crucial siege of Ordholm, Azkel and Tharggus 'Eagle Eye' Irongrinder's manned the last trebuchet of the battle with critical hits that determined its victory. Held the position of High Remembrancer and held the Great Book of Grudges from Vailor through Axios, then refounded the guild in Holm during Atlas. Azkel continues his work as High Remembrancer in modern Urguan, continuing to expand the influence of Dwarven scholars throughout the realm, and taking up the mantle of Lord Chancellor under three kings, serving as a crucial aide and hand to the king.



Infamous dwarven general in the years succeeding Thorin the Conqueror's resignation, leading Urguani defensive tactics and siege-engineering for centuries after, holding a prominent hand in dwarven politics throughout many eras. Arbiter of a new age of Runesmithing with himself at its head, the Arch-Runelord mastered the Kal’Varak, slayed the Setherian and Dharok beasts, lifted the Citadel of Arcadia all on top of two reigns as Grand King of Urguan. Even in retirement, Zahrer held a heavy role in the politics of the reforged Urguan of Arcas, financing their vast expansions over the White Mountains.



Great Naval and Military strategist, reestablishing the Legion under King Fimlin before leading it into a success in the Mynebor Rebellion. Elected as the second ever Under-King, having a successful albeit short reign. In his reign, he became one of the few dwarven Kings to successfully defeat Oren in the Three-Months War through clever politics and an excellent display of force with the legion and paid mercenaries. Renowned after his reign for his passionate speeches during court and council, an ardent defender of Clans’ Rights. Famed owner and Editor-in-Chief of the longest running newspaper in all of history, the DNN.



First and only Doomforged king. Helped further dwarven democracy by creating the Senate of Hammers which helped end the corruption in the government of his time. Hodir fought against Oren valiantly and helped pioneer the Urguani Navy, before an untimely death during a naval battle defending Urguan’s sovereignty.













Often the status of Heroship and Paragonhood has been considered an OOC reward as much as an IRP one, but make no mistake that this is to be a RP discussion based on our characters beliefs. 


Any OOC drama or toxicity founded because people aren’t liking how a certain character on mineman was honored or perhaps not honored enough will not be tolerated, and I will not refrain from publicly calling out any displays of this I encounter as what it is; clowning. 


This is meant to be a fun RP project to rejuvenate an interest in dwarven history, please don’t mess it up.


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Bakir Ireheart smiles as not only was Utak and Gror was to be made Hero but also a distant relative a doomforge.
"Not only did Utak achieve greatness within his reign as King putting down the creatures of Krugmar and Lyria but also reunited the Grand Kingdom as a whole. And with the reign of Gror Ireheart he ensured the safety and prosperity of Urguan by putting down multiple Frostbeard rebellions and defeating the Orenian Empire. Long have my kin deserved such an honor, it brings a smile upon my face to see they are finally being recognized for the duties and deeds they achieved during their reign. Narvok oz KjellosBakir then went back into his clan hall to rest once more to soon return to his duties. 

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1 hour ago, Elite_Snipes_ said:


A dwarf would note that none of these people are being made heroes outright with this declaration, only that they had actions worthy of recognition, and some of them might become heroes.

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Aengoth can only acknowledge that once again the circle of friendship has proven to be too formidable of a political enemy. Yet even in death he has no regrets. He can go on peacefully knowing that the only true comrades he made were those he was forced to fight by his state.

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