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A Report - Attack on Sunholdt

Basil Moroul

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This report has been written to document the events that transpired during the visit to the Sunholdt ball. 


To be placed upon the desks of Lord Marshall Johann Barclay, Lord Palatine Kaustantin Baruch and his Majesty, Koeng Sigismund III.



Shock Troop

Klara Elizaveta

Royal Princess

Anna Maria


Lady Caroline

Anne Josephine

Charlotte Augusta

Unidentified Civilians



There was a call to rally at the beginning of the evening to assist Osric in retrieving some minerals from a suspicious and ghastly site in the Savoyard savannah. I attended this rally and traveled with them to the site. Shortly after arriving and chopping down a tree in order to create a make-shift dam I then rode back to Karosgrad, this was before the crocodile creature made its appearance. After returning to Karosgrad I found Princess Klara Elizaveta and Lady Caroline in the lobby of the Nikirala, they saw me and requested that I escort them to a ball and costume contest in the Orenian heartlands in Lower Petra, Sunholdt. I agreed and we set off for the manor and made it there in quick time. Once we arrived I noticed that the gathering was a little smaller than expected, alas the gathering grew much bigger with time. We were met in the manors lobby by Anna Maria and other inhabitants of the Empire.


Charlotta Augusta then made her entrance and guided us all towards the ballroom. I noticed that there was only a single member of the Imperial State Army sent to safeguard the event, not something I thought was important though as attacks on ballrooms are normally unheard of. Charlotta Augusta made her way towards the four of us and spoke with both Lady Caroline and Princess Klara, they spoke briefly before their conversation was interrupted by the shout of the lone imperial soldier; a warning to the party-goers. Those inside the ballroom began to panic and scream as several masked and armoured individuals appeared glaring through the windows. Charlotta Augusta tried to keep the partygoers calm and orderly despite the growing fears that the attackers would try to force entry. Not willing to wait and find out if these miscreants would force themselves inside, I beckoned for the Princess and Lady Caroline to follow me to safety but then Anna Mariya instead led us towards her room in the upper apartments of the pristine white building. As we left the ballroom with haste I heard the sound of hammer upon glass, a shatter and more blood curdling screams. We made it to her room safely and other partygoers flocked to the safety of the room. Thankfully I had rope with me and there was a balcony in this room that would make for a great escape route, if required.


We then heard stomping outside on the stairs and then banging on the door as somebody tried to force themselves inside, thankfully the man who forced himself inside was simply looking for anybody to help him repel the invaders. At this point I noticed that several imperial cavalry units had arrived at the manor, but the invaders did not relent. More screams echoed from the halls as the invaders had torched the ballroom to set the manor alight. We knew that we could not remain in this room for much longer so Anna Mariya lead us to her chambers in which she had her own private balcony and a rope tied to it for escape. I went first and tied my rope to the bars too and rappelled down first in order to secure the ground and horses. Next to rappel down was the Princess and several other party-goers. Last was Lady Caroline and Anna Mariya. 


We had made our plan, Karosgrad was simply too far out to head to with bandits roaming the roads so we were to head for our embassy in Providence for temporary sanctuary. Unfortunately Lady Caroline did not bring her horse with her to Sunholdt so I sacrificed my steed to her in order to ensure they all got to Providence quickly and safely. I ran back to Providence with Charlotta Augusta and Anne Josephine and we met up with Anna Mariya, Klara and Lady Caroline in the embassy, alongside a handful of Haense citizens who had retreated with us. I had already sent word to Flemius of the on-going situation but unfortunately he and the rest of the BSK were stuck in combat against the crocodile creature so could not provide quick assistance. After waiting some time we decided it would be safe enough to start heading back to Karosgrad through the back gate of Providence.


Charlotta Augusta and Anna Mariya insisted on escorting us to their border with us to ensure we returned to our lands safely so they escorted us to the border close to Reinmar and we returned safely to Karosgrad. During this debacle I had heard several rumours that the soldiers who had attacked Sunholdt were Savoyard soldiers, and only after having returned and had time to contemplate this rumour, I can see why they believe so. I recall seeing the brigands at the windows of the manor and I recall that some wore the age old chantry armour that had been recommissioned into use by the Savoyards of San Luciano - black plate with bronze outlining, bronze gorget and helmet outlining with two white feathers on either side of the helmet.

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Kaustantin Baruch started read the report with a sigh, he buried his face in his hands after concluding reading it, assuming the future Prinzenas Royale had gotten even more childhood trauma.

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Ser Reinhardt Barclay heard what transpired in Oren, signing himself that such a dutiful brother such Armsman Walton was there, he pondered if Walton had the makings of a future knight in him. This caused the Meyster Knight to come to revelation, and smirked crossed his face as he planned…

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