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August 2022, Battle of Arts


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Credit to @reko for the Battle of the Arts art.

Second art can be found here.




Welcome to the third Battle of the Arts contest of 2022!

Battle of the Arts consists of the following six categories:

  • Visual Art

  • Music Creation / Singing

  • Creative Writing / Poetry 

  • Building

  • Skinning

  • Video Editing





The theme for June’s Battle of the Arts contest is the Rise and Fall of nations. To promote as much creativity as we can, we offer a vague theme to let the creatives expand as much as they wish! This allows for the contestants to play around with as many elements that still represent the theme.


We would love for this month’s entries to take inspiration from the string of wars, new and old, and how the aftermath of such allows many nations to sprout up, or to collapse. You can go back as far as you like! Time truly has no limit.


How to enter?

To enter, simply comment below the post using the following format: 




  • First Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 500 Mina.

    • Creative Wizard Tag on the forums.

    • An exclusive item.

  • Second Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 300 Mina.

    • An exclusive item.

  • Third Place:

    • A featured post on the official LotC social media accounts.

    • 150 Mina.



  • All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month.

  • You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per category.

  • Submissions are to be posted in the comment section of this thread.

  • The last day for submissions will be August 29th.




Winners from the July contest!

Firstly, we would like to thank every single person who entered last month’s contest. Everyone who entered showed an exemplary amount of creativity and dedication. 


First Place:

  • It goes without saying, Xarkly is an amazing writer. Each post you put displays the same amount of high quality and effort. Your ability to drive such a great narrative while still keeping people engaged is telling of your skill. Excellent job, Xarkly! I would like to share some of the notes our members had for your pieces.

    • “ I love Conor posts, they never seem to lack quality and always tell you just the thing you need from said post. ”

    • “ Felt like I was reading an actual novel. ”

    • “ Whole arse impressive story that deserved a 10 from me! ”


Second Place:

  • Nyxiiy’s the Creation of a Sorvian

    • This piece was a personal favourite of mine. The colours, composition, and your art style is both so unique and enchanting. I am so incredibly impressed. The amount of detail and colour, while not mudding the piece up, is incredible. If I could make this into map art and put it up in my character’s room, I would! Excellent job, Nyx. I would like to share some of the notes our members had for your pieces.

      • “ The art style is both unique and very impressive. ”

      • “ Really good piece of art, lots of detail. I like it a lot! ”

      • “ The colours were beautiful. ” 


Third Place:

  • RaynaStar’s Fi’Karin

    • This is definitely the most unique piece we had to review this month. First I had listened to your piece, then I had read your explanation, and it all just fell together beautifully. Excellent job, RaynaStar. I would like to share some of the notes our members had for your pieces.

      • “ I love this song, it is quite literally amazing. ”

      • “ The voice sounds incredibly soothing and serene. ” 

      • “ Wonderful work. Very beautiful piece and extremely impressive. ”




Winners, please message me to claim your prizes!





A big thank you to our CT Art Contest Team & Staff Volunteers for these projects!

We wish you all the best of luck!


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congrats everyone!!




me when month of work, not even an honorable mention


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Thanks for reading my work & the kind words, was fun to take part. Keep up the great work, CT.

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Wow, lovely work :)

The babushka made me laugh, that's great

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This was so much fun to participate in; thanks to CT for arranging this BOTA . Looking forward to the next one :]!

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IGN: Excitedly
Category: Creative Writing


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