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The Disappearance of Eryane Rhodon de Rosius (NOT A PK POST )

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The Disappearance of Eryane Rhodon de Rosius

╔══ ❀•°❀°•❀ ══╗

“Let them remember the me who was a terrible woman.” Her words were filled with venom, spite. 


“When you write those letters, think about your life choices when you write each letter. Now listen to me, many people here need you, you'll have to strive and stay strong. Now, think of it. If you really were genuine with your feelings towards me, think about how I'd feel, or how I'd be, or the fact if you do it I will not forgive you.” Emir replied. Though the words fell on deaf ears.


“The problem Emir, is I feel nothing right now. No love, no sadness, no grief. I feel empty.” She replied, looking right through him.


“And you'll be happier without me.”


“You do feel it, you just want to numb it. Think about it, use your brain more, and trust me you'll find an answer, and that's bullshit.” He called out to her.


“No, I really don't feel anything.” She said coldly, though he was right. It was all bullshit, Eryane felt everything. Sadness, pain, misery. She wished it would all be over that she could run away from her feelings, her life. Start over. So she did, she wrote letters to those she loved


She made her way to Lurin, where she had gone once before.


“Mika! Good to see you. I need your assistance.”


And thus, Eryane Rhodon de Rosius no longer existed, and in her place was a woman completely different from the one she was before.

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The old Knight patiently sat home quietly as he was thinking about the last convo. "I hope she took my advice and didn't do anything... I hope she's alright.."

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