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In Search of Shipbuilders.

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The Aaunic Royal Navy is pleased to announce that it is seeking the expertise of shipbuilders to aid in the construction of its new fleet and the upgrading of its current fleet.


As we move into a new era of naval exploration and warfare, it is imperative that we have ships that can withstand the most rigorous conditions and perform with the utmost efficiency. We are looking for builders who can design and construct ships that are powerful, agile, and will serve our Kingdom for many years to come.


The Aaunic Royal Navy plans to develop a rich history of naval excellence, and we are committed to maintaining the current rate of growth by investing in the best possible ships for our fleet. We are looking for builders who share our commitment to excellence and who can bring their expertise to our team.


If you are interested in joining our team of ship builders, we invite you to send a letter to Admiral Emil Caius, Vice-Admiral Caius Godwin, or Rear-Admiral Sir Emir. We are looking for builders with a proven track record of success, as well as those who are seeking to grow as shipbuilders. Pay and benefits will be discussed after initial discussion of skills and work.


Together, we can build a fleet that is unmatched in its power, speed, and agility. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create the future of naval warfare.



HRH, Emil Caius, Duke of Balamena,

First Sea-Lord and Admiral of The Aaunic Royal Navy


Vice-Admiral, Caius Godwin, 

Second Sea-Lord of The Aaunic Royal Navy


The Right Honorable, Sir Emir of Abbassia,

Count of Pacidia, Viscount of Merville, Baron of Rosina,

Master of Logistics and Rear-Admiral of The Aaunic Royal Navy



Contact any of us IRP, on forums, or discord if you wish to discuss anything further.

Emil Caius @gavyn - @gavyn !#4574

Caius Godwin @sashimichopped - @sashimi#3317

Sir Emir @exoo - @exo#1552


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"Those who will help us would pave their own paths with gold and riches." One of the ships' commanders and the Master of Logistics replied. Preparing money and many other valuable items that would help fund the project.

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