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  1. "Those who will help us would pave their own paths with gold and riches." One of the ships' commanders and the Master of Logistics replied. Preparing money and many other valuable items that would help fund the project.
  2. +1 just cus Disco wrote it (ik u write good shit after working with u and knowing u well enough) Plus Raiden LARPing lets go!
  3. Ramadan mubarak to all muslims and arabs worldwide, I hope this month would be a blessing to everyone reading this. I wanted to give a special appreciation post to everyone below: @kennyr @Lirinya @EmiliainWonderland @Cepheid @MokoMochi @Laeonathan @Timer @Matheaww I left out so many names because the forums is glitching so much and I hate my internet, though if we talk on a regular basis and roleplay regularly, I want to thank you for being a special piece in my life and I hope it always remains this way <3
  4. I love the fact that there’s some amendment for the lore, however is there an explanation for the second part? I wish to understand it more, otherwise a +1
  5. "Its been 25 years since I was technically the match-maker. . . God I'm getting so old, and I wish I can become young again! But I will attend to show everyone that I am the best human mage being taught by the best herself!" Emir then marked the calendar as he spoke "I'll make you proud, Auntie."
  6. Not really since Arcanium is mainly made by a ritual of mages, giving so much mana that it would be refined by then. If we will talk about Mana Manipulation and making it efficent, Eminencers are the best at it I dont know about the first part, but surely I like the second idea, but what would you think be the downside of it, or the reasoning that they can? Just asking from an ST perspective to connect the dots
  7. Oh, I didnt mean to headbutt or barge-in mainly on voidstalkers, I was just explaining how this Feat is technically the least used out of all the 4 exclusive ones related to Voidal Feats, I just wanted to explain on how to make it useful on other things other than combat mainly. I tried to think of other advantages just as Mana manipulation from surroundings or anything related to enchantments to make it more 'efficient' but pretty much I cant think of anything else except the threshold, which is pretty much silly but, it made sense in a way, though Im more happy to brainstorm on more ideas
  8. [LORE AMENDMENT/ADDITION] Arcanium / Voidal Eminence This amendment would be pretty much simple unlike the other modifications I made before lore-wise. I believe Voidal Eminence users should have a threshold of -4 instead of -3 per Eminence participant. Why? 1. Voidal Eminencers are the best type of magical feat where voidal mages can manipulate mana from their surroundings, as explained in their ability whenever they use Expulsion, meaning they can channel their mana towards Arcanium Forging better than any other mage. 2. Voidal Eminence is starting to become more useful with the last recent amendment, however, it still needs to have a few more additions so that people can feel like it is as balanced and as good as Voidstalking. As for the Mechanics? Simple, the threshold will be -4 IF the mage adds an extra emote, clearly identifying that they're collecting the mana around themselves in order to channel it to the Arcanium, just like in Expulsion, if that extra emote is not added, then it would be -3 as usual. If you feel like this is "OP" then you can simply say only Voidal Eminence Transfigurationists can use this ability. My other addition, as suggested by Classy, with an Eminence mage leading, they have the ability to put two items to turn into Arcanium instead of one, however, the thresholds would be -2 for all participating mages minus the leading mage, perhaps something as a take-lose all.
  9. Somewhere in the forests near Amethea. “Why am I here again..? Is this even necessary...?” PLAY THIS FOR A BETTER READING EXPERIENCE: An unruly clown, Cruan Amethil, was prowling the woods close to Amethea. He had no idea what to do or where to begin and was lost. He has no prior hunting experience and relies on others most of the time. Since his mother had abandoned him and his family to fend for themselves in this cruel world, he had grown accustomed to living under his own father's protection. Nevertheless, because of his father's tireless efforts to ensure his happiness at all times, he never experienced the dark side of life. He wandered the forests aimlessly, while his mind was reminding himself of an incident that had happened a few days ago, in the house of his best-friend Crescence, which had his father, Ava, Lucis, and Crescence herself. He tried to collect his mind on what had happened, starting from the void-stalker speaking to him privately one on one, to the ruthless Ivarielle fan, Ava the blind seer. His mind quickly paced through the scene, though he mainly focused on his father permitting Ava to take the clown under her wing, which was full of horrors and the true shape of this world. “Life gives you only punches without any warnings, boy.” The blind seer scolded after running a quick blow onto the young elf’s gut. After collecting himself up, he listened rather closely to her words, as he knew this lady probably never went near any type of mercy during her 400 years of living. Cruan did not want to ward under her, but he had no choice from the pressure he was facing. His father and Lucis were rather silent, giving their approval for the fate of the young boy. “How do you expect to start a family and protect them if you are the clown that you truly are right now?!” truly rang the pointy ears of the young boy, with intimidation and fearful charisma the woman emitted through her own words. Cruan had no choice but to listen, as he knew whatever she would say, if it was not done it would be much worse for himself. “Your first task is to kill a wolf, with your bare hands and with no armor and supply.” The old elfess rather commanded, as Cruan at first took that as a jest, as no way he can do much on his own, without armor or weapons. He rather started to goofily laugh as he did think that Ava, for the first time had a good sense of humor, until her face described perfectly how she felt. She was not kidding at all. Cruan then spoke “And what do you think I am supposed to do? Defeat it in my dreams while I smoke something?!”. Ava furthermore explained “Not only that, but you /will/ cook its meat for me and bring me its carcass as a trophy. The food must be delicate for my taste buds or else I'll feed you your dirt.”. He then asked “What choices do I get then?” Ava then responded “It is a yes or yes.” He then quickly responded with “Out of the three, I’ll choose an Or.” Cruan rather stated, thinking he can beat the elder by playing dumb with her. She did not react except with counting rather slowly, lifting her Warhammer. Cruan without thinking just agreed simply, knowing that a wolf would not be as bad as facing the elder woman’s wrath. After the agreement Ava finally warned the boy “Don’t play dumb with me, boy. You will find that wolf and eat it. You have a year to do this. If you don't, it will be much worse and don't forget, Cruan, I am always watching.” was the last thing that struck the boy’s ring before… THUD!!! The young elf fell off an edge over a thorn of bushes and twigs. He then snapped back to reality. He just gave himself a smack before he realized all kinds of cuts, bruises and other kinds of minor injuries had formed all over his body without realizing as his mind was busy reminding himself of what happened earlier. Cruan would get lost amidst the darkness of the forest, he would literally wander into bushes filled with thorns, and slam his face against trees or big boulders alike. In the end, he might even fall into a river and get ******* dragged away from it. Though the thorns have practically made him hurt with a darker bruise on his leg from falling off. He simply got back up and dusted his worn-off clothes as he continued to walk, having no idea where or how to find a wolf before a loud “ROAAAAAAR” echoed the trees of Amethea, where birds started to flock away from their trees in the background. Cruan remained silent before a lightbulb formed over his head, where he would mutter to himself “Maybe if the wolves cannot lure me… then I can lure the wolves!” without even thinking deeper about it, he simply started to call a monkey-call from a distance, as if he was trying to get the roaring animal’s attention. “OOOO OOOOOO!!! AAAAA AAAAA!!” Cruan called out… though he had no response… he simply shrugged it off and continued to walk before a HUGE GRIZZLY BEAR came out of the bushes and started to rush its way at the young elf. It stopped momentarily to study his actions while approaching slowly, giving the boy an attentive glare. Cruan knew with the number of injuries he had, he would not outrun it. Though he was surrounded by thick trees which granted him protection. He'd see stones and sticks lying about, he could even use the thickness of the trees to have good defense and attack at the same time, though nobody knows what is going on inside his empty mind of his. PLAY THIS FOR A BETTER READING ATMOSPHERE: Depiction of the Bear charging at Cruan Ever since he was young, he always loved climbing trees and hanging upside down and swinging from branch to branch, that was practically the only thing that he knew and had that would benefit him. He then made his way up a tree in a swift manner, knowing where to place his hands and when to do so. He then made his way up over a Durian fruit tree, where he started to bang his chest “DO YOU WANT A BITE? HERE, TAKE THIS!”. Without hesitation, he plucked Durian fruits one by one and started to throw them at the bear with its prickly surface area. Cruan had good aim since he was a child as he always threw rubber balls at the wall of his room and caught it easily, though despite him being on top of a tree, he was not used to calculating distances. After the bear was agitated from the storm of fruits hailing at him, it decided to use all its might and weight to shake Cruan off the tree. Cruan had one final Durian on his hand before he accidentally dropped it, where it came right into one of the Bear’s eyes. A painful roar came out when Cruan lost his balance and fell over the bear as if he was riding it while the bear was busy taking the Durian fruit off from its eye. This gave enough time for Cruan to start beating the other bear’s eye with a tiny rock he caught earlier. The now blind bear then decided to swat Cruan after it would start to shake and wiggle akin to an angry bull and consequently it makes one of the legs of Cruan slam against the tree nearby; he held strong upon the bear to avoid falling but the bone of his leg would literally pop out of his skin and create a bloody wound there. The leg can be saved, being not permanent but gruesome and painful. A loud cry was emitted from the boy as he was helpless on the ground, though to his advantage the bear was blind and its scent was not that good. Muffled cries of pain and fear kept overshadowing him. He did not know what to do or how to survive except at a distance, he saw a long branch that was cracked by the bear earlier while it was shaking a tree. He decided to man up for once in his life as he gave in all his strength while he squirmed his way to the branch. The pain, undoubtedly, was something he could not handle, but he knew if he did not handle 5 minutes of pain, his life would come to an end. Despite the blood trail going behind him, he attempted to grasp into it as he held the sharp spot and positioned it under his armpit while he laid back in the tree while he kept the sharp branch positioned at the bear's neck and mouth direction if it where to approach him, he tried to lure it with a painful cry and his blood trail would help lead it to him with the scent of blood and his voice. The bear would be lured by the scent of blood but this motion only caused the leg's health to worsen. If we are not adding the wounds he gained at the beginning of the adventure; he felt a heavy weight and for sure he would have many scars after that. Nevertheless, the bear would be impaled as the branch pierced through its neck and lightly touched Cruan's face itself; where a heavy, permanent scar was formed on his face, rendering his eyesight in that area blind, losing his eye in the battle. The bear offered a last moment of the fight to push him off before dying... the bear was dead but the deed was not. He needs to find ingredients in nature, create fire and cook the meat of the bear. Cruan was busy crying. His tears mixed with his blood. He held his eye in one hand while he held a heavy scar on his abdomen with the other. Though in his mind, he was fearful that the bear’s carcass would rot. He then decided to squirm his way into the river to see a completely different man. Someone he did not recognize. He then decided to suck up and had to treat himself for the wounds that happened to him. He tried to then split the bloody pike he used to kill the bear into two for splinters, though before he did so, he found a few herbs on the ground he harvested into form as a natural antiseptic then he wrapped his splinter around with a cloth, he then started to use another branch as a little support, he, however, ignored the remaining injuries, he for sure formed a scar in his eye and his cheek. His leg was damaged to the point it was the worst injury he had. Perhaps it would take very long years for him to recover there. He wasted no time. He knew he would take a long time to travel from Amethea to Celianor with his current state, so his main priority was to naturally preserve the meat for Ava’s plate later on. He took a few ground salt that was found within rocks and pepper from ground pepper that was growing near the roots of the trees he was close to. He then made a drying rack with a few sticks and a small bonfire, and he took off the shirt he always hated into rags to act as ropes. He seasoned the meat before he dried it and made it smoke over the bonfire, to turn it into smoked, dried bear meat. The meat would be almost perfect; someone couldn't have made flawless culinary meat in this forest and in such condition but the salty and pepperish meat was complete. The job was finished and now Cruan needed to drag both the corpse of the bear and the dish to Celia'nor. He held a few minutes to cry once again. This day would be unforgettable in his book of memories, he was tired, exhausted, but most importantly lost. He felt like he lost his identity, he lost what he thought was his true self. A half-blind, scarface elf. His name started to give more meaning to himself, due to the physical and emotional pain. He prepared himself after being missing for a month or two before he made his way back. All he could think about is what people would think of him now. Are they ready to greet him? Will they think differently of him? The answer is unknown, and nobody will flip the page for the next chapter except himself. . .
  10. Add a fishing plugin with fishes of different rarity and prices where they can be sold in NPCS or players as trophies
  11. The widowed man gasped loudly once again "That little shit did that just so I can make him a wedding gift! I ******* knew it!" Emir would mark the calendar anyways and would go ahead and make a gift.
  12. The Widowed man would grumble as he read the public missive in Aaun's roads as he spoke "Little shit had the audacity to beg me to make gifts so he can win the love triangle against my own nephew, just for him to not invite me?! HAH! Who needs to be invited anyways..." Emir then sat down in his Manor to continue grieving as usual.
  13. From my assumption, I think they meant head farms, as in: You see these grape heads as grape farms in almost every nation / noble estate? Make them right clickable so one can farm them without breaking it or making it appear as griefing
  14. Because I do ;) Yes, so much :( (Play a rock atronach)
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