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[Amendment] Fae Seed Drawback

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Replace the following redline


  • Epiphytes are only able to will themselves to produce a fae seed should the plant be dead, should there be a map change, or should leaving the plant result in certain death or corruption.




  • Producing a fae seed involves moving part of the bonded soul from one vessel to another. This entire process is unbelievably painful, akin being burned by malflame across the demifae's entire body for the process. This strains the epiphyte as to make producing a new fae seed impossible for 1 OOC week, performing epiphyte abilities impossible for 1 ooc day, reduces the maximum time until their next rebirth by 20 OOC weeks (to a minimum of 10,) and finally the minimum number of rebirths until the afterlife/fully incurable clause goes into effect by one. This applies should the plant be killed, though not due to instances caused by map transitions, being initially made, or the plant being pasted over.


OOC Purpose
The vagueness of creating fae seeds in current lore seems to be confusing people, as on multiple instances I've seen it treated as just a chore rather than a painful sacrifice on behalf of the epiphyte themselves. It is supposed to act as a final last resort for an epiphyte or a penalty to not properly protecting a fae plant, which I hope this amendment will provide.

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