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The Dúin Accord

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[!] Across the realm of Aevos sealed scrolls would be distributed to the leadership of all Coast-Dwelling nations, upon breaking said seal the following would be seen.


The Great Gate of the Dúin

The Shiredom of Dúnwen and her Vassals are committed to peace, regardless of what ire and hatred shall brew beyond our borders. Thusly, I, Cyris, King of the Wee, declare that no foreign vessels of war shall be permitted entry into Loch Dúin, be they neutral to us, or an ally; To ensure that no naval assault targeted towards the City of Whitespire, The Marchdom of Lotusgrad, The Shiredom of Dúnwen, The Naga Encampment and those who dwell beyond the caverns to the western lakeside shall occur- we hereby declare our intent to turn-away any heavily armed vessels that attempt to pass through our newly restored Great Gate, unless they are of the aforementioned residents of the Dúin's coast. Mercantile Vessels as well as those of General Travel shall be permitted to pass through should they correctly answer three riddles, as to not disrupt naval traffic into our waters.


{!} A rather detailed pencil sketch of the supposed 'Great Gate' was drawn neatly below the writings.




Dúnfarthing thanks you for your cooperation.

Sincerely - His Majesty 'King Cyris Collingwood the 1st' the 2nd.






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"Oi hate dah ARUGULEANS!" says Mimosa Applefoot proud sea hater

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