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  1. “For what was pursued and of that which ensued. Shall we roister and carouse for the triumphant procurement of our honour.” Dictate Saerus Gladridge to his beatific comrades in a thronged local tavern within the Duchy of Warwick.
  2. Saerus Gladridge would lay hold to a pair of serrated, whetted and burnished scissors with a ligneous handle bedecked with multitudinous tantalising ornaments. He gazes it with a profound preoccupation; brandishing the scissors in front of a stained mirror. “They have transgressed against the innocent men of Oren. Such heinous crime will be met with a vigorous and indomitable force compelled by their own vacancies and unjustified deeds. It is time to shear off their elven ears and give them an ignominious defeat. Neca ne neceris”
  3. [!] “ Altruism and life consecrated to canonism which were conveyed by his highness, Archduke Edward, was an irrefutable attestation of righteousness. He is, I would in certainty enlarge upon, the noblest of the nobles. Vivat Archidux! ” Saerus Gladridge concluded as he scrutinised the letter before he bestrode his horse with grace unfazed by the risks ahead in pursuant for his missing wife.
  4. [!] “Such salubrious and proactive engagement of concerting between the signatories will not only as anticipated consolidate bilateralism and amplifies the safeguards of the innocuous inhabitants of each nation but the laudable and best to emulate dispositions of which will galvanise other nations within the empire to subsequently succour one another too and henceforth expedite the collective aspirations for law and order.” Elucidated Saerus Gladridge to his pubescent son of whom was in conspicuous apathy.
  5. Cyneric Maeson bearing a cackling corpulent hen, an antithesis to his emaciated figure, with his left arm that takes the brunt of intermittent scratches by the ferocious chicken which he has to abate persistently by thwacking the chicken’s head with a book of incommidious immensity on his right hand, was perambulating in ponderous manner around the ground of Dronen for he has been of prolonged dwelling inside the library, occupying his time restricted from the outdoor by devouring virtually every girthy tomes to the extent that he neglected his necessitous personal wellbeing. For what rationale he was taking the pestiferous fowl with him is undivulged. Albeit, wild bruits were disseminated throughout the county that he has been exploiting the insentient chicken for his demented experiments. It was by chance he descried the ebullient natives thronged the city hall which piqued his curiosity. Once he enters the congested hall, what was a tumultuous crowd quietened down. His bedraggled appearance affrights the multitude as he passes them. “Another charter to endorse unbeknownst to me? “ He inquired while adjusting the chicken as it was sliding down. He trod in a cautious way, disconcerted to the comportment people displayed towards him. He glances from one corner to another, inspecting the hall, looking for any familiar faces but none were present. He plucked a rufescent feather from the chicken and it screeched in pain. The occurrence engendered titter to the hushed masses. “Dronen has an auspicious prospective with and if the industrious men and women play their parts in perpetuity in the ever-increasing development of this small enclave lead by the illustrious and conscientious Count Benjamin that we have placed our confidence upon him to steer Dronen to greater heights.” Cyneric immersed the nib of the feather into a bottle of ink subsequently signed the charter. Conscious of the deprecating glare of the people, he departed apace.
  6. “A callow boy leading the empire? ” Pierre Lebeau would sneer, inaudible to other hindmost attendees “This is ludicrous!” He proceeded with a condescending snicker
  7. [Teen]Marceau Lefebvre rubbing his moist hands together, head slanted down, visage corrugated in a sly smirk, and his eyes are blazing with devilment, “ I cannot wait. ” He murmured.
  8. Mcname: Marceau Talent: creative writing and storytelling
  9. Can you design a head skin without a body skin?
  10. eassa


    Korwana’s temperament habitually disposed to be unconformist; He doesn’t favour the ordinary and persistently in a frivolous reverie, dreaming one day to explore far and wide and discover new places in a perilous adventure where people would eternally idolise his pioneering. Korwana revere and engrossed in knowledge; literature, science, philosophy and magic. Books and reading are his companions and only family. Because of that, he is taciturn and introverted. Notwithstanding the innate sightly and beauteous visage whereby he possesses, his peers bullied him out of envy and jealousy, one of the copious wanton remarks is: “You look like a girl!” Which he does admittedly, but they would reiterate it as if it’s a spell bewitching him with a curse. Korwana is indubitably elaborate, refined, sophisticated, ingenious, perspicacious and observant. Moreover, he is philosophical, introspective, ruminative, contemplative and thoughtful. Thus the incessant commendation of his tutors which his peers derived resentment of. However, he is diffidence and all of those times invested in reading had made him trepidatious which contradict his intrepid ambition. He’s a heartlander and his habitation is in the Imperial City of Helena, Empire of Man. He lives with his vituperative and belligerent father that converse in Auvergne regional language, which he’s insufficient proficiency of. His father, Joehan Beaux is deceased; Murdered by other drunken men in a benighted alleyway while he has intoxicated himself too. Now, Korwana has become an isolated and forsaken orphan. His mission is not only to discover the vast formidable world but his mother and other existing relatives to cognizant of his origin. His only piece of the puzzle for this enigma is Reza settlement, which according to his late father, is where Korwana’s mother conceived him.
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