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  1. are there any communities out there looking for new players? preferably with an emphasis on roleplay

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SquakHawk


      Elysium has always been a very open and noob friendly town with around the clock activity

    3. Shorsand


      Lburg bussin


    4. Tigergiri


      If your looking to start out small I have a few families I have I can nick you in as a child of sorts 

  2. Early guns aren't incompatible with fantasy settings, but Oren's cheap Age of Enlightenment is.

    Orenian players, your roleplay is anachronistic to the lore and makes a jarring discrepancy with the rest of the server. Adding guns will only fuel your Napoleonic fantasies.

  3. server's been up for 10-11 years and we still can't run a wc without the server dying btw. war server budget went to tythus' steam library
  4. “Hail and good day to all who have gathered here. My name is Ambrose Amell, and I wish to see you and our city-state prosper. “As your burgomaster, I shall protect your property, your interests, and our faith — and I will see for your family’s success and well-being. This I have done for many years; first seeing to your health as your barber-surgeon, then as court physician to Lord Bernard and his council; and finally as your city tribune since Luciensburg’s construction, providing homes to many who stand among us. “I shall now conclude for I could speak for much longer
  5. AMELL’S SHOPPE Ambrose Amell, barber-surgeon and court physician of Luciensburg Greetings to all good and faithful men and women to whom the present announcement comes. Know that Amell’s Shoppe has opened its doors to receive the citizenry of the City-State of Luciensburg and all foreign travelers. OUR SERVICES —Cutting, shaving, trimming and dyeing of hair on one’s head and face. (OOC: I will edit your skin accordingly.) —Diagnosis and treatment of imbalances in one’s humors to prevent illness and disease. —Herbal concoctions to improve one’s w
  6. Why wasn't the whole thing locked the moment roleplay combat began? After an hour of stalling, only ~3 of the original defenders were still around; the rest had either d40d, mechanically ran away after one emote, or teleported away with incredibly poor roleplay quality. The attackers ended up fighting a +15 man rally that gathered without any prior roleplay.
  7. "Laetranis, Laetranis, it sounds like latrine," a sellsword said when he heard the news.
  8. Stefjan Kovachev rises from the depths of the Seven Hells to slap his father Drasko Kovachev! @Rudi
  9. Damn ye! Let Neptune strike ye dead, Augustine!

    1. Achaean
    2. altiar1011


      My main question is why Neptune? He gonna smack Augustine with a swordfish?

  10. i don’t particularly like this piece of lore but jesus what a pedantic bunch of questions
  11. what’s the command to claim all the books i put in my vault last map

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