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  1. Enlistment Form: Full Name: Kristoff Age: 18 Gender: Male Race: Human [Username: Tetho] [Discord: Tetho#9555]
  2. Hey yo bbg. How ya' doin?

  3. Ayo what version we using?

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  4. Nicholas reading this as he sat on some Tavern would nod as he makes some mental notes of the date as he prepared to make his return journey there to see his loved one.
  5. A wayward student would suddenly sneeze and cough as he prepares the maid uniform that he gotten from somewhere else. His face would scrunched up as he looks at it with an unexplainable expression before moving on.
  6. Nicholas would be reading this missive and happily cheered. Kissing his wife as he went towards to the Barracks to enlist himself.
  7. Now, this is the kind of Void that fills my heart. +1 and also, the formating made me... Yes.
  8. Cedric Barclay would take a kneel for the new Koeng.
  9. Nicholas would be reading this missive on his home, a proud, happy smile appearing on his face as finished reading it.
  10. bruder, pls let me steal the format for this for my project. thank you.
  11. Cedric would cheer upon reading this missive as he shouted praises in his room, truly this is a great day.
  12. Cedric gave a huge applause as he heard of the announcement from one of the servants in the Keep, nodding as he ran towards to the room of his father and pleaded for him to attend the wedding alongside with his brother and sister.
  13. Nicholas/Albion would read this missive with a surprised look on his face "Moth, you've grown up so much since I last saw you." he would say as he looked up to the sky with a smile, as he felt what a father would feel seeing their children grow up.
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