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  1. Can’t wait to have a [redacted] duel with @Esterlen. Rubern (leuven) field at first dawn.


    @frillis my second.

    1. rukio


      Its Muldav u uncultured swine

    2. calculusdesola


      [redacted] will be there

  2. “Hopefully he will not be a failure like his father, I wish him good fortune although I cannot recall who he descends from since most certainly he isn’t of Godric’s kin.” Remarked Edvard from the heavens
  3. minecaft;easymode;pridemonth;antlionmonth;season3;leaving;playing;done;quitting;hardmode;roleplaytime;minecraftwars world pvp

  4. How do you lose when you literally were given everything on a silver platter. You’re literally losing Minecraft on peaceful mode haha

    1. frill


      pipe down our kid

    2. howard


      why did rukio pk her character to give rubern to norland and then freak out and cry to the gms when norland did what they wanted with it



    3. rukio


      Calm down ur toxic lion

      Edited by rukio
  5. “Sard you wench, we indeed love fortnite.” Remarked a Morsgradi peasant
  6. “Do act wisely, or certain members of the faith will be dealt the mournstone curse.” Remarked a NOT disgruntled Ruric, as he glares at the ghost of the dunharrow temple @rukio @Nectorist
  7. life is like a sandwich alex.. the bread always come first 
    1. ferdaboys69


      a sandwhcih

  8. Edvard had finally taken Edyth fishing, a moment he had been waiting for years. The old rurikid sat quietly with his rod resting upon his lap, looking before the murky waters which lay beneath his boat. “Oh my dear child, have you truly lost your way.” Remarked the last King, as he looked towards the city of Morsgrad, a creation that had once brought him pride, now reduced to a haven of degeneracy.
  9. Yo Lion return to Oren I miss you

  10. life is like a sandwich alex.. the bread always come first 
  11. Flay sleeper agent, ur time has come!

    1. LithiumSedai


      bandit lord corvinus flay reporting for duty

  12. Edvard smiles, his prodigal son about to tear **** up
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