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  1. The jets are better.

  2. The City of Vjorhelm, Capital of Norland The Kingdom of Norland has withstood the shock of the Dwarves, Oren, Romstuns and time itself. In 1622, King Javier Ruric, son of Ser Hakon Ruric and first of his name decided as King to erect a capital on a inhabited island next to the Krag, the previous capital of Norland. The construction was rather quick and by the end of the same year a completely new city was erected. During this time, The Kingdom of Norland was in conflict with House Romstun. During the War, the bannerman held several raids on the island, but every raid was repelled by previous Lord Commander Adalwulf and King Javier Ruric. It was soon realized that the capital was not the dream Javier Ruric imagined it to be. For he saw something greater from his nightly visions. Soon he ripped apart the city, sparring only a few streets and in a matter of months he erected new buildings. The city felt alive and completely brand new. The construction finally ended in 1624. The Kingdom of Norland welcomes you to the City of Vjorhelm. Pictures of the Capital The Local Norlandic Tavern The Front gate of Vjorhelm City Square For one to travel to the City of Vjorhelm, you must take a cart from the Tahn Docks to the Kingdom of Norland. The cart bares the colors of House Ruric (RED AND BLACK). Once your travel finishes, you'll be met by a Stone Gate. This gate withstood the shock of the Romstuns and will ensure your safety. Pass through that gate, and you'll be in the City of Vjorhelm.
  3. I love that the forum and wiki team isn't even mentioned lmao.
  4. Age of Romstun By Edward Augustus Stratford We drink to our youth, for days come and gone. For the age of Romstun is just about done. We'll drive out the Romstuns and restore what we once own. With our blood and our steel we will revenge Owyn, Down with Deano! The killer of kings! On the day of your death we will drink and we'll sing. We're the children of Horen, and we have fought all our lives. And when the Seven beckons, every one of us dies! But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean. Of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams! Down with Deano! The killer of Kings! On the day of your death we will drink and we'll sing. We're the children of Horen, and we fought all our lives. And when the Seven beckons, every one of us dies! We drink to our youth, to the days come and gone. For the age of Romstun is just about done.
  5. application

    +1 Dewper is a good member of our community and has down alot and is responsible member of the community. I believe is perfect for the job and I suggest you all give him a chance. I hope you make it bro, you deserve it.
  6. http://mittoparty.corgiorgy.com/


    Our two year anniversary



  7. @Th3_11th Bro you only were banned for two weeks, be glad that you actually had a real reason to get banned. I got banned for saying "Allahu_akbar" for like three weeks. I didn't know it was a bannable offense but I learned not to say it again. Take this time and prepare yourself, cause house Tosali gonna need a hell of a lot of work for on this server there is like twenty tosalis running around. The fact you made a ban appeal for a two week ban is honestly a waste of time for the team won't even recognize it as a major ban appeal.
  8. +1, my friend L0rdt0mas is a interesting figure. I only met him once and he has already become a friend. In Roleplay our characters have their differences, but he is a pretty chill dude. Good lad, loves roleplay. I think he'd make a perfect ET actor.
  9. Sigurd?
  10. Zorm the Zombie wanders around his camp preparing to serve Jacque de Felsen "WRARRR!"
  11. *Goes to war with a Volcano, bans Fire/lava use* Congrats, you just played yourself.
  12. Rodrik would look at the Declaration, "I'll be damned, I thought they wouldn't do it.." He'd smile at the document "Well.." he'd bite at his pencil "They have my backing."
  13. Ashton Feast The Kingdom of Norland will be formally hosting a feast celebrating the recent appointment of Rodrik Ashton, descendant of the Eirikson lineage and patriarch of house Ashton, as Justice of Norland. House Ashton and the Kingdom of Norland invites everyone to celebrate with them. The festivities include tournaments, competitions, and performances. Following this exciting celebration will be a sumptuous feast, to be held in the Grand Hall of House Ruric. At the conclusion of the feast Rodrik of House Ashton will be given the badge of Thoromir, a bearing the semblance Thoromirs gilded hammer, one of the venerable Paragons of The Red Faith. Norlandic Visitor Code of Conduct You may not enter the Catacombs of The Red Faith, located a few paces from the tourney grounds, which will be blocked off to prevent entry. Those caught trying to break in will be held accountable for their crimes, forced to leave, and would be not welcomed to visit Norland and its future events. Conflicts between two parties are not permitted during the feast itself. If two wish to fight then both parties will be granted access into the dueling arena and will provide entertainment for those who wish to see the fight occur. Personal Invitations Rex Leydluk’Raguk Heinrik Otto, Regent of Haense King Abdes de Savin Emperor Peter Sigismund Christopher Louis of the House of Stafyr Cyning Callan Gromach Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II Eras, Chieftain of the Warhawks To the fellow Lords of Norland Jarl Bjorn Reyurnt Chief Baldur Grimlee Baron William Silversteed, Avalon Silversteed Baron Stefjan-Draskovic Tournament Rules of any hosted Tournament Visiting Kingdoms or Factions (that were invited) -Each Visiting group may choose no more than 2 champions to represent them in the joust and melee. -Visiting factions or kingdoms are subject to the rules and laws of the Kingdom of Norland, and the rules of hospitality. Any attempt to incite violence will be taken as a insult to the kingdom and will be punished. -If you have a disagreement with an individual, you may take the argument to be swiftly settled in the public Dueling Arena, just beside the Joust Circuit. Once a winner is made, the argument is to cease, or be taken outside the kingdom. -These Rules also apply to the Norland teams, no exception except to the King of Norland, who has protection authority to enforce these rules in the tourney grounds. Tournament rules of Competition The Joust: All competing teams (teams of no more than 2) will line up and present themselves to the people and the House Ruric. The Hosting House may say a few words, and the games will begin when the King of Norland announces so. An individual who wishes to test their resolve, but who is not a member of any house, rather of the people, may join the games. This individual must register themselves with the Hosting Family, or with one of their representatives. To join you must have a lance, and a horse, and you must register, there are no other requirements. If you join the games without registering, you will be arrested. Now the first round of the joust will begin. Whether you are a team of 2 (or team of 1, having 2 is optional) from a noble house, or a lone rider, you will compete in this round. Those that are victorious in their jousts (direct rules of the joust and melee are listed below) will move to the next round, this should reduce the number of competing riders to half. Rounds like this will continue until there are only 2 candidates remaining. If for some reason these two are both of the same house, they must choose amongst themselves who to drop from the games. To replace that individual, he/she who had come in 3’rd place from this point, will be able to step up and joust once again to try for first place. These two will joust and a victor will be decided. That victor will win the Grand Prize of the Joust, given by the hosting family. If you are a knocked out knight, you can watch the remaining events in the people’s stands. Only individuals who are representing their lands and not competing may be permitted to sit in the King’s stands, but only by permission of the king, no one else. The Melee: All those who competed in the joust are to return and fight in the melee directly after the joust is concluded. Not fighting in the melee after the joust would mean a disgrace to the lands you represent, and prove you are a coward. If you leave before fighting in the melee, you will be banned from returning to represent your lands in future tournaments. The melee will have two rounds, both rounds will have all contestants fighting. At the end of the second round the two contestants who won in their respective rounds will face off in round 3, to decide a victor. Should an individual win both rounds of the first 2 rounds of the melee, they are automatically declared the victor. The victor will receive the Grand Prize of the Melee, given by the Hosting House. Direct rules of the Joust: -Highest level armor to wear when jousting: Chainmail -Highest level weapon: Iron lance -If you are knocked off your horse before your opponent, you lose that joust. -If you are both knocked off at the same time, you are to both remount and start again Direct Rules of the Melee: (For teams of two, one of you must create a party, so if you must fight each other, you can change status among other things -Highest level armor: Chainmail -Highest level weapon: wooden sword (to ensure long skilled combat) -If you are a team of two, fight together (pick a status, and coordinate with all other teams to put on a status) if you and your teammate are the last two standing, you must fight. If it seems like one of you is throwing the fight, you will both be disqualified. -Teaming up with other teams is prohibited. If your team is suspected of leaving your ally team till the last possible second, both teams will either be banned or arrested. -All fighters must start by touching a wall, teams of two must start on opposite walls and may not start beside each other. The Ashton Feast will be Wednesday , 4 PM Est
  14. Cough