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  1. “To collectively laugh.” Says Godric
  2. Edvard frowns, knowing that his son will succumb to his first defeat by the hands of Veikko, the world champion chess player.
  3. “Just give her the nopeekay juice, I know your emperor has some left over.” Remarks alefrik
  4. Lionbileti

    A Soul Rekindled

    Edvard would smile from the heavens, his children United once more to finish what he and his brother Aeyn had started all those years ago during the war of the two emperors, for the glory of the Nordish.
  5. Hey telanir, what is a word that rhymes with design and starts with an R. Do it.
  6. “A leader who stays dead upon death, I know little of this queen however I respect that she welcomed death with open arms” remarked Alefrik after receiving news of the late queens death
  7. which ones were banned? if it was the fishmonger brain Melts then I don’t care.
  8. “Sounds like something a sodomite would read.” States Alefrik
  9. Lionbileti


    THE AMBUSH News had quickly reached the realm of Morsgrad of a moment of ceremony that should take place within the walls of Helena, remaining as a place of solitude for all Canonist men to prayer before their defensive of Reza. The commanders of Morsgrad saw fit to let these canonist men have their moment of respite, but on their return? No such amnesty would be offered. Waiting upon the plateau of old-Reza a force of Morsgradi were stationed, ready to pounce on any returning parties if it would come to that. It did not take much of a wait before fifteen Haeseni soldiers marched down the trodden back-path that led behind Haense. They had taken the safe route home, going behind Rubern rather than down the main path. This time though, it would be to no avail - the Morsgradi jumped from their spot of hiding and clashed abruptly in to the unsuspecting Haeseni forces; it was not much of a match after that, they were quickly slain. Less Haensemen to populate the defence of New-Reza, Hoorah.
  10. Look to the forums tomorrow 👀

  11. This one for you brotha..

  12. I’ve known Narthok for a few years, when I first met him my parents had just come offtheir divorce. I was sad, and anti-social. I didn’t know how to interact with people. When I joined Norland, they took me in and treated me like one of their own. Narthok took me under his wing, and taught me about life. Sounds kinda cheesy, taking life advice from someone you met on Minecraft but Narthok has always been that type of guy. He was there when i was at my lowest, and was there to support me when I made my greatest achievements throughout the past few years of my life. A few years ago, I never thought I’d make friends because of Minecraft, but unironically I have. Most of you will see Narthok as a toxic individual, I mean you kinda aren’t wrong, but when you got to know the man you’d see a great guy who cares for his friends, and would always be down to ride. I love ya brotha ❤️
  13. You’re a clown 🤡 

    1. WACKO


      Don’t break rules don’t get pointed; pretty simple. 🙌

    2. rukio
  14. Free my good lad ferdaboy, his captor no longer holds power (punisher) which means he is legally allowed to leave. 

    1. ferdaboys69


      unban me pun no longer holding you by your balls

    2. Milenkhov


      bring alex back, the punisher is no more...

  15. I love you bro, also curse you for bringing me on the server ❤️
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