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  1. TO TARGOTH LEYDLUK Writ Spring 1733 TO THE TARGOTH OF MOKH-URUK we, the Nordish folk have a long history with the Orkin. Not long ago your folk and ours shed blood together side by side against the Marnan invasion during the Dragon’s war. Who could forget our flanking charge on the Curonite traitors at the second battle of the bridge. But those days are gone. The Renatian alliance replaced by this alien modern Empire. But, to the heart of the matter. Warriors of your nation marked one of our Chieftains, an elderly clan mother, beyond her fighting years with a strange mark. Going so far as to degrade her with the taking of toes. While we found the humiliation of the pathetic Duke of Vintas quite humorous. We do not take kindly to such unwarranted hostility. You are at war with the Empire. We the Nordish are currently neutral in this conflict. The Imperials are no friends of ours, but nor were your own folk our enemies. Why then do your warriors commit acts of war upon old women? We hope that this was a mistake and our citizen was confused for an imperial citizen. If it was not the case then surely this is an act of war. In which case we shall offer the Imperial High Command our full material and military support. If it was not a mistake we seek an apology to our clan mother. I await your response, Yours in honour, Edvard
  2. Free Narthok from the forums so he can post his own posts


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    ~Lionbileti 🤡

  3. “Where do toe suckers sit?” Cries out a curious peasant
  4. Edvard would crack a cold one for the boys, while watching Arcas go to hell.
  5. Shiiii jaeden is gone, if xalid leaves too then then the modreqs will never be done. 👺 Good luck boss, I remember talking to you and how happy you were with life, sometimes that one break can do a lot, because I’ve done it a lot too. Best wishes man.
  6. Now both are basically banned or have left the server.
  7. Imagine someone wanting to be admin 🤡

  8. Edvard would scratch at his beard, recieving news of Anabels untimely demise “Poor lass, gone too soon. Truly making me one of the last..” he’d ponder to himself, noticing how every leader of Imperium Renatum has fallen or disappeared.
  9. Edvard would burst out with laughter, “Orens finest, by the way.”
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