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  1. His voice gave me a headache
  2. ((This is a dead tradition, I’m glad someone brought it back. Good job buddy))
  3. Edvard would lie in his bed, being bed ridden for the past three months. Receiving news of the valiant victory held by his cousin.
  4. Take back ur throne, true and rightful Emperor @Chimp
  5. Edvard would sip his nordish brandy, “Now this is epic.”
  6. By the way, this post is coming from a guy who has had a run in with renatus in the past, yet he doesn’t let his beef effect his opinion of what has occurred. If the same situation happened to the opposing side, you would be seeing the posts of which have been posted. So instead of shitposting, take a moment and read before becoming toxic.
  7. Yo boys try to keep this thread civil. I’m here to voice an opinion not start some shitty forums war. I respect your opinion, have some common Curtesy to respect ours. (This goes for renatians too, we aren’t here to **** fling, but instead voice our concern).
  8. Hey guys, at yesterday’s war claim there were a number of bugs, hackers, and questionable staff rulings that had an unclear effect on the outcome of the warclaim. The bugs were identified immediately after the war claim, the hacking was identified during the warclaim, and the moderation mistakes were recognized much later. Each of these decision carried with it indeterminate effects on the outcome of the warclaim. Ultimately, the upper management, Kaelan, Pun, and Fireheart, decided to force a ‘redo’ of the last battle. It’s very difficult to tell how each of these incidents changed the outcome of the warclaim, so we will simply review what happened. A visual bug occurred, resulting in certain players appearing invisible. We do not know how often it occurred, but it did happen in the final. A server side glitch allowed an invisible Renatian to kill two Marnans. Renatus had four of their best PVPers left at the end of the fight, while Marna had zero. A second glitch occured, earlier in the warclaim, where Renatians and Marnans were sent back to the spawn world. The Marnans at the spawn world killed five Renatians, driving them out of the battle in a pugsy. Underlined in red are the Renatians who were killed illegally. Ultimately, five Renatians were killed in this incident. They were not given the opportunity to return to the action. Additionally, just prior the final fight, a Marnan hacker killed seven Renatians, before staff caught and banned him. His kills are logged in the following screenshots. So, throughout the fight, a minimum of 12 Renatians were lost to hacking and cheating. In the final fight, only two Marnans are known to have been downed illegitimately, in an unintentional glitch. Moving onto the staff ruling, which Fireheart has subsequently called a mistake. Essentially, during the warclaim, it was ruled that the Attackers had to push the defenders in order to claim victory. After the warclaim, staff cited the following rule in order to claim: “War rules define siege victory terms as invaders (attackers) driving the defenders from the city or gain control of the majority.” Fireheart went on to justify that because the attackers held more of the throne room, the defenders should have been forced to push out, to reclaim the majority. This is where the grey area of the war rules come into play. Fireheart chose to interpret “majority” to mean the majority of the throne room. You could also claim that majority means the majority of the palace, or the city on the whole. Additionally, “control” is incredibly vague. Does control mean having players attackers in an area, or does it simply mean not having defenders in the area? In this case, fireheart chose control to mean who held a greater percent of the throne room, Renatus holding 6 blocks of depth, and Marna holding 13, out of a total of 46 blocks. However, depending on how you measure the throne room, it can be argued that the throne room was only 36 blocks deep, ultimately meaning that Marna only held half, falling short of a Majority, as shown in these screenshots. Regardless of who controlled the majority of the throne room, neither side, defenders or offenders controlled the majority of the palace. Basing the entire warclaim off of how long the throne room is, is downright ridiculous. Thus, it becomes the prerogative of the offenders to dislodge the defenders, and claim control of the city. For this reason, the ruling the staff on the scene of the warclaim made to force the offensive side to be offensive, and the defensive side to be defensive, ultimately falls in line with the rules. In his forum post, fireheart spreads confusion about the meaning of the rules to justify an unfair repetition of a warclaim that has already been settled. Ultimately, I believe the current administration of LotC is grasping at straws, using two kills in a warclaim full of cheaters, and a vague rule to justify giving their favored side another chance. Roleplay has happened since the warclaim that cannot be undone. Redoing the last battle is causing a loss of faith from the community in staff. It is damaging dynamic roleplay, and it highlights how far staff are willing to go to favor their side. Yesterday, Pun said there was no chance that the battle gets redone. Today, her and her teams bias and incompetence has convinced them otherwise. Fireheart may be claiming the ruling for himself by making the forum post, but today is his birthday, and he was out all day while the decision was being discussed, until Pun called him in to tell her side. The decision was made by the Moderators Pun and Kaelan, who are openly with Adria and elves, and have enacted their bias in the past. They made this decision unilaterally, without consulting the war moderation team, many of whom disagree with this ruling. The man who wrote the war rules himself referred to the decision made by pun and kaelan as downright incompetent, after he was removed from the staff war chats for dissenting against the upper administration. The bias and incompetence of the current team has never been more glaring than it is now, nor has it ever been as important. Something must be done. I believe that the upper administration who made this decision must either resign or be removed from their positions, following the resolution of this war claim. I believe that the ruling to redo the warclaim must be overturned, for the integrity of wars and roleplay on our server. I believe that this time, staff have gone too far. But I also recognize that staff are proud, and have cast their lot in with Marna winning, knowing that if they lose, the current team will have no support left on the server. So, assuming that this ridiculous rematch goes through anyway, I believe the numbers must be adjusted from 25-17. Renatus’ side should be given an additional twelve people, to make up for the 12 they lost do to a hackers and the lobby glitch. If there’s going to be a rematch, it might as well be fair.
  9. If we are pulling this, can our Fifteen men that were pugzied in the Lobby join the fight?

    1. Aeldrin


      they acted in self-defense when attacked lol. next time u try to pugsy in lobby, win the fight

  10. Even though Drfate was killed in the warclaim?

    1. SquakHawk


      abso fuckin lutely brother

      even though im ST and dont have ******* pex on warserver
      galaxybrain tier garbage

  11. Edvard, his sword bloodied with haensemen blood. “Welcome to the winnin side lads.”
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