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  1. Curon and Adria is the fourth unreleased movie of Dumb and Dumber. 👺


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      What did Curon do to get on that list? 

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    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Acmed is not impressed.
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    The War on Terror

    Acmed and company would begin to dance in glee preparing for the War on Terror.
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    Book First

    A battle-worn Torsten would distinctly remember sparing an elven leader who would later go back on his word.
  5. Was great to know you bro, sorry for all the **** that was thrown. Wish you the best man O7

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    A stove is a stove no matter where you go, 

    a patty is a patty,  that is what I say

    A grill is a grill, this is surely so

    and fries will be fries either way

    but this grill is not a home, this stove I know,

    I would trade it all away, if you’d come back to say,

    this kitchens not the same, without you

    its just a grill

    its just a greasy spoon

    Without you

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      Gary Come Home is my favorite

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      Gary, now I know I was wrong
      I messed up, and now you're gone

      Gary, I'm sorry I neglected you
      Oh, I never expected you to run away and leave me
      Feeling this empty
      Your meow right now would sound like music to me
      Please come home, 'cause I miss you, Gary

      (Gary come home...)
      Gary come home
      (Gary come home...)

      Gary, can't you see I was blind
      I'll do anything to change your mind

      More than a pet, you're my best friend
      Too cool to forget, come back
      'Cause we are family
      And forgive me for making you wanna roam

      And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome
      Somewhere I hope you're reading my latest three-word

      (Gary come home...)
      Gary come home
      (Gary come home...)
      Gary come home
      (Gary come home...)
      Gary come home
      (Gary come home)
      Gary, come home
      Gary, come home
      Gary, won't you come home
      Please, won't you come home

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    The Epic Victory Royale of the Nottinglads

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    See you later bro, was good to know you over the years. Definitely will miss your memes. Norlandic Salute
  10. Joren would shout with glee “Darius for 93’!”
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    Field Manual

    FIELD MANUAL WRITTEN BY LOUIS I ROSIERE ________________________________________ The Rosiere Coat of arms. ________________________________________ Rosnian Cavalry preparing for a charge. Circa; 1625 INDEX I. Formation II. Chain of Command III. Expected Conduct IV. Formal Presentation V. Imperative Presentation VI. Field Medication PREAMBLE Upon entry to La Grande Armée, every soldier would be given a Field Manual, containing information crucial to their time in the force. This Manual shall hold valuable information, ranging from formations to first aid, making its contents your best friend until your time serving shall end. The Field Manual, shall provide information and photos about the topics that follow: Conduct, Formal Presentation, Imperative Presentation, Drill and Ceremony, Field Medication, and a few other minor parts. The Manual is expected to be followed as closely as possible, acting as a rule book as well as a Field Manual. Matrian pikeman during their revolt against the Principality. Circa; 1665. I. Formation La Grande Armée prides itself through its organization and capability of using certain formations to combat the various strategies they have faced. Through generations of practice and use, the Rosnian army developed several reliable formations that they can arrange themselves in within a short amount of time. Below are some of the most-used, best-tested arrangements in the Rosnian military. ---------------------------------------- SQUARE FORMATION Is a combat formation where a regiment or military unite forms a tight closed square, usually used when under threat from a cavalry unit. A square formation may also be used to protect an important figure such as an Prince, or any other high status figure. ---------------------------------------- LINE FORMATION The Standard formation which is used to organize a group of warriors. A line can consist of four soldiers or more. This formation first came to use in la grande armée during the 100 Year War where Louis I Rosiere conquered the entire continent of Adreo. ---------------------------------------- COLUMN FORMATION Is a formation of soldiers best used when in march. A column is also used in parade. Each row is known as a file. A column is used for long distance travel, because of its ability to move with speed. They may also used to resist cavalry charges if attacked. ---------------------------------------- WEDGE FORMATION Is a cavalry formation that is used to break any formation. The wedge is also known as the spearhead formation because of its spearhead like identity. Although it is a cavalry formation, infantry units have also adopted the formation. II. Chain of Command In la Grande Armée, there is a chain of commands. The Marshal is incharge of the Army, and he only answers to the High Prince. Under him is the Aide-de-camp, his job is to assist the Marshal in leading the Army by organizing, and help managing regiments. Under the Aide-de-camp are the Generals, these generals are incharge of regiments, a regiment being a military unit which is levied from its respect area. Each regiment has one captain, who is tasked with assisting the General in leading their respected regiment. Under the Captain, there is two Lieutenants of which organize trainings within the regiment. Following Lieutenant, there is the Sergeant who is tasked with leading the trainings, and going on recruitment runs. After the Sergeant, there is the Corporal who is tasked with mentoring the new soldiers and making them combat ready in the army. Finally, there is the footman whos job is to fight for la grande armée. III. Expected Conduct This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) currently NOT on an assignment given by a superior, ii) currently NOT in battle or an otherwise life-threatening situation, iii) currently NOT being inspected, or staying in an assigned post, etc, iv) on duty or in the uniform, v) within lands owned by the Principality of Rosenyr, regardless of the uniform. As a soldier, you are literally some people’s first impression of the Principality. It is your duty to maintain professionalism and discipline at all times, regardless of personal beliefs and biases. - Use formal talk, even to those below your station. Their taxes pay your salary. ‘Citoyen, Monsieur, Mademoiselle, or Madame’ are all acceptable ways to speak with people. Keep slang to a minimum. Speaking respectfully should never be a problem for a soldier of Rosenyr. - Do NOT escalate a situation farther than it has to be. A drunk man yelling? No need for you to unsheathe a sword unless he is a threat to your life or somebody else’s. Somebody trespassing in the barracks? Your first response shouldn’t be showing off your weapon unless there is a reason to believe that this trespasser came with the intent to do harm. Many situations can be resolved without you ever even laying a hand on a criminal except to escort them to a cell in the barracks to await further questioning. - Insults fall under this category, as well. There is never a need to insult or taunt somebody. It is petty and will only cause a situation to get more unmanageable as the criminal in question or bystanders may become more aggressive. - Avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol on duty is recommended. Avoiding these things will prevent mistakes or the appearance of haphazard performance. An emergency can always strike; do not be caught unprepared or vulnerable. However, there are no rules against drinking while on-duty. - Maintain an atmosphere of confidence and respect. No matter how you are feeling, remember that often times your attitude determines the outcome of each scenario. If you scream and curse, people will respond accordingly. If you seem nervous, people trusting in you will become anxious and begin to look for help other than you. Remember, that as a soldier you are the embodiment of what this principality stands for! Be proud! - You must respond to the needs of the people. Do not be idle and let a citizen be harmed if you can stop it. If you are not preoccupied, your duty is to protect and serve. Matrian and Rosnian forces during the Battle of Romacourt. Circa; 1641. IV. Formal Presentation This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) Being inspected by a superior, ii) At a post that requires you to remain stationed at a spot designated by your superior (Not during battle). This is a chance to show that you are a cut above the rest. Professionalism is key during moments like this. Visitors to the principality and local lords will be able to spot well-disciplined soldiers during formal events, and this may be an excellent way to get recognized. - Stand up straight. Do not slouch or lean on a wall. Do not sit when speaking to others. - Do not speak unless spoken to, generally. - Gatehouse duty is different, and you must address people quickly in order to get them where they need to go. - Unless specifically asked a question, do not speak if being reprimanded or instructed during inspection or line-up. Just do what you are told. - During ceremonies that you must guard, do not speak unless you need to tell somebody something that cannot wait. If you must speak, whisper, unless a dire emergency - such as an assassin rushing for the king. Keep conversation to a minimum. - Keep movement to a minimum. That is, do not move more than necessary to do your duties most effectively. Towers and gatehouses require the most movement and observation. Louis I Rosiere leading his army on the march of Rosenyr Circa; 1643. V. Imperative Presentation This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) In battle, ii) On a patrol, iii) On a mission as directed by superiors, iv) In a life-threatening situation. These are moments when the discipline you have began to hone pay off the most. Successful discipline here will be the difference between victory or failure. - It is imperative that you follow orders given by military superiors. Lords within the land should be listened to as well unless their orders are unlawful. Even if you believe an order to be faulty you must still follow through with it, for if said order does cause a situation to end poorly it will be the officers that are reprimanded, not those following orders. - Your current mission is always the most important task at hand. Do not forget yourself, or your mission, because of trivialities that can be solved at a later date. No need to abandon a mission because you haven’t fed your pet dog. - Cowardice is not tolerated. During a moment such as battle, you cannot flee unless a retreat is ordered by superiors. If you hold your ground during an enemy’s charge, you are far more likely to turn out on the winning side. Abandoning your allies, even in the face of a devastating advance from the enemy, counts as cowardice and will be punished with summary execution. Loras I Rosiere leading his army against Adelas Circa; 1682. VI. Field Medication This Section is meant to give soldiers an understanding of basic medical training, something that could potentially save their life, or the life of a comrade. i)Basic Cuts In the field of battle, with the help of your armor, you may be graced with only receiving small cuts or scrapes. These cuts, while not life threatening, hold the possibility of becoming infected, something that could prove to be rather threatening. In a case involving one of these wounds, either clean the wound with drinkable water or pure alcohol. Once cleaned, wrap in bandages until the healing process has visibly began. ii)Large Cuts Sometimes, armor isn't enough to save you from harm. For large wounds such as gashes or deep cuts, the immediate steps are vital. As soon as possible, apply pressure to the wound, and tie a knot above such wound, tightening it to cut off the blood flow. Once those steps have began, douse a rag in alcohol then continue to apply pressure. These wounds require stitches, which to avoid infection, should be administered by a trained doctor. Bring the recipient of the wounds to a medic or a doctor as soon as possible, as their condition is to deteriorate until stitches have been applied. iii)Sprains & Breaks Sprains and breaks are more common than most people believe, as they can come from a multitude of situations. Sprains are simple enough, secure the sprained area and rest it for a few days. If it is a foot or leg, keep your weight off it and your leg elevated. If it is a hand or wrist, put on a brace and avoid use for a few days.If it is a break, it is going to take quite a while longer. In all cases, you are to have a cast made to keep the part in place so the bone reforms properly. This cast is to be kept on until told otherwise, which will sadly render you unable to serve for a few days, if not weeks.
  12. LA GRANDE ARMÉE ESPRIT DE CORPS ________________________________________ Louis I Rosiere leading the coastal siege on Matria, circa; 1640. The constant warfare that defined the struggles of the four principalities of Adreo forced the respective monarchies to develop professional armies, innovate in the field of warfare, and create a meritocratic chain of command. The Hundred Years’ War proved that feudal levies were unreliable and a strain on the economy, and thus the use of mercenaries and smaller, but better-trained, armies became the norm. Before the plague forced the people of Rosenyr from their homes struck most of the aristocracy had only a few household guards sworn to them, for most of the military was comprised of career soldiers. Although the military of Rosenyr is centralized and state-run, the practice of knighthood and chivalry still plays in important role in the principalities’ culture. Knights, while able to enlist in the military at a high station, usually find service among one of the many families in Rosenyr. Most of the knighthood is comprised of the aristocracy and gentry of the principality, but is technically open to anyone. The nobility has always been closely-tied with the military. In centuries past they would provide their own armies of peasants and soldiers sworn to them personally. However with the introduction of the professional army the role of the aristocracy changed drastically. Sons seeking to join the military were trained in the matters befitting an officer, which involved leading, tactics, and logistics more than it did fighting. At the height of Rosenyr’s army, over eighty-percent of the general officer corps was comprised of men with noble lineage. It is not titles that honour men, but men that honour titles. -Rosnian Proverb ORGANIZATION The army of Rosenyr was divided into regiments comprised of seven-thousand and five-hundred men back on Adreo, but with the recent plague and flight to Atlas the organization of La Grande Armée has undergone changes to adjust to the violent decline in population. Of the original twenty regiments within the army of Rosenyr only one remains. Régiment I, the final Rosnian regiment, stands to defend the prince and his lands, as well as the people of his principality. RANKING The hierarchy that binds the Grand Armée together. MARSHAL | MARECHAL The overall commander of the principalities’ forces, the Marshal of Rosenyr holds martial authority that is only superseded by the prince himself. Because of the various tasks that must be performed by the Marshal, from logistics to diplomacy to organization, much of the actual tactical leading is done by his subordinates. However when the time comes for war there is no strategist more skilled than the Marshal himself. AIDE-DE-CAMP | AIDE-DE-CAMP The Aide-de-Camp is the head of the Marshal’s staff. He holds the authority to take command of the army if the Marshal is unable too, and thus must be prepared to fill the role of a commander. The Aide-de-Camp also serves as the Marshal’s premier administrator and diplomat, meaning those who fill the role must be well-rounded in all capacities of a martial, diplomatic, and administrative nature. GENERAL | GENERAL DE ARMÉE The generals of Rosenyr are some of the keenest tactical minds that Atlas has to offer. They do much of the training and leading of the army itself, sometimes even with the Marshal himself present. Generals are often pulled from the capable nobility and gentry that have proven themselves as officers, but any soldier may rise to such a rank if they demonstrate their capabilities. CAPTAIN | CAPITAINE A commissioned officer with the potential of holding various types of commands, the captains of the army are some of the most versatile individuals in the army. A captain may find themself at the helm of an artillery battery, on the staff of a general, or in command of a baggage train. LIEUTENANT | LIEUTENANT The most promising young nobleman and noncommissioned officers are raised to the rank of lieutenant. They are often assigned to serve on the staff of captains and generals, but may have the opportunity to lead small contingents themselves. SERGEANT | SERGENT Sergeants are the most trusted, veteran noncommissioned officers that La Grande Armee has to boast. They are on the path to becoming officers themselves, but they are still trusted, often more than lieutenants or even captain, to lead men into battle. Sergeants are the model soldier: dutiful, loyal, and passionate. CORPORAL | CAPORAL Soldiers who have proven their skill in combat, loyalty to the prince, and willingness to follow instructions are granted the rank of corporal. While not holding much authority on its own, the rank serves to distinguish the soldiers from the recruits, and the men from the boys. FOOTMAN | SOLDAT Footman are the entry-level soldiers who are generally untrained and unproven. Much of their early days as a soldier are spent training, learning, and drilling. Once a footman has tasted combat and shown their worth they are then promoted to corporal. The Royal Standard for the 1st Grand Armée. Louis I Rosiere during the treaty of Matria ending the 100 year war, circa 1642. BADGES OF ACCLAIM ---------------------------------------- SHIELD OF LOUIS Awarded to those who have seen action while being part of the Grande Armée. The metal is a small bronze shield, painted blue with a golden horse on the front. This symbolizes a pegasus charging into the chaos of war. It earns it’s name from Louis I Roisere, who went to war against the Matrians during the conflict known as the 100 year War. ---------------------------------------- LANCE OF ROSEYNR Awarded to a soldier who has continuously recruited to expand the ranks of the Grande Armée. This Medal has three sets, the first medal being awarded to a soldier who is able to recruit a soldier. The next medal is given to a soldier who is able to recruit five men. The last medal of the set is given to a soldier who is able to recruit ten men. ---------------------------------------- SHIELD OF LORAS Awarded to a soldier that has fought valiantly during a Siege. It is named after the Second High-Prince of Rosenyr Loras I Rosiere. Loras I Rosiere was known for defending Rosenyr during the Matrian Revolt of which Matrian Forces surrounded Rosenyr. After months of fighting, Matrian forces surrendered. ---------------------------------------- BADGE OF THE STALLION Awarded to a soldier who has spilled blood in favor of the crown. The medal is a golden stead, with the royal crown resting on it’s scalp. This badge is obtained by showing prominence in the field of combat. ---------------------------------------- BADGE OF THE NORTH STAR Awarded to the soldier who has showed true militaristic leadership, by either commanding forces in a raid or major battle, or controlling the entirety of the military by preparing it for times of war, this award is handed out to a large majority of the Rosenyr marshals, as well as second in commands, as they already have the role as leader of military. ---------------------------------------- BADGE OF THE CHAMPION Awarded to the soldier who have proved themselves superior in the art of combat, by having taken down numerous enemies in battle, those who are awarded will most likely be appointed as a knight, or champion of the House of Rosiere. ARSENAL OF THE ARMÉE In the Grande Armée, there is a large variety of weaponry at their disposal. ---------------------------------------- Rosnian Rapier The Rosnian Rapier is the primary weapon and it’s officers in the Grande Armée. This weapon represents wealth inside of the Principality. This thin weapon is light and easily used when used by a professional trained swordsmen. ---------------------------------------- Matrian Halberd The Matrian Halberd is the main weapon used in the Grande Armée.The Matrian Halberd originated from the Principality of Matria, one of the four Principalities of Adrero. The Matrians were known for their brute strength. ---------------------------------------- The Commoner’s Pike The Commoner’s Pike is a weapon, as per its name, very common amongst those of Rosnian descent. During both their border disputes and the 100 years’ war, pillaging of villages was a regular occurance. To counteract these pillaging knights, commoners would arm themselves with pikes to be able to properly attack mounted individuals. ---------------------------------------- Matrian Mace The Matrian Mace is a secondary weapon, it was adopted by the Matrians for its ability to cause extreme amounts of damage to those in plate armor, something commonly worn by most Rosnians. ---------------------------------------- Nobleman’s Dagger The Nobleman’s Dagger is a common sight amongst officers, knights, or other noblemen within La Grande Armee. The dagger is a secondary weapon usually carried on their belt, both to flaunt their status, and for emergency. ---------------------------------------- Rosiere Arbalest The Rosiere Arbalest was invented by Louis I Rosiere, the first High Prince of Rosenyr. The Rosnians were known as the shorter of the four cultures and because of this, a crankable crossbow was created. This would be known as the Rosiere Arbalest. ---------------------------------------- Lairnic Crossbow The Lairne Crossbow was invented by the Principality of Lairne. The Crossbow is the standard projectile weapon that is used in the Grande Armée. Unlike the Arbalest, to reload the Crossbow one must use their brute strength to load the crossbow. Credit to @seannie
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    [Accepted] [Trial][I] ScreamingDingo's Game Moderator Application

    Joel is a good guy, he has the right idea for the server. He also is neutral, and has the ability to see who is in the right and who is in the wrong no matter if your his friend or not. That takes balls, and I respect that. A fat +1 from me. P.S Better get some ibuprofen because this community is a headache.