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  1. U asked for this one grool..
  2. Edvard would approach the tree of which his daughter hanged from. With Freya by his side, he reached up lifting his daughter soul into his arms, he carried the young ruric like during the days of Pinemarch, and the days of Morsgrad. “Come now Edyth, I have a lot to tell you.” The calm King said, as he carried his daughter home.
  3. “It completely baffles me, his holiness was taken too soon. He had done so much for the faith, and could of done more if he wasn’t slaughtered like cattle..” Charles frowned
  4. What’s your thoughts on conquest warclaims? How will you work to improve the current war system.
  5. Discord: Lionbileti Skin/s and bid/s (List separately if multiple): Blue Colonial: 2k
  6. “Damn, my cousin has the looks in the family.” Remarks the young Darius Basrid.
  7. “Good lads..” said a random stranger
  8. “The lightest form of lightskin in the empire!” remarks Darius
  9. “That’s my uncle!!” Says Darius
  10. I have money on sutica...

  11. My ban brought peace to LOTC.

    1. rukio


      youre not as relevant as u think . . .

    2. seannie
  12. “Don’t press the pen so damn hard on the paper next time.” Says Edvard about the bold text as he watches from the heavens.
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