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  1. Lionbileti

    The Response

    Literally TrendE killed in my the conflict (only time I’ll let him do it too) and he didn’t break any rules. I was able to hit him during the fight I just had to save Knox and died in process.
  2. Edvard smiles, as he receives news of the conflict which is bound to occur.
  3. Thanks for letting us do your job Joel 😃
  4. Students: Name: Damian Race: Human (Highlander) Age: 16 Subject(s) you wish to learn: Poetry and Reading, History OOC: IGN: Lionbileti Discord: Lionbileti#6021
  5. Edvard would examine the document, “What a complete shithole of a family, keep the disgusting family dead.”
  6. “Stauntism at its finest.” Chirps a peasant.
  7. It is kind of crazy how the server was pulling almost like 300 ppl a day, how we went back to like 120, because of pure incompetence, and not letting rp happen on an rp server.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. rukio


      It's almost like war is the only time the server thrives.

      @Telanir I don’t think he means right now, he means as a general thing.

    3. w_ill


      Lets start another war

    4. Publius


      yh let’s shuffle the teams a little and get the fires raging again

  8. I’m laughing in voice chat right now.
  9. Edvard would remember fighting alongside Rodrik, as the two men slew their Highlander brethren.
  10. “Holy shite, Dat’ is a big balled move.”
  11. Writ of Dissolvement 1721 The song of Norland is one rich history, marked by those who have had the honor of gaining the thorned crown. Yet in recent years, our successes began to be less numerous in quantity. We have longed for the successes of the Krag and have longed for the rally of Seahelm. Now we have reached the final chorus of our hymn. The hymns of victory have begun to die out. I have only been King for a few years and in these years I’ve seen my own brother slain on Holy grounds; I’ve seen my cousins butchered, and their name besmirched forevermore. I have begun to ask myself, as of recent: is the blood of our ancestors not enough? Should Thoromir have refused the Father? Should Donovan have opened his gates to the Dwarves and the Teutons? Should Javier have had bent the knee to the Romstun invaders? Our success has been silenced, for we as a nation have only deteriorated since the golden age of Javier’s reign. Since then, we have seen three cities burned, three wars in which only losses have come to fruition, six short-reigned kings, and for what? There was a time, long before I roamed this realm, when people feared Norland and its armies; a time where the Rurikid were united, and weren’t slashing at each other's throats. Times like these are but tales of yore now; the same tales my father used to recite to me by our hearth. The valiant tales of the Ashguard. My father once told me legacy is like a garden: you plant a few seeds and you sit back and watch it grow.Then, when your children come of age, they too keep care of this garden and then their kin so on, and so forth. Our nation is like this very Garden, Thoromir planted the seed and watched it grow. His sons, Edvard, Frey, and Eirik, fought over this garden, and yet their kin betrayed each other for this garden until the soil was drenched in Ruric blood. Now our garden is withered, and its final days draw near. There was a time where it was vibrant , and brought vitality to those who cemented themselves within its bounds. Yet like man, it too withers over time. I thought being King would be easy, but due to the mistakes of my kin, it wasn’t. During my reign, I saw the max exodus led by my recently deceased cousin Landry; I saw my own brother Aeyn slaughtered in a place that he called home by kinsman who refuse to be seen in the light. Half of my council has departed through conflict. Now I sit in an empty hall, full of empty tables. Not a single song to be heard despite the existence of a time in which our great halls use to cheerfully sing the poetic songs of our fathers. Now not a single soul to be seen. I failed my people, I failed my cousin Landry, I failed my brother Aeyn, I failed my friend Ein, I failed my friend Cassio, I failed my father Exander, and most importantly, I failed my Kingdom and the Father almighty. No more shall I let my beloved home be defiled, and ransacked by a few petty rurikid. For this, I write one last time as King of Norland. On this day, The Kingdom of Norland will be dissolved, As High Chieftain of the Rurikid I hereby dissolve the right of any Rurikid to bring back the slumbering nation. I declare his Imperial Majesty Godfrey III as the Lord of Dunharrow in order to divide the lands as he sees fit. I hereby declare, the status of High Chieftain dissolved, for no Ruric shall hold dominion over another. Writ En Namen De His LORDSHIP, Edvard II of House Ruric, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Bulwark of the Hearth on Earth.
  12. Edvard frowns at not receiving an invite.
  13. Lionbileti

    Forum Signatures

    Where’s the one for banned players?
  14. I love you man, I remember when you joined Nordengrad last map and were building your sea fort. Your a friend, and always had my back. Yea we did argue, but it never stopped us. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and I’m sorry that we have degenerates that will go so far over a block game. Much love man!
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