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  1. Lionbileti

    The Declaration of Regency, 1672

    Joren would be seated at his desk in Markev, finishing the designs of Helmholtz Castle for house Ruthern "I mourn for my sar... my brother. I hereby will take full and legal custody of Ailred's children. Until my Father's recovery, I'll take on as Count-Regent." Joren would state as he signs the document.
  2. I'm officially running as a human rex.

  3. Lionbileti

    N0tt's Event Team Actor application

    I mean if one monkey could make ET, then why can't another? +1 In reality though, he is a quality man, and has defiantly improved since he joined the server. He'd make quality events for new players, and honestly would love to start working with him.
  4. Lionbileti


    VANISHED “IT FEELS AS IF GOD HAS ABANDONED US. . .” City of Santegia It was a Winter morning, the fields of Santegia covered in an icy frost. The cold air would continue to whip against the city walls as no man is willing to leave them. Life was peaceful, citizens would tend to their daily jobs, the blacksmith working away on his newest project. The Canonist Priest giving his homily in the local chapel. All was normal, but life in Atlas never tends to be normal. The peace was disrupted with the sound of metal clanking down the main streets of Santegia. The guard force of Santegia made it’s way down the road, with them a scrawny old man who’s garments were torn and exposed flesh wounds.. A few years prior a young sea captain by the name of Augustus Septimus departed, and for a few years nothing was heard of. He was nearly forgotten until a lone survivor made his way back to Santegia. As the guards approached the palace, they were met with Achillius Horen, King of Santegia. “What brings you to my palace?” Said the King, leaning back into his chair as he witnessed his guest. “M’lord, I bring grave news. Captain Augustus Septimus is dead, our ship was destroyed. This sea beast took us by surprise.” The man would say, as he fought to hold back his tears. “What happened to the rest of the crew?” “M’lord, there is no crew. I survived. I shouldn’t of.”His ankles beginning to buckle for he seems to be malnourished. “Did you abandon your post, what makes you special compared to everyone else on that ship?” Achillius would lean forward questioning the young man “Sire, I wish I could answer you, I ask for no pity. I ask for only justice for my brothers.” Achillius would turn to his advisors, speaking in private before redirecting his attention to the lone sailor once more “Then justice you may have, sergeant escort him out of here and give him food and water. Let him stay at the palace until he regains his strength. Captain I want you to get a small company of men and head to Captain Augustus’ home and search for clues there. I’m not letting this beast tear apart my men, or my vessels. Let it be known that anyone can accept this case and find this ship wreckage.” As the lone survivor began to leave he would mutter only a small statement, “It feels as if God has abandoned us . . .” You find interest in this investigation. As you make your way down Valencia Street, you begin to see more military presence in the city. Soldiers at every corner. Investigators searching anywhere they could. As you reach Captain Augustus Septimus house you notice two Santegia guards standing at post in front of the house. As you inform them of your intentions. They strip you of your weapons and allow you into the house. You begin your search through the house for any clues that may help figure out the case. OOC INFORMATION SUGGESTED AMOUNT: 10-15 People EVENT DIFFICULTY: Hard EVENT LENGTH: 2-3 Hours LOOT REWARD: Good WHEN DOES IT START: Now WHERE IT START: 3 Valencia Street EVENT ACTORS: Lionbileti MY DISCORD: Lionbileti#6021 SPECIAL THANKS: Thank you to @hazeorb and @hortonheardawho for assisting me as the builders in the event and making some pretty nice builds that you all will enjoy to see in the event!
  5. Lionbileti

    [Accepted] Ivoryyy_'s Application Team Application

    A quality person and a friendly face for the new players! +1 from me.
  6. Lionbileti

    The Battle of Assads

    Achmed the LIVING would charge into battle screaming "SILENCE, I KILL YOU!"
  7. Lionbileti

    An apology to the LoTC community

    It takes serious courage to post something like this one a public forum page, opened to everyone on the internet. Especially for someone who holds one's self to a higher degree, who is prideful. To openly admit your wrong doing, and accept one's wrong doing. I respect that @iMattyz, I really don't know you well but damn that takes guts. On a serious note, everyone should be granted a second chance, and I fully agree Imattyz deserves one. Coming from someone who hasn't really got to know the guy. If some players are granted second chances for doing even worse offenses, then I believe Imattyz deserves another. All respect towards your brotha, and I hope everything goes well for you in the future. #FreemywiggaImattyz.
  8. Lionbileti

    [Accepted] HortonHeardAWho's Event Team Actor application

    +1 A great kid, and a great builder who has assisted me in many of my projects. I'm blessed to have a friend and co-worker like him. I believe he can handle both tasks as a builder and actor, and an ET who can do both is a pretty damn addition. As a wise man once said, "If Lionbileti could do it, anybody can do it." Hey Big boss man, look into this one. @Xarkly
  9. Lionbileti

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    I've known this man for a while, since Norland in fact. I believe he has the material of being an AT, because of the way he conducts himself. He is a friendly face to have, and I promise you the New players will begin to like him. Ever since he left Norland to pursue better things in Haense I can testify that the kid has a strong work ethic, rising up through the ranks in Haense as a respected member. I give this man my +1, and If I could I would give him one hundred. Truly the right man for the job.
  10. Lionbileti

    The End of Konrad

  11. Lionbileti

    [I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    LIONBILETI'S REVIEW PROS -A good quality guy to talk to. -He certainly has had his past of being Toxic, but has matured since his joining. -He is liked by a majority of the server. -He is relatively active. -He can help improve PvP so everyone could have a fair and enjoyable time. -Can Represent the playerbase in the GM Team. CONS -Was a Norlandic King -Slightly Brain Damaged
  12. Lionbileti

    [W] Vegetarianism's Game Moderator Application

    PROS Is a quality human. Good and friendly to new players. Doesn't ever sleep, cause he has no life. CONS Was a de Bolbec From Manchester OVERALL GRADE 96.2 % LIONBILETI APPROVED
  13. Lionbileti

    [Denied] SambreroMan's Application Team Application

    PROS Really Solid Application Really active (He has no Life) Is completely unbiased A friendly Face Isn't Toxic CONS He is Anti-Norlandic OVERALL GRADE: 98.2 % PASSED
  14. Lionbileti


    Honestly +1, LC is great. Love being in a dome.
  15. Lionbileti

    Trust Lost

    Trust Lost Eimar var Burgundar moments before his execution 20th of the Grand Harvest 1665 The arrival of a long lost friend brightened the aging mans day as he sat in the great hold of Leeuwenhof, enjoying a time of merrymaking and joy as he reminisced about old memories, old glories and spoke of the future, and the peeling of grapes. Old wounds brought up, some sealed, a silently opening door that led the ghosts of a past and a future that soon came upon him, overwhelmed by his old foes and new, Mariusz and Jory marched through the archway to the dining hall and swiftly attacked the Margrave, a stout defense held until finally, faltering to the overwhelming force. The treacherous Leila Rubens stood and watched as the man who had taken her in and protected her and allowed her family to rise stood idly and merely observed as the events transpired before her eyes allowing the men to attack her liege lord and even her own father, Nicolas Rubens, only lifting a finger to open the door for them. Dragged across his lands, the lands of the Arbor and old Curon, finally to the streets and then the palace of Senntisten, where he was dropped before members of the royal family and the royal guards, whom did naught to subdue the situation, opting to watch as the Margrave life beheaded with a swift stroke of the haunting blade of Antonius. Glories did not matter upon the floor he laid, loyalty never mattered, his sacrifices did not in the end his work was repaid with silence. The Margrave kept the borders secure, keeping watch from outside forces, whilst those within finally ended Eimar var Burgundars life, after a long and hard career, the Margrave is dead.