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  1. Ser Rodrik - ♞ - "The Unbroken" Ashton Basic Information: Age: 27 Gender: Male Race: Heartlander Height: 5'9 Current home: Vjorhelm, Norland Physiology: Hair: Rodrik is of the color of Brunette and is rather well parted. Facial Hair: Rodrik has a full beard, which is lazily kept. Eyes: Rodrik's eyes are of an aqua blue. Skin: Rodrik's skin is fairly tan. Clothing:He is usually dressed in a black tunic, with golden thread that is embroidered on his cuffs. Armor: He is dressed in steel plated armor, with a tabbard that bares his family's colors. Voice:His voice is charismatic and gentle. (This is a painting Rodrik Ashton, the current Patriarch of House Ashton.) Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths: Reasonably well educated, proficient with arms, riding. Weaknesses: He is stubborn and irrational and will let his emotions control him. Background Rodrik Ashton was born on the first of the Amber Cold, 1600 in the city of the Krag. He was son to Olaf Ash and a women by the name of Hildred. Hildred was a barmaid and second love for Olaf. Soon after they met, Olaf wedded the young woman, and bedded her. When Rodrik was born, he also had a sister named Lyanna who was born with him, and a few years later a younger brother who went by the name of Jon. Grigor was Rodrik's older brother, when Olaf was absent in Rodrik's presence, Grigor was always there to stand by his younger brother. Grigor would teach Rodrik how to fight with a Sword, this made Rodrik a reasonably good sword master. His brother towered him, standing at the height of 6'8. The fights usually wasn't fair, one time Grigor had defeated Rodrik with one hand behind his back, using his inferior hand to hold the sword. Soon Rodrik would develop his swordsmanship becoming a well built fighter. In 1612, Rodrik was sent to the Red Faith monks to learn the basics of Literature. It was a rather difficult accomplishment, for Rodrik had trouble understanding letters and words. He had some form of reading disability (Dyslexia). It took months to teach Rodrik how to read, but soon he was able to read and write. During his free time, he'd read books of the great poets of History, making his love for poetry as a second hobby. When their father had gotten older, Rodrik and Grigor would run the Kennel, from this experience Rodrik would grow his love for animals. Owning his very own Horse later. In 1620, the construction of Hound's Den started headed by Grigor and Rodrik, and Olaf's many bastards. Soon after the construction of Hound's Den completed, House Romstun declared war on the Kingdom of Norland and the Empress Zoey Romstun marched the armies into Norland. Soon after war raids began to attack the Capital of Norland, Vjorhelm. During one of the raids Grigor Ashton was injured and died shortly after, this forced Rodrik to take on House Ashton and lead it. The task was difficult, but he held strong. He'd fight along side his cousin Javier Ruric who is the current King of Norland fighting for Norland. The two would fight along side each other in raids against the romstun and even a Wyvern that plagued Norland. In 1625 Rodrik met a woman by the name of Alys Tosali, sister to the late Baron Baldrick Tosali. The two soon fell in love and were married. In 1626, during a Wyvern Attack Rodrik beheaded the creature with his sword, removing the vile head from it's neck. For this service, Rodrik of House Ashton was knighted by Javier and was given the Title "Unbroken" for his unwavering loyalty to the crown. Personality Traits [Tough Soldier] He was trained by his brother Grigor into becoming a tough warrior. [Dueler] He loves the idea of a Duel, as it proves both honor and skill. [Family Kind] He is rather kind for those whom' he loves, outside of that circle he doesn't care for anyone else. [Scholar] He learned how to read from the Red-priest monks. [Poet] Rodrik is poetic and writes common poetry on his secondary times. [Intelligent] Rodrik was well educated under the guidance of the Red-faith monks. [Strong] Grigor built him into the man he is today. [Proud] Rodrik is way too proud for his own good, finding offense to any who insults his family and name. [Dyslexic] Rodrik has a reading disability, on which mixes up certain letters. Known as Dyslexia. [Stubborn] Rodrik is stubborn, a basic trait of his family line. [Depression] Rodrik feels guilty for the death of his mother, and wishes that she was still alive. Inventory: HILDRED The Sword Hildred was personally forged for Rodrik, it was named after his mother. REVENGE The Sword Revenge was forged by Eirik The Great, one of his last creations. Pets MORNING FLAME Morning Flame is the champion steed of Rodrik. Morning Flame is the horse on which picked Alexander while searching for horses. Rodrik named him Morning Flame for it was afraid of the fire at first. Rodrik's horse is rather young and powerful, and when dressed in it's finest armor, it surly could break through Lines when leading a charge. Morning Flame was Rodrik's first horse and will always be his favorite for Morning Flame made his love for horse riding.
  2. Kinslayer's Wiki Team Application

    +1, I understand that he is given a lot of shite for his leaving posts but all together he is a talented writer. I really enjoy his work and I believe he is capable for the Wiki Team. As someone who is also trying to join the team I can show sympathy and support to the other applicants. He is a talented writer, and If I have some chance in hell to join the Wiki team, then Kinslayer defiantly will.
  3. Olivier d'Ibelin

    A broadsword isn't a long sword my dude, it is a normal length for a sword. I'd understand if Olivier had a long sword, but it is a broadsword.
  4. Olivier d'Ibelin

    Olivier - ☨ - d'Ibelin Basic Information: Age: 15 Gender: Male Race: Heartlander Height: 5'7 Current home: Adelburg, Holy Orenian Empire Physiology: Hair: Olivier has dark brown hair. Facial Hair: Olivier as of now has no facial hair. Eyes: Olivier's eyes are of an aqua blue. Skin: Olivier's skin is fairly tan. Clothing: He dressed in black ferrum plated armor, with a tabard baring the golden sun of Savoyard. Voice:His voice is soft and gentle, while have a distinct French accent. A picture of Olivier d'Ibelin, of a older age. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths: Reasonably well educated, proficient with arms. Weaknesses: He holds his honor highly, and will attack those who taint it Background Olivier d'Ibelin was born on the Fifteenth of the First Seed, 1611 in the city of Metz, Lorraine. He is the son of Francois II d'Ibelin, first son of Ser Francois "Longshanks" D'Ibelin. The family of d'Ibelin came from a humble beginning, once taking on the name de Argon which is now extinct. It gained the name d'Ibelin from Ser Francois d'Ibelin mother's side, which was completely died out. When Olivier d'Ibelin was eight years of age, he was taught how to read and write by canonist monks. Olivier d'Ibelin believed heavily in his faith, and took pride in his canonist beliefs. When he turned eleven years of age, his father Francois II d'Ibelin taught him how to hold a sword basically. It wouldn't be until he squired under Pepin de Bar for when he learned how to effectively learn how to use a sword. Most of his sword combat came from manuscripts made by his grandfather Ser Francois "Longshanks" d'Ibelin. Olivier holds a lot of pride for his grandfather, and would walk in his footsteps daily going to as far as squire under a de Bar like his grandfather did. In 1626, Olivier d'Ibelin was placed under as a squire to Count Pepin de Bar, a Lord of The holy Orenian Empire. Personality Traits [Tough Soldier] He was is a warrior of the Savoyards. [Dueler] He loves the idea of a Duel, as it proves both honor and skill. [Family Kind] He is rather kind for those whom' he loves, outside of that circle he doesn't care for anyone else. [Scholar] He learned how to read from the Canonist monks. [Poet] Olivier is poetic and writes common poetry on his secondary times. [Intelligent] Olivier was well educated under the guidance of the Red-faith monks. [Strong] The savoyards built him physically and mentally [Proud] Olivier is way too proud for his own good, finding offense to any who insults his family and name. [Depression] Olivier feels guilty for the death of his mother, and wishes that she was still alive. Inventory: KITE SHIELD BROADSWORD
  5. [CA] [Striga] 6xdestroyer

    Who even are you?
  6. [LC] Drekiborg

    Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land Charter Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria) Tahn Island Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capital, etc.) Tahn Dock Carts Exact co-ordinates of Point A: 550x -90z Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capital, etc.) City of Drekiborg Exact co-ordinates of Point B: -1672x 290z
  7. The jets are better.

  8. [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    +1 Dewper is a good member of our community and has down alot and is responsible member of the community. I believe is perfect for the job and I suggest you all give him a chance. I hope you make it bro, you deserve it.


    Our two year anniversary



  10. [✗] 11ths Unban Appeal

    @Th3_11th Bro you only were banned for two weeks, be glad that you actually had a real reason to get banned. I got banned for saying "Allahu_akbar" for like three weeks. I didn't know it was a bannable offense but I learned not to say it again. Take this time and prepare yourself, cause house Tosali gonna need a hell of a lot of work for on this server there is like twenty tosalis running around. The fact you made a ban appeal for a two week ban is honestly a waste of time for the team won't even recognize it as a major ban appeal.
  11. [Accepted] [Pending][ET Actor] L0rdT0mas Application

    +1, my friend L0rdt0mas is a interesting figure. I only met him once and he has already become a friend. In Roleplay our characters have their differences, but he is a pretty chill dude. Good lad, loves roleplay. I think he'd make a perfect ET actor.
  12. Jarno Reyurnt Character Sheet

  13. Community Meeting

    @Wrynn Is it fair to say that your profile pic is gonna give me a seizure one day?