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  1. Bro what is your discord, we haven’t talked in a while. I thought you quit.
  2. Great to work with you homie, enjoy the break and don’t let no quarantine break this departure. Live the best life Arch!
  3. @MilenkhovAdrian calling out to his father in the heavens.
  4. “Wrong empire, you simp.” Echoed a peasant before jumping off the walls of Helena.
  5. One day after my departure and frill still simping! You really want this man on your Moderation team?

  6. 😳 the server isn’t ready just yet for that one
  7. Lion’s Farewell For five years I have been on this server. Over those five years I’ve seen groups rise and fall. I remember the days of being a noob back in savoy, always attaching myself to the hip of Darksalvo and Altiak. LOTC had always been an outlet to escape from the chaos of the real world. Having my parents divorced, moving cities, the death of my dogs, death of my two father figures, I always felt comforted by those I had met on this server. I loved this server, and what it had to offer. I loved the wars, the backstabbing, the defeats and the victories because that is what drove on the narrative. I can’t believe I’ve been part of a community since I was twelve, watching it grow up as I too grew. This server has brought the best out of me, and the worse. I regret to say I’ve let OOC destroy perfectly good friendships, I’ve let stupidity and arrogance destroy some of the best friendships I’ve had on this server. To this I say, it is a game. A wise man once said, “Don’t let your OOC destroy the narrative.” If you lose, you lose. Don’t let your OOC plotting disrupt the narrative, because that is what is special about the server. Groups rise and they fall. That is what the beauty of LOTC is, if we didn’t have a developing narrative we would have never had nations such as Renatus, Morsgrad, Renalia, Rubern, Curon, Kaedrin, Haense, Uraguan, Sutica, etc. If I am to give any advice on this server, continue the narrative. I know this server has recently gone through some setbacks but continue the narrative. Do whatever is best for the narrative. Even if it comes by your victory or your defeat. If your character must die for the narrative to thrive then such sacrifices are necessary in order for the life of the narrative. This server was built on the failures and successes of people. Give all, and leave nothing. I’ve learned over the years, you can enjoy this server without taking it to heart. Don’t let people ever hold you back from your enjoyment. It is a hobby, not a lifestyle. You can enjoy LOTC, just don’t let it consume your life. Take it from me, I really didn’t have anybody when I started on this server however I got off my ass, made friends, now I’m on my way to play Division 1 rugby. Don’t let anybody ever hold you back, don’t let anybody tell you are worth nothing because you are worth everything. Every life is precious, no matter the circumstances. Especially with those who pandemic occurring around us, just remember. No day is guaranteed, live each day like it is your last. My coach once told me, “Play like it is your last game, leave it all on the field.” DO what you want to do, don’t let people hold you back, we all have one life so live the best of it. To the Norlandic Community The best decision I ever made on this server was stumbling upon the Krag in Axios with Kukii. Where I ran across Malgonious training the next generation of the Ashguard in the square. I really love this community. Both the old and the new. You all really helped me and kept me afloat during the hardest years of my life. To this, I say thank you. I am beyond proud of what happened to my nation in Morsgrad, continuing building up what I, Narthok, and Fuze started. Don’t let the Ashtree burn out. Also thanks to Aquaquean and Ivory for making my reigns easier, and actually rping in my city while I sit afk playing tetris. keep up the good work askuzai To the Renatian Community God I hated you guys for so damn long not gonna lie, however when everything seemed to be against us in the War of the Two Emperors I really began to realize how much I love you guys. The fact DPMagican, Dewper, Charlemagne, you all accepted me even though I’ve said and done nasty things towards you. That shows character, and I'm thankful I became your friends because you’ve stood close to me during the hardest times. To Flemish,Bard,Lithium, Squakhawk, Trinn,Axelu,Roseways, Cowmoonist, Dylan, Ricky, Harrison and the many more renatians. Thank you for taking it easy on a retarded norlandic screamer. To the Rubern Community Love working with you, before everything got hectic. I'm really glad I met Khan and Patu because they probably are the funniest two people you can really met on this server. Love you Koanda, even though Ester got murked 😞 To the Reiver Gang Thank you for giving me severe brain damage, and keeping up with the dent. From Cooper, Mcthornz, Silentfriend, Pancakes, Nectorist, Buff, Michaelz, Diphz, Lucahz, Jason, and the many reiver screamers. Love ya’ll, and glad I still keep in contact with most of you. You all are really the homies when you aren’t too retarded. To the Courlandic Community De Bolbec run will never be topped, really was my first real group not gonna lie and I'm pretty confident in what my by sergisala will be doing this map. Continue trying to find the cure of Stauntism (There isn’t one) buddy. Bout time I join the ranks with Mr. Joe and Joel. Love you treatycole, kosher, Glocky, and the many old faces of Courland. You all are loved, thanks for giving this kid something to look forward to during the divorce period. To the Oren Community Thanks for taking me Alty,Dibley,Hunwald, and the CMU squad. Sorry for the constant swapping though. It was leading to this moment I guess. Continue building up Helena and making sure it is popping. I love you all, and I really hope the best for you all genuinely.Love ya Rukio (ratgirl), Bobbox, Chump, Frill, Ave, Cruz, Grool, capace, Tristian (Bag of D…) Marina, seannie, Lev, Ivory and the many orenian homies. To the Rest of the LOTC Community Athough I never played an Elf, never played a dwarf, never played a lot of things. I really met some of my closest friends outside of my playerbases. Thank you Beng, Callum, Sneakybandit, Julius (even though you didn’t join my rebellion), ComissarFish (don’t fall out of a helicopter again please), Lyon (I was always the superior one, sorry mate) Clonky, Epistile, Benelux (my homie till da end) , Carol (my fellow jets fan), Stargush (Long live da Krag), Eli, Jokerlow, Flamelynx, Minagobbler, Elite Snipes, Wud, Inferno_Ougi and the many faces I’ve met. I love you all, and you're the best. Appreciation Note To Narthok Thanks for dealing with me, and taking me under your wing like a little brother. You don’t understand how much I appreciate the advice you’ve always given. You’ve always had my back, and I’m sorry that I can’t say the same. You really are one of the closest people I’ve known and I know I couldn’t do a lot without you. Thank you for everything. To Cxnfuzed The only person I know who can out chimp me in voice calls and make narthok deafen. You really are the best. Really are the best though homie, I love you man. I’m glad I’ll still get to talk to you, and I am excited to work with you as we go to da stars.. To Milenkhov Really were my homie, especially our late night calls. Running from the GMs and dodging bans from Punisher. You really were like a brother not gonna lie, which may sound pretty cheesy but you always are my homie regardless of everything that has happened, and will happen. I can’t wait to meet up in Chile though o_o To Anisgar Really are my twin holyshit, the amount of times we’ve pissed people off for being autistically stupid is in the thousands. I remember the days when you never used your mic, and I remember when I heard your first for the first time. I'm sad that you were robbed by server rules from leading since you were so happy. Maybe one day there will be another try, here or elsewhere. To Ferdaboys Really are my homie, I’m glad to have stolen you from Renatus to Nordengrad not gonna lie. You rode with me through my rebellion and I really cannot ever pay you. I'm glad you are my canadian homie, and I'm glad you are living a good life out of da craft. You still forever a homie, believe that. If you have any memories, feel free to post in the comments especially if you got screenshots. I’ll hang around on discord. If you want to add me Lionbileti#1796. I’ll always be willing to +1 your posts!
  8. https://youtu.be/VfCYZ3pks48


    Flamboyants favorite dance 💃 

    1. sergisala


      wth lmfao

  9. Bring my man screamingdingo as lore admin, thank you.


  10. Can y’all stop letting renatus win plz

  11. “Renatus never fails to impress me.” Remarks an intelligent peasant.
  12. “Stop spreading mournstone blood you apes!” Says Torsten from the grave
  13. I heard coroh’na is the world ending event for arcas.. Will doctor Daniel save us all?

    1. ibraheemc2000


      Ofc he will

    2. Harrison


      doctor daniel will cure us all of cah’rona

    3. Milenkhov



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