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  1. Still sore from the fight, Aithwin Aldor reads the poem fondly. “An auspicious day.”
  2. Aithwin Aldor reads of the news in the lamplit, snow-beaten streets of Valdev. As his eyes trace over its final lines, he nods in solemn agreement. “Veletz shall reap what it has so terribly sown.”
  3. Dwelling far in the skies above, Swithun is honored to have been included in such a many-splendored history!
  4. Romund Aldor reads of the first Aldor with pride, impressed by both the report and the man it depicts. “A splendid history,” he comments with a smile as he finishes the final lines.
  5. Do you have a favorite movie, television show or game soundtrack? If so, what would it be?
  6. Name: Lothar Pæga Age: 21 (b. 1636) Race: Human, Highlander Birthplace: Alban, Haense Fighting Ability: Aptitude of swordsmanship; able to partake in military service Specialties or crafts: Administration and diplomacy; quick learner ((unset/undetermined profession))
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