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  1. Tovelm would read the missive while his men cleaned the training grounds of Morsgrad, his body covered in the scars of the war that turned him from a boy to a man, a soldier to a leader. He would recall all that Godric had done for him and would begin to cry, something the giant hadn’t done in ages. ”This has got to stop, Oren has to understand that all they do is kill their own. I’m tired of killing my highland brothers, I’m tired of the lives that Oren refuse to let live because of their arrogance and “honor”. I’m tired of all the lies, deceit and trickery that Oren uses to manipulate their people. All we want is to be free of that DAMNED empire, they caused destruction for all of Arcas, and will continue to cause it if someone doesn’t do something. We were tired of marching south to kill elves and orcs that mean nothing to us. We refuse to be the playthings for the powdered wigs of the empire to use. We made up half the damned army of Oren before we decided to stand up for ourselves, the heartlanders shall no longer guide us through this journey, we don’t need to be “together”, we shall guide ourselves and be stronger for it. The north shall never kneel.”
  2. Tovelm would begin to laugh before grabbing his axe on the way out of the barracks, “I honestly wonder if he read his letter before sending it, he talks with the disrespect of someone who is not only winning the war, though as someone who didn’t replace the position he holds thanks to the man he writes the letter to.” Tovelm would then make his way to the horn of Moresgrad, to call together the martyrs.
  3. Tovelm would read the missive and place it aside making note that people are fleeing the Wildlands in search for safer places. “It seems we may have more people coming to Moresgrad, we shall welcome them with open arms”
  4. Tovelm would nod as he read The Highland Act, never had he thought that the victories that the AIS had earned would create this empire
  5. Tovelm would stand to his full height upon reading the paper, his eyes resting fondly upon the sun as it rose above the cliffs of Moresgrad. With a stern face he lifted his axe to his shoulder and rested his hand upon his hip. He would recite the verse in his head a multitude of times before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “Never again shall we kneel...” Tovelm whispered to himself, before raising his axe above his head and repeating it far louder; ”NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE KNEEL” The giant yelled through out the mountains, the birds scattered as it rang, the freshly fallen snow glistening as the sun rose.
  6. Tovelm would read the paper and struggle to keep himself from getting angry, almost more mad that Oren mocks his nation in probably the worst article he’s ever read.
  7. Tovelm would gather the martyrs of the north, ready to march in defense of Arcas.
  8. Arundlt


    Tovelm would sigh “Does this “Princess” who stands within her stone walls think that her soldiers do not do the same? That the same atrocities that she states does not happen to those of the AIS? Shameful.”
  9. Having read the paper, Tovelm would gather a small troop of men and head out
  10. Tovelm, now after three years of schooling had learned to read, and after reading the missive felt his pride roar within him. Sitting from his room in Moresgrad, the giant would sharpen his blade and whisper himself a northern tune of the battles to come and smile, writing out a poem to himself on the scraps of paper he had throughout his room. We fought with swords, before the All-Father. We held bloody shields: we stained our spears. Showers of arrows brake the shield in pieces. The bow sent forth the glittering steel. Some may fall in the conflict, from which there was not a greater cause. Wide on the shores lay the scattered dead: the wolves rejoiced over their prey.
  11. Tovelm would be informed by his fellow soldiers that another mission had been posted and he would grab some bodies to go and complete it.
  12. Tovelm looks at the paper with disgust as he can not read
  13. Arundlt


    Tovelm would receive news that another piece of paper would be spread around the town. Knowing he couldn’t read he wouldn’t take one.
  14. God speed you beautiful bastard
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