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  1. Alexander d’Arkent would follow the caravan of carts and soldiers to the southern peninsula of Korvassa. With him he would bring a set of armor and short sword, knowing only what he had taken notes on in his previous patrols. In his journal he would begin to write the story of the first regiment that marched. To stand and fight for Arcas is our goal, even if it means certain death in the face of a unsurpassable enemy. Though I am scared of my future, courage is feeling fear, not getting rid of fear, and taking action in the face of fear. This is what it means to be in the Empire, and I shall be sure to aid it in it in it’s lofty quest, even if it must mean giving my own life for others to have a longer one. Alexander would set down his pen and feel the wind rush through his hair as he sighed. He would chuckle as he remembered the books he read as a child, and wonder if the characters in those books felt the fear he felt now about the enemy they faced.
  2. Tovelm would read the poem and sigh. ”Sometimes I truly wonder if some people leave their homes. The Empire is at one of it’s strongest points. The people were happy and land was at peace. This weak attempt at attempting to raise up the enemies whom have killed hundreds already of Orenian citizens and soldiers makes me sick. Sutica had voted to remove their Leader, they had agreed to oust the man whom killed Oren kin, and yet there is an Oren woman who wishes death upon her own? I’ve fought and driven for peace with multiple nations. It was Oren that gave me the second chance at redemption, and allowed me to carry out my goals. Through the lies woven within the last weeks, by the new founded coalition, it is this that hurts the most. The large man would set down the letter gently and begin to start penning obituaries for his fallen brothers and sisters. ”It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it”
  3. Tovelm would sigh as he read the missive “To free the people of Sutica”
  4. this is possibly the nicest guy on the server

    1. rukio


      how could you forget about lumiin

    2. frill


      he bought me vip actually

  5. what is an et


    1. ScreamingDingo


      do ur own plague event noob

  6. I’ll preface this with I have no idea where on the calendar the staff team have placed the end of map events or anything leading up to it, however I’d say that Arcas feels sort of void right now. I see that there is small events going on, and that’s awesome! However I don’t feel like there is an objective or anything for the common adventure type to strive for. The Void events were fun, they gave Arcas as a whole something to rally behind and gave something for many to base their stories behind. I’m not saying that we need another Void Event, however I feel something is needed to put nations at risk, or give groups a sense that not all is well. For example I will use the Crowslayer’s Vow Event line going on in Haense. Absolutely brilliant and I love to read about it. The fact that things happening in that event line actually effect what happens within the nation is something I have missed for sometime. Losing a fort or battle, discovering something game changing. I haven’t been around the entire map, though from talking to people I feel as if they think that map has been kind of empty of story, which from some perspectives is a good thing! It has allowed nations and individuals to carve out their own paths and write history how they like, however with restricted raid and conquest rules nations are more confined than ever to just existing, and attempting to make roleplay in a fantasy world appear. If the staff has something planned in the upcoming future, or is just starting to do something along these lines, feel free to shut me down. However with how many story/event team members there are, I feel as if something along the lines of the Crowslayer’s Vow could take place but on a bigger scale. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  7. discord: cobbler#0001 Hunting Gear: 2k
  8. Tovelm would eye the paper carefully as he sighed. “Suppose it’s a job for the Fifth” Tovelm would copy the paper and go to gather his men, for there was a job that had to be done
  9. Tournament Form: Name: Tovelm OOC USERNAME: Arundlt Allegience: Oren Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  10. MC Name: Arundlt RP Name: Tovelm Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: Yes
  11. It’s unfortunate that some people here actually want to achieve something and your here wasting their time by trying to cause problems.
  12. You tried to accuse us of abusing a system if it was to be implemented man, why would we not retort that? Thats not just voicing your opinion, thats coming here looking for a fight. If anyone is pathetic it’s you.
  13. They are purely for roleplay practically, as you can do the same thing with crossbows. Historically you can even go back to when colonials came to America that the flintlocks were far less effective than the bows that the Indians had for sometime because of the reload time. So while a bow in CRP takes around 2 Emotes to use, a crossbow takes 3-4, magic at T4-5 takes 3-4, a flintlock rifle would take 5 emotes and have the same accuracy as the magic. It just gives another thing to use.
  14. /sigh/ Then allow me to give the nons-snarky response in that magic for sure needs a buff. While it already has power to be as destructive as a musket, as it will take just as many emotes to do, and have around the same accuracy, I agree that if you have the power to summon/bend the world to your will, you should be seen as a powerful figure. T5 Magic attacks usually take around 3-4 emotes anyway. Flintlocks would take around this as well. Accuracy would be on a roll obviously and take around the same. Though at the end of the day, this truly does boil down to a community vs community debate and what everyone may consider fantasy. Humans have zero special qualities. Zero. Sure the dwarves you could argue have it tough as well, though at least they have easier Golem access. Humans have needed to create things out of thin air such as a complex law system and as close to real-life government systems in order to be intresting. Guns would have around the same effectiveness as magic, and because of this I would agree that magic probably would need a buff. As well as give a siege method of magic. However if those things are done, I see zero reason why humans couldn’t get guns.
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