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  1. Some dark elves sit in a cave and laugh.
  2. RP Name: Daichia Jusmia MC Username:ThatFunkyBunch Discord: That Funky Bunch #2229 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn more about Dark Elves(More details, know most of it already) What Skills Can You Bring?: Carpentry, Metallurgy, combat experience.
  3. Spirit Type: Lesser Beneath Ghorza. Spirit Name: Branune. Spirit Totem: A set of balanced scales. Spirit Description: Branune is a faceless humanoid made of brass. Adorn in simple garbs and straw hat. Branune roams, clutching a simple set of scales. With which it judges trades between those beyond. Spirit Alignment: Neutral. Yet to be discovered. Spirit Type: Lesser Beneath Ghorza Spirit Name: Belune Spirit Totem: A set of tipped scales. Spirit Description: Belune is a faceless humanoid made of silver. Adorn in fine clothes fit for nobility. Belune roams, holding a set of fine gold scales. Belune tricks those beyond into trade that favors one party over the other. For the unlucky, Belune tricks them into deals that favors itself with these scales. Spirit Alignment: Dark Unknown to any currently.
  4. Tanaes Smov, stares at the paper a moment. Giving a shrug, she slips out of the small apartment in Asimu'lei. To take pilgrimage across Arcas
  5. A Mali'ker picks up some parchment. Moving to the shore. To crumple the paper. Tossing it to the high sea. "Luara have mercy, this sounds like a cult."
  6. "Voluntatem dei!" Shouts a stout short bearded man.
  7. "I also see they failed to mention the Moon Glade. Asimu'lei. Or the efforts of other clans. I wonder how these ker will take it. No matter. My kin. Surely Renelia will address not just us"
  8. Daichia eyes the letter with a clear sense of weariness. Folding the paper away, Daichia glances up to the pale moonlight. Giving a shrug. Returning to their new home with not but a whistle to his steps.
  9. "I offer thanks to Clan Delevoye. On behalf of Clan Jusmia. But fear not we have covered every inch of Arcas. We have picked enough locations for us to move about with ease. I am sorry to inform you that the Lunar Domain is indeed not what we are looking for. We can not share the same halls with the drui, Xan, or magic ker that do nothing to learn of where their blood comes from. I wish the Lunar Domain to prosper as I always have. But we have already found our new home. We had expected to have to move due to the high elves attempt at a dark elven puppet state. And their desire to get us there. Fear not, we will thrive as the first who were blessed by Luara did. But I regret to hammer home the point of not tolerating magics that oppose the spirits and ancestors. Your concern is touching. We have been planning for this day since we stepped foot on Arcas. As our kin always have. I hope you find respite in your Lunar Domian. And I pray Luara keeps the greedy pale skins from wanting to rule your lands. May Luara guide your foot steps in her light. Daichia Jusmia"
  10. "Add this to the ignore pile. We don't let in dwed anymore, no matter where we go. " Daichia comments with a frown. "And to think I was going to try and keep killing the lurkers and even offer aid to help teach how to slay them. No matter. We will seal ourselves off from the very world." He informed his kin.
  11. "Indeed we shall be leaving. But do not mistake us for the white-skinned sons of Malin. We are the offspring of Valulari, returning to the pale skins that seek only to whitewash us in their skin and ways, is an option we can not take. We will thrive in our own. Taking once more to caravan. It is a shame that you believe only ruling over this land is the final option. We must ensure that the Mali'ker flourish without the influence of outsiders. To long have people used my kin for numbers. Giving them titles and land that falls away so quick. Too long have the pale skinned of Malin tried to use our kin as fodder in their wars. There will be no bloodshed, in the years to come we both will forget one another. I pray all my kin to forget this world. Those worthy enough to step through the gate of Kor and face the judgment of their ancestors. The heretics will forever walk alone or be trapped within other after lives. Prosperity to your stone keeps. And blessed is the beauty of the hidden caverns. " Signed Daichia Jusmia. A simple, Luara fearing Mali'ker.
  12. Daichia tried to explain that to Dak but he did not listen it seems. We believe he just that old
  13. "Don't play with the powerful fireworks apparently. I think I used too much." Daichia said, having prepared a pack for travel.
  14. Yorterry sits beside his bed. Hands clasped together as he bows his head a moment. Giving prayer and thanks for the abundance victories of AIS.
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