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  1. A post is nailed to each den door of the Sanctum. ”Dear resident. It’s come to our attention that over all and daily spiritual devotion is lower than desired. Many look at the spirits and see only sacrifices. If you are struggling with your own creativity or simply are dull, have no fear. The following will contain standard ritual practice for every day. This is to help other spirits than Luara gaze their eyes upon you. To know only one spirit, is to shun the rest. Many can say they have faith, so let’s put that to the test. “ Overall worship concepts: Step one 1: Early Morning: Awaken and offer thanks to Dazkur and Deltrhok. Dazkur, the Greater Immortal spirit of loyalty and protection (For keeping you safe another day.) An offering to Dazkur can be simple. The act of protecting, or in a more simple case. Deltrhok, The Greater Immortal spirit of dreams and slumber. Step 2: Early Morning: The elementals. They help make life possible, and unlike Immortal Spirits. Elementals do not require mortal praise to be. Though they still enjoy praise. Step 3: Mid Day: Immortal Spirits: There are many, many immortals. This time in the day should be used to give praise to an immortal or few. The more devote tend to do as much as they can, however, simply praising a different Immortal each day works fine. This example, will use Akezo. Step 4: Late day: Ancestors The Ancestors are a stable of Maehr Culture. From the great and mighty Krug, to the Dalmakia trio. Many have their own ancestors, and we implore you to praise your direct own during this time. Ancestral offerings range from anywhere to personal things that the spirit enjoyed in life. To valuables. Ancestral spirits follow the same rules as other spirits with offerings. Many ancestors have their own prayers. If you’re looking for offering ideas to an ancestor, read above. Any of the rituals preformed can generally be applied to other spirits. Acolyte Qudlia Jusmia
  2. -1 Looks to much like the other water lovecraft magic that had been attempted to be passed. I do not think this offers anything new in the ways of dark magic. This Eldritch niche is already held by the Shade parasite magic. However. This seems like a perfect fit if say. Shade was removed?? I’d accept the **** out of some deep dark waters over current Shade stuff.
  3. ”I’m not even a halfling, and this is my favorite newspaper in Arcas.” Says some Dark Elf
  4. The wagons pulled out from the city. Guilt stung a Mali’kers heart. Making a mental note to return in time to check upon the ‘ker. May he find his peace. To her, Ailmar had been a friend in foreign lands. Apart of her wished he’d find a safer place to live a quiet, happy life. This was not the end, it never would be. May her name rest well. A small group of caravans link together. A new age started once more. Qudlia wonders what Ghorza has laid before her, and her kin. A dark elf stood within the dark chambers of the palace. He had never been around much. The young man folds his arms across his chest, narrowing his eyes. “You’ll need to leave at some point. We should head home. Take what we have left. And await our next life. Relax, and rest uncle.”
  5. Ah, yes. Thank you for delivering me more socially acceptable spirit sacrifices. +1 Side note, I thought they were getting their spirit ties yeeted. This is just ST lore for Inferi ye?
  6. A Mali’ker reads over. Taking a mental note of just the other day when she told the second in command of this monster hunting guild that they had shades down the road and he seemed to have no idea. The dark elf remembers the road to the guild. How it passes directly next to the manor. How it comes to the bend near it, along the moat. How demonic devices levitate overhead. Demons, shades. Portals, worms. She dips her head with a sigh. Speaking aloud to her kin. “Start to prepare and stock up. I get the feeling even more of Arcas is about to be set asunder.”
  7. Some dark elves sit in a cave and laugh.
  8. RP Name: Daichia Jusmia MC Username:ThatFunkyBunch Discord: That Funky Bunch #2229 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn more about Dark Elves(More details, know most of it already) What Skills Can You Bring?: Carpentry, Metallurgy, combat experience.
  9. Spirit Type: Lesser Beneath Ghorza. Spirit Name: Branune. Spirit Totem: A set of balanced scales. Spirit Description: Branune is a faceless humanoid made of brass. Adorn in simple garbs and straw hat. Branune roams, clutching a simple set of scales. With which it judges trades between those beyond. Spirit Alignment: Neutral. Yet to be discovered. Spirit Type: Lesser Beneath Ghorza Spirit Name: Belune Spirit Totem: A set of tipped scales. Spirit Description: Belune is a faceless humanoid made of silver. Adorn in fine clothes fit for nobility. Belune roams, holding a set of fine gold scales. Belune tricks those beyond into trade that favors one party over the other. For the unlucky, Belune tricks them into deals that favors itself with these scales. Spirit Alignment: Dark Unknown to any currently.
  10. Tanaes Smov, stares at the paper a moment. Giving a shrug, she slips out of the small apartment in Asimu'lei. To take pilgrimage across Arcas
  11. A Mali'ker picks up some parchment. Moving to the shore. To crumple the paper. Tossing it to the high sea. "Luara have mercy, this sounds like a cult."
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