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  1. I know its like all 32 posters appeared out of thin air, Oren must already have a ton of money
  2. Thorla would wrap her hands and place her gauntlets on"Oim Gonnah Cru'sh eh"
  3. I love this ngl good job world team!
  4. For a while now i've been thinking about taking a break, not because of vortex of anything but just because of myself, I just need to take some time to better myself. I don't feel as if i've be kind to most, and I feel as if I keep going the way i'm going grinding this game when I could just be improving my current self. Many know that I can be a jerk, weird, and annoying . I realized that a while ago and was an idiot for not really doing anything about it until a month ago. I'm gonna try to cut back a good bit and try not to get really involved for a good 2 months. I just feel like i need t
  5. Thorla Ireheart would be in awe at the amazing hand writing
  6. Mayors of Blazengard: The “peoples speaker” of each Town within Blazengard, they are responsible for the upkeep and management of their districts. Each Mayor is given reports from there stewards about taxation. The Mayors are also tasked with planning events and parties within the designated festival area. They report their taxes and events up to the sovereign and also report any problems the people may have or suggestions to improve the area. Mayors are also tasked with looking over business applications from citizens or merchants that wish to set up a business within their desi
  7. IGN:Wafflessupremacy RP NAME:Thorla Ireheart CANDIDATE:Durorn Ireheart Thorla would get really excited about this vote as shed burst with excitement grabbing a quild and small cup of ink as shed write down Durorns name, shed fold it up and place a piss on the seal and line the vote with green paint. shed then go out and drink a barrels worth of alcohol and eat about 12-lbs of meat.
  8. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Tainted_Ace)) Name: Ban Estrosa Vote for Sohaer: (XX ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  9. I love these rules.... basket wanna grab water sometime?
  10. *would take a piece of paper and think to himself hed then write "I would like a necklass that has a stag on it, or something else to surprise me"
  11. Settlement/Group:The Sun State of Blazengard Leader’s OOC Name:Tainted_Ace Leader’s RP Name:Ban Estrosa
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