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  1. I come back to stalk the forums for one week, and this happens. It's a shame that this horrendous fact didn't come up earlier. It's ******* Minecraft god damnit, how are there so many degenerates on it.
  2. Walter White got done dirty.

  3. Jarvis please we love you.

  4. I broke the curse.

  5. If you want to know what the Cold War felt like, play LOTC for more than a year.

  6. I will attempt to obtain a copy when I can.
  7. @monkeypoacher Congratulations, you broke the curse. Let's see, you were the person who got me into Helena, and you offering me a cartography job made me stick there. (I forced someone else to walk around to make the maps though) I paid them only a fraction of what I got in profits. So basically, you gave the opportunity to learn what the flying **** I was doing. And you didn't really know it, congratulations. You play chess anyway?
  8. You just described Real-life Democracy.
  9. I can rightfully say that my sleep schedule was destroyed after 5 Weeks. I responded to an action within hours. With it most commonly being a 30 Minute wait. I tried to combine both quality and quantity and succeeded at the expense of myself. I am planning more. Had around 12 or so players, and a few wars.
  10. It concluded a few weeks ago, it has shown me much better ways of handling these and to make them even more enjoyable for future ones. So skill issue.
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