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  1. You can't sell provinces when at war in Eu4. It's like you've never even played the game, pathetic.
  2. One of these days I'm going to get tired and ******* send a tip to the FBI for the next clown that get's caught in a fashion like this.

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    2. painfulPantry


      I'm not virtue signaling for arrows this is a literal pedophile who shouldn't have even been able to get back on this server.


      Also isn't your comments on statuses technically begging for green arrows as well if you're going to say that? You're no less bandwagoning than I am.

    3. Salvo


      Room temperature IQ

    4. painfulPantry


      Yet you're the one who posted a gif of a man wearing thigh-high socks and putting on cat ears.


      Checkmate, Liberal


  3. Guys I'm secretly a sleeper cell agent for the NKVD am I too late to do my task.

  4. Is there any LOTC Equivalent of Finnish.

    1. yopplwasupxxx


      yes, they are called Kvenomen

  5. Peralien Maelstorm, a 'Oathbreaker' would obtain a copy of this map, and would immediantly cross out 'Mirame' and write Pinemaw over it. "M-much better... GOD ******* DAMNIT!" She would scream in a undisclosed location.
  6. Man's been here since 2011 and still has the New Member Forum Tag.

    1. UnusualBrit


      welcome to lots

  7. 1st spot in hotbar. Second I see anyone bad on the roads ahead of me I press 1 and spam right-click while my ears get blasted but deep down I'm in relief knowing that man's not gonna be able to copy-paste a halting emote in time to get me.
  8. The only prison is this server. They are not on this server, therefore they are not in prison? Are you trying to sneak them into prison?
  9. 𐎢𐎯 𐎼 𐎢𐎯 𐎿𐎢𐎼 𐎼

    Ud rēa, ud sura rēa

    In those days, in those distant days.


    𐎴𐎥𐎡 𐎼 𐎴𐎥𐎡 𐎲𐎠𐎼 𐎼

    Ngi rēa, ngi bara rēa

    In those nights, in those ancient nights.


    𐎸𐎢 𐎼 𐎸 𐎿𐎢𐎼 𐎼

    Mu rēa mu sura rēa

    In those years, in those distant years.


    𐎢𐎯 𐎢𐎾 𐎵𐎴𐎥𐎯𐎢 𐎱𐎠 𐎢𐎠𐎲𐎠

    Ud ul ningduē pa ēaba

    In those ancient days all things had been created!~


    𐎢𐎯 𐎢𐎾 𐎵𐎴𐎥𐎯𐎢 𐎷 𐏀𐎡𐎯 𐎯𐎥𐎥𐎠𐎲𐎠

    Ud ul ningduē mi zid duggaaba

    In ancient time when all things were given their place!


    𐎢𐏁 𐎣𐎾𐎠𐎸𐎶𐎣 𐎴𐎡𐎴𐎭 𐏁𐎢𐎠𐎲𐎠

    Eš kalammaka ninda šuaba

    When bread was first tasted in the sacred shrines of the land!


    𐎡𐎸𐏁𐎢𐎼𐎡𐎴 𐎣𐎾𐎠𐎸𐎶𐎣 𐎵𐎴𐎥𐎫𐎲 𐎠𐎣𐎲𐎠

    Imšurinna kalammaka ningtab akaba

    When the ovens had been lighted!


    𐎠𐎴 𐎣𐎡𐎫 𐎲𐎠𐎭𐎲𐎠𐎼𐎠𐎲𐎠

    An kita badabaraaba

    When the Heavens had been separated from the Earth...


    𐎣𐎡 𐎠𐎴𐎫 𐎲𐎠𐎭𐎿𐎢𐎼𐎠𐎲𐎠

    Ki anta badasuraaba

    When the Earth had been separated from the Heavens...


    𐎸𐎢 𐎴𐎸𐎾𐎢𐎾𐎢 𐎲𐎠𐎴𐎥𐎼𐎠𐎲𐎠

    Mu namluulu baangaraaba

    When mankind had been established...





  10. Cruel and Cold.

    Like winds on the sea!~


    Will you ever

    return to me?


    Hear my voice...

    Sing with the tide...


    My love, will never die.


    Over waves, and

    Deep in the blue!


    I will give, up my

    heart for you...


    Ten long years,

    I'll wait to go by.


    My love, will never die.


    Come my love!

    Be one with the sea!


    Rule with me!

    For eternity!


    Drown all dreams,

    so merselessly! 


    And leave their souls,

    to me.


    Play the song,

    you sang long ago!


    And wherever the

    storm may blow!


    You will find!~

    The key to my heart!~


    We'll never be apart...


    Wild and Strong!

    You can't be contained!


    Never bound!

    Nor ever chained!


    Wounds you've caused,

    will never mend!


    And you will never end!


    Cruel and cold...

    Like winds on the sea...


    Will you ever...

    Return to me?


    Hear my voice...

    Sing with the tide...


    Our love will never die...





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