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  1. Full Name of Corte Candidate: Peralien Mirthsense Age of Corte Candidate: 57 Address of Corte Candidate: Bldg 3, Apt 402
  2. Osanora Corte Registration ---------------------------------------------------------------- -Flag of the Barony of Osanora- (OOC: Hey all, Skilled wanted me to make this post this time, it's this time again, lets get some democracy going. All you need to register is some quick simple requirements!) To order to run in the Corte Election of 13 SA of Osanora, the following requirements must be completed and fulfilled by the time of registration: "Any citizen 18 and older of Osanora owning or legally living in property in the boundaries of Osanora with adequa
  3. Can all of you just upvote this so I can get my idiotic rep to 200?

  4. Peralien Mirthsense prepares malicious intent.
  5. Simon's ghostly form looks at this silently in a weird backwards crackhouse Sutican alley, he would then say to himself. "The **** they doin' over there."
  6. Oh hey, you're finally awake. You tried to cross the border right?

    1. Valaryon


      Same as us, and that thief over there.

    2. BuilderBagel


      Damn you stormcloaks. ... It’s these Stormcloaks the Empire wants.

  7. [!] The "Private" Note would be open for the public. To Baron Medina. "Although my self has never seen you, I can say a few things about you. You have neither the firmness of a man nor the gentleness of a woman! The fact that anyone would even find comfort in your presence amazes me beyond belief, and the fact that people would even see you as sane makes me ponder also! If you have a heir, which I highly doubt you do since nobody even likes you, then your heir much be saddened to know that they have such a terrible parental figure
  8. 8/10, would follow again

    1. figdealer


      same tbh upvoted

  9. The Good

    Cool Person

    Good Sense of Humor

    The bad

    From Yukon



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      Perish, Urara. Save me. @Urara

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      No one can save you, now perish

    4. ArizonaRanger


      Okay don't lie, I've seen first hand how bad your internet is, that's yukon internet if I've ever seen it

  10. November 29, 2020 - Ghost Server b r u h
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