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  1. Guard of the Martlett Preamble With the formation and construction of the Barony of Pinemaw, the defense of our territory by local forces is key to the basic protection and security of our land. To protect the civilians and visitors of Pinemaw should be our top goal, along with repelling invaders. It should come to the notice to both the local population and to the Urguan Capital that the Barony of Pinemaw hereby established a force to defend and repel invaders. Which will serve at the will of the Barony. Ranks With the importance of establishing a order and command system, the Barony of Pinemaw discloses and establishes this chain of command. Marshall of Pinemaw The Marshall serves as the leader of the Martlett Guard, answering only to the Baron(ess) in militaristic action and affair. They will be responsible for holding regular trainings, and the promotion of troops. Also in assistance in fights. Elite The elite is a rank given to people who have disgusted themselves in combat, if no superior is present they will have full authority to lead a group of soldiers to do anything that is morally correct, or common sense. Footmen Footmen are the backbone of the Martlett Order, they will hold their loyalty to both Urguan and Pinemaw, and will defend both when called upon. Their service is crucial in the survival of Pinemaw. Signed, Baroness Peralien Maevisal of Pinemaw, Knight of the Martlett Order, Member of the Der Ryder Clan. OOC: How to Enlist
  2. Banishment of Fos'dul & Kul'Raguk Left to Right: Fos'dul, Kul'Raguk For their actions against the Barony of Pinemaw, it seems fit that the banishment of Kul'Raguk and Fos'dul shall take place, should they be seen on or near Pinemaw, they will be captured and sent to the Urguan Capital for their crimes. Fos'dul is a estimated 5'3-5'7 in. tall Kharajyr, typically seen in what is pictured above. And has a abrupt fascination with living in trees. Kul'Raguk is a estimated 7'6-8'3 in. tall Olog, they occasionally are seen wearing a helmed outfit with a dark-velvet style cloth around their waist. Remember, they are to only be attacked and captured should they be seen on or near Pinemaw.
  3. Peralien learns of the Old-mans death one way or another. "Finally? He's finally dead!?" She then takes a deep breath and does one thing. "HAHAHAHAHA!!" -wheeze- "AHAHAHA! FINALLY, HE'S PERISHED! HE THOUGHT I FORGAVE HIM FOR KIDNAPPING TIYAN? ROT IN HELL WILLIAM! NOBODY LOVED YOU!"
  4. IGN: Pinemaw Name: Enrique Lopez Age: 27 Place of residency: Arenisca Bank account balance: Uh... Uh.. I'm a ladies man Hobbies: Ladies man One interesting fact about yourself: I am the reincarnate of Horen
  5. Taste the rainbow

  6. Y-you know this letter is IRP Right?
  7. If any criminal offense then help me commit grand treason
  8. At the start of Almaris I had patience because I was told that Vortex was unfinished. A few months after that and we finally received our vaults, which I got half of my stuff completely gone by a glitch and no response from the person who handled it. Next few months later, rise in 'gooning' where I've seen people OOCly admit that they just raid for OOC laughs and for kicks. Ruh roh! Can't do shit in an open area for a event without getting 6 people with 1 Word persona names showing up to PVP Default you and your friends! Oh? You're tired of nation beaucracy and just want a home in the Outback? Too bad, Wildlands are gRiEfInG. Hope you're happy being a money source to people who you've never met giving 50% or more of what you make to them. 2/10 I just want my Wildlands back and my resource pits, give me back Arcas, my baby.
  9. Barony of Pinemaw 50 SA | Livery Registry It is seen fit that the first registry for candidates for an Livery Council Registry shall take-place. The terms will last for how-ever the Baroness see's fit. They will not be assigned roles until they are elected. They shall be evaluated to find what task will best suit them. To register for the Livery Council election, fill out this form. Signed, Baroness Peralien Maevisal of Pinemaw, Dame of the Martlett Order, Knife of Rozania, Member of the Der Ryder Clan
  10. Update Dynamap

  11. Peralien

    Morgue Vol. 1

    "GOD let me unsee this ****, please." Peralien says.
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