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  1. Peralien


    Satin I'm here to contact you regarding your car's extended warranty. Please do not resist.
  2. I translated what the hell the Chinese Spam-bots are saying. It's propaganda trying to convince Chinese Students studying-abroad to return to great Holy Motherland.

    1. Gemini


      There is only one God and that is Kim Jong-Un

  3. So I may be autistic

    1. TreeSmoothie


      welcome to the club

    2. ChumpChump


      r u looking for funding?

  4. This Jarvis pill is repfarming and we're all falling for it. Not bad kid, not bad.
  5. What the **** is a Smogger, is it like something from Morbius?

    1. Barbog


      i believe it's short for "smogchamp"

    2. Valannor


      its the sweatshop im going to throw you into for the glory of His Majesty the King

    3. Crevel


      It's short for "Smelly Poggers"

  6. Jarvis, tell the Jarvis-fact of the day.

  7. Ban every single member of the Commonwealth for a week to mourn and worship the loss of their glorious queen.
  8. You are truly an enigma, Jarvisposter, and you might have broken a record on getting the most amount of rep within joining in less than a week.


    May this Jarvispill never die.

  9. This man has been here for less than 48 Hours and has more rep than players who've been here for months.





      Jarvis, it seems that Peralien has followed and complemented us. Follow them back. Complement them, too. Shake their hand. Give them a small diamond. Make a vague, somewhat cynical comment about pvp. Upvote a recent post or two.


  10. Well this went well.

  11. Wat teh absowute fluff is dis shit. Is chu daft uwu? chu wook wike teh stwuggwe is mothewfucking weaw. Chu wook wike chu nyeed a bath. Chu wook wike chu nyeed a job.
  12. I lost my ability to translate Femboyist more then a year ago.
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