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  1. Rosey


    Her mother was born in Haelun’or and lived there for most of her life. She wasn’t a very high-strung woman, she didn’t understand the prejudices. Her father was too, however he was often looked down on because of his “impure”, 1/4 human background. Meaning he didn’t have the option to be high-strung either. She fell for him because of their similar thinking, and when they found that she was actually pregnant, something rare for a high elf, they left the kingdom to make sure Adara led an easier life than her father. She didn’t. People outside of Halun’or hate high elves, and people in the kingdom hate her for being impure. Around the age of 45, she came back from hunting to see her family and the wagon they lived in, in ashes. She decided too continue being kind to those she meets, but the anger from her parents death made her turn to stealing. “People stole from me, they can loose a few things too,” would be her thinking. She did make a friend in Sutica, named Aisling, who she likes to give gifts too, and they both keep each other in check.
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