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  1. In the dead of the night, a hooded figure snuck into numerous buildings in the Vortice capital city of Talon's Port... Nothing was taken, however some choice homes would find notes placed atop spots where the council members would have no choice but to see. Once this task was finished, the hooded figure made their way to the top of the Alley Alehouse, not bothering to lock the doors of the rooftop. The figure sat upon the wedding stage, sighing and dropping their cloak, revealing a de-crowned Vivian Maelstorm, her face reddened and puffy, running mascara covering her cheeks as she withdrew a moonsteel dagger from her waist-sheathe. “....Syl always told me that elves would last hundreds of years before devolving into madness… well, I guess that wasn’t the case with me, huh?” The short ‘aheral chuckled dryly, her free hand lofting to remove a final note from her bosom. “...Maybe one day, everybody can forgive me.” Another tear fell from her real eye as she set the note gently against the ground, away from where she had planned to die. As she did such, a tinge of hurt shot through her core. The woman had lost so many in such a short amount of time… how selfish was she, to take her life at this, when so many others had suffered so much more! She grit her teeth as she sat back down upon the stage, deliberating upon her next course of action as memories flooded into her mind. Her wedding with Joakim af Orvar… How they married under the Heart Tree. The birth of Dana and Corrin af Orvar. Her short-standing marriage to Seryne, and how horribly that turned out in the two years they spent together. Her thirty something year long marriage to Eoghan O’Cathain, the wedding they had within the settlement of Talon’s Grotto, and her children- Eliott, Lilith, and Seteth… Two of which were now dead. Her marriage to Sylvain Ainzworth Majin, and their many, many children… those of whom the pair had adopted, and those of whom the pair had produced of their own blood. She choked back a sob as she remembered the pain the pair had endured together. Her sisters, Athri, Lenora, and Sana, and the love they shared… Her brothers, Gail, Ren and James, and the laughs they had... her best friend, Eugeo, and the secrets they had kept together… her many children, two in particular stuck out in her memory- they were only thirty four, how could they live with the loss of their mother? Mystralath and Belladonna were both old enough that they would remember Vivian forever more- unlike Fable, Claude and Aer, who were still mere babes and had hardly spent any time with Vivian. The red-headed monarch sobbed again as she raised the dagger, staring up to the sky in emotional agony… before plunging the blade into her chest, taking the moonsteel directly to the heart. After a few seconds, the elfess slumped down, the colour draining from her once purple eye as tears fell, her hands dropping from the hilt of the blade and down to her lap as she fell to her side, dead. Inside the note, when she were to be found, was a single paragraph, reading as follows. “To my people, to my family, to my friends… I have loved you all so dearly, but it is my time to depart now. I bid thee farewell and I hope to meet you all again in another time. You are all so important in your own ways. As of the Deep Cold of the 35th year, I wish for Athri Onfroi Belrose-Maelstorm to carry on the Monarchy of the Unified Domain of Vortice on my behalf, and to be crowned as the Heir Monarch by the Congress. Thank you all for your time. Vivian Maelstorm”
  2. [!] Flyers would be pasted all throughout Almaris! "MIKA UIALBEN - HE'S HERE, HE'S WEIRD, HE’S ALSO WEIRDLY DEPRESSED AND IN NEED OF A HUG!" My friend Mika is DESPERATE for a date and I'm here to help! He currently is living within the Silver Lubba keep in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and gods only know he needs a bit of action, ya know what I’m saying? Mika thats a joke please dont kill meif you realize who i am i love you So why don't you come on over to the keep for a date with a red headed former prince, to see if you have what it takes to be Mika's newest partner! He absolutely adores any women that would be willing- but prefers elven mistresses! [!] Detailed sketches of Mika would be drawn onto the flyers. "THIS IS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE, EXCEPT NOW HE'S KIND OF DEPRESSED AND LOOKS LIKE A HOMELESS BUM EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE TIME." "NO ESTIMATED DATE OR TIME, JUST COME MEET HIM IN THE KEEP AND HE'LL SIT DOWN FOR A DATE." Approved by an anonymous source. ((Btw credit to @BasilTheBunnysorry I just asked Mika for art and added it in))
  3. -= A Gathering In the Alley =- [!] Across Almaris a flyer is stapled to all easily accessible notice boards. Upon the parchment is the scrawling script describing the following. Join us in the Alley Alehouse on the Amber Cold of the 35th year of the second age for a joyous event! Hosted in the Vortice capital city of Talon’s Port by the Congress of the Monarch, the party will include a wide range of alcoholic choices, games, and delectable food for purchasing. Below is described a few games that will be ran during the event! Competitive darts A game of skill in which the participants shall take turns throwing three darts at the board, Highest scoring individual of the night will win a free drink of their choice from the bar. Iblees coin A deceitfully difficult game in which players will take turns trying to throw mina across the table and land a coin in each of the opponents five shot glasses. Each coin made in your glass requires you to slam the shot. If party goers are interested a tournament may be organized but otherwise this will be done on a person to person basis. Tavern Brawl As the name suggests that the roof of the tavern will be used for brawls. An ''alleged'' safe place to show just how great of a fighter that drink says you are. Bets can be placed or simply just a friendly event of slamming each other with chairs. Individuals with the most wins at the end of the event shall get 150 mina and free drinks for the following elven week. These selections are just to name a few of the attractions offered at the Port. The only restriction imposed on attendance is the city will be strictly denying all weapons from entering the city. If you forget this and show up with one, the guards will gladly hold it for you till you leave. Elsewise all are free to attend no matter race, nation, or creed so long as they do not start any issues.
  4. Do you love me Mika? :3 Am I ur friend?
  5. Vivian Maelstorm blinked as she read the flyer, a small smile growing on her visage as she placed the paper down for someone else in the room to read… “I’m glad to see everyone is well… I’ll be back home soon, I hope.”
  6. Vivian Maelstorm, now recovering from her single injury, smirked as she told her friend of the fight she had just partaken in. "And then Syl took me back to the clinic and stitched me up real good," she spoke excitedly, obviously proud of herself and her friends- no, her family.
  7. [!] Flyers would be posted all around Almaris, advertising the upcoming festivity of the Vortice Masquerade Ball! We, the Congress of Vortice, cordially invite you to join us in our Dance of the Ocean ball in the capital city Talon’s Port. As the name suggests, it is an ocean themed ball, so we implore you to dress accordingly in an ocean themed scheme. Blues,greens, purples, corals, and so on. You can even come in a bathing suit if you so please! Just keep it appropriate, as children will likely be there. Be sure to bring your masks and get ready to dance, eat, drink, and have your fun with your friends. Hosted in the month of Malin’s Welcome, 33 S.A Everyone* is invited! Special invites listed below: The Duke of Elysium, Eugeo de Astrea, and his company The Matriarch of the Jade State, Xiuying Li, and her company The Grand King of Urguan, Levian’Tol Grandaxe, and his company The High Prince of the Realm of Elvenesse, Evar’tir Oranor, and his company The King of Norland and his company The Rex of Krug and his company The Emperor of Oren and his company The King of Karosgrad and his company DO NOTE THIS IS A ***CIVIL*** EVENT, any hostility will be met with a swift disinvitation. *Everyone does not include the Rustlers or any banished persons who are viable to arrest by the State Army of Vortice. [!] RSVP Invite information has been posted below as well! https://forms.gle/Q6opaUKAkrRotg1a6 Signed, the Monarch of Vortice, Keeper of the Depths, Vivian Maelstorm
  8. THE BANISHMENT OF SAEMOS HIDONE Due to recent events occurring within our city and much deliberation on the part of the Congress of Vortice, it is seen fit that the banishment of Saemos Hidone should take place on behalf of two acts of treason and putting our citizens in danger as a cultist. Saemos will be killed on sight should he be seen within the Domain of Vortice, it’s lands, or it’s walls. He is also stripped of any affiliation and titles regarding the Vortice military, the Vortice Congress, as well as the Maelstorm family name from here on out until the end of time. Signed, Athri Onfroi Belrose-Maelstorm, Princess of Vortice, Representative of Foreign Affairs and Commissioner of Defense Signed, Vivian Maelstorm, Monarch of Vortice and Keeper of the Depth's
  9. i’m not too old- 20, turning 21 in March. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. ooc: haha military time
  11. Vivian read the agreement, a cigarette between her index and middle finger as she tapped away the ash, setting the copy she had down as she took a sip from her bottle of Ikurn'vallei. Once she pulled the bottle away, a single word utterance was made from the red-tinted lips of the Monarch. "Yuh." Finally, it was time for the woman to focus on the rebuilding of her city and restructuring of her government.
  12. [!] Vivian would see this as an epic win. She gets therapy- and by therapy, one would mean that she's currently bound up to a gate and talking about why she hates her life and why she just wants a hug.
  13. [!] If one were to walk near the Monarch's office in the ministry hall of Talon's Port, they would hear gently muttering as the red-headed mali sorted through old files she stashed into the bookshelves before departing the city nearly thirty years prior. Inside the room, the woman paced back and forth whilst holding a specific file- banishments, treasury sheets, letters of old, even posters from her first ever event held in Talon's Grotto. She sighed as she saw the names she clearly wrote in such childish handwriting- it was nearly six decades ago she wrote these banishments. her handwriting has changed so much since. Vivian chuckled lightly at James' silly signature, how boyishly charming it was, in the sense of James being young... she wondered how her brother was doing. If Gail had passed, that means that James would perish soon as well. Tears welled in her eyes as she thought of most of the people's names on that list. Joakim af Orvar, her first husband and first love... She ran away from him after a fight the two had regarding the care for Seryne Sarro. She added his name as she was scared that Joakim would take their children despite never being around for them... She frowned, missing the man she had lived with for ten years. Aisling af Orvar, Joakim's sister, who was prone to fits of anger without her trusty flower wrapped into her hair, which Vivian shuddered at the thought of ever crossing the woman.... and promptly wrote the banishment against her. Her frown deepened, though she wouldn't really be able to place why. Seryne Sarro, a mentally unstable and physically ill sadomasochistic murderer. Vivian wiped a drop of sweat off her brow. She really dodged a bullet there... And Seryne's wife, Kali, for support of these actions. Cayde, Ignis, and Edward... She was never quite told why these three were banished, but she never questioned it either. She crumpled the banishment missive and tossed the paper into the fireplace behind her as she gazed at the posters she had made. They were shoddily created with the effort of which you'd see only from a seven year old. She chuckled at the verbiage she had chosen to use upon the flyer, memories flooding of Castiel Valaker making a guest appearance while drunk off his arse, making a speech on how Vivian, Gail, and James revived the city... How the new tavern was gorgeous, how the citizens were lively. Tears flowed loosely from the ducts of the fiery-haired elfess. Sobs could be heard through the ministry building. Memories floated into her mind vividly. Of meeting Joakim as he sold her a house near his clinic in Vi Stige. Of her first marriage, the bond under the Heart Tree and the customs that she followed. Of the birth of her first child, Corrin, and her second, Dana. How they are both now long dead. Of her second marriage, the hiding she did and the secrets they kept to each other... Of leaving Vi Stige to move to Talon's Grotto, and becoming an architect. Of the adoption of a wonderful young deaf girl- Vivian would not know it, but that young girl was no longer a girl. Of becoming a council member for Talon's Grotto and reviving a once dead city. Of her third marriage, to Eoghan, the man she loved for thirty years. Of her third, fourth, and fifth child- Eliott, Lilith, and Seteth. All gone without a word, likely dead as well as their older siblings. Of her near-attempt of suicide from the top of the Alley Alehouse in Talon's Port. Of the suicide of her third spouse, Eoghan O'Cathain... And the hurt of knowing she was the cause. Of the acknowledgement of Athri and Vivian's sisterhood, and of the council position she held in Sutica for a short while. Of the suicide of her adoptive son Kreen. Of the death of her friends and family as she took up the mantle, becoming the eighth sovereign of Talon's Port. Of the change in government and the reformation of the Domain of Vortice. Of her now fourth marriage, to someone whose relationship with her was hidden for a decade before anything changed. Of more children, Mystralath, Belladonna, Fable, Aer and Claude... And the adoption of so many more! All that could be heard from the building for hours was sobbing- loud, uncontrollable, hurt-filled sobbing. The woman was at her limit, though she could not tell anyone. She had to stay strong. For her nation. For her city. For her friends, and family. For her children and her spouse. For herself. She picked up the files and put them away before grabbing her old, old bottle of Ikurn'vallei- old habits once again dying hard as she took a large swig. She would make the nation thrive if it was the last thing she did.
  14. Username: Dracol Name of the Skin: Blushing Pink Bid Amount: 35 hehe i like pink :3
  15. a drink that brings my mom back to life
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