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  1. Vivian Maelstorm would read the missive that she had permitted to go out, shaking her head in disbelief. "Crazy to believe that the same people begging for assistance and supplying their part of the war, from a sovereign state with a council of elves, would then proceed to put out a gods-damned human supremacy missive." She chuckled dryly and angrily, signing off once again on this, making damn sure that Oren knew she would be serious. "And by crazy, I mean, exactly what racist, sadistic, sycophantic humans from the Orenian Empire would do." After having gotten an A-Okay from Lenora in the pas
  2. Talon’s Port Lawbook Revised and Published as of 23 S.E (1) Citizen and Visitor Laws and Rights 1. Citizens of Talon’s Port are defined as those who own or live within a residential property within the city, or have expressly been granted citizenship by a member of the Council. Meanwhile, visitors of Talon’s Port are defined as those who do not own or live within a residential property within the city. 2. Businesses do not count as residential properties unless somebody is living within them. The owner of a stall, for example, would not be automatically given
  3. I love you. Thank you. I will come to your house with fresh baked cookies, Nick.
  4. hey hey ho hi hello !!! i now am doing a skin auction (and also showing off that i do skins) its all in mina bc i dont wanna take yalls irl money rn since everything is tight but uhhh! i have a few skins, but here we go ahaha DARK ELF BASE - 50 mina starting off WOOD ELF - 65 mina starting off note: i used her twice. i did not like playing her. creamy piece - 45 mina starting off flowers on ya mum - 45 mina starting off sussy! - 45 mina starting off NOTE: i did spend hours on
  5. Vivian Maelstorm stares at the flyer that would be posted up... and frowned. "I hope this won't be stationed in Talon's Port...."
  6. [!] Flyers would be pasted around all of Almaris, another Festival, another day. [!] A depiction of a festival, city streets full to the brim. Once again, a festival of restoration blesses our great city- though we're no longer just a city. We're now a nation with bustling citizens, loving families, and new council members. The council of Talon's Port kindly invites all of good will to their third Festival of Restoration- once again hosted by Vivian Maelstorm, previously known as Eibhlin af Orvar. It has been nearly an elven year since it has been hosted, a
  7. Viviam Maelstorm, the Sovereign of Talon's Port, stared at the missive, before daring to take a walk over to Elvenesse, staring intently at the city. ".....Why would you do this to yourselves, man."
  8. The Pact of the Scorpion and the Kraken Year 20 of the Second Age The following pact has been drafted to serve toward the interest of better relations and an avenue towards more open diplomatic channels between the Sovereign State of Talon’s Port and the War Nation of Krugmar. The Talon’s Port Council represented by Sovereign Vivian Maelstorm, and The Wargoth Council led by the Dominus-Rex Bazur of Krugmar hereafter agree to the following terms in hopes of furthering friendship between the two nations and ensuring a prosperous future for the individuals of ea
  9. Vivian Maelstorm grinned, signing the agreement before passing it over to Rha'kir. "I'm glad we came to an agreement, I'm excited to visit your little slice of paradise again soon, llir."
  10. [!] Flyers would be pasted across Almaris, and some alongside another flyer in Sutica's Capital. ~=+=~ [!] A painting depicting a faire with a crowd of people under gazebos! "The Sutican Cultural Festival, where all of Almaris is invited to visit the Free State of Sutica in pursuit of showing every town, city, village, and nation's individual cultures, full of events, prizes, and showcases for all citizens of the continent to peddle their wares!" ~=~ EVENTS HOSTED Cultural Showcase [!] Art depicting many different
  11. [!] Flyers would be pasted throughout Sutica's capital. "Tea with your peers on a fine afternoon whilst gardening, chatting and laughing!" [!] A painting of a group of people enjoying tea amongst the flowers of a beautiful garden. "Tea will be served among all participating persons in the capital of Sutica, taking place within the month of Snow's Maiden, on the 17th day. If you are keen to join, leave a response below on the attached list and Vivian Maelstorm will make a note to save a spot for you. If you've any dietary restrictions, please meet with me befor
  12. Vivian Maelstorm awoke early in the morning, ready to make some kind of concoction for the new day's bullshit. As she made her way out of her room, she tripped on two books set at her door. Fumbling to stand up, she picked them up, curious and confused, before reading the note on the top and frowning. "Damnit, Athri," she red head sighed, placing the books carefully on her bed before proceeding downstairs. "You better come back... I'll miss you..."
  13. [!] Flyers would be pasted... just everywhere. Everywhere. "ATHRI ONFROI BELROSE - SHE'S HERE, SHE'S WEIRD, SHE LIKES A BIT OF BEER!" "My sister Athri is DESPERATE for a date and I'm here to help! She currently is living with me in Sutica in the upper districts and gods only know I can handle so much of her. athri thats a joke please dont kill me you know i love you So why don't you come on over to Sutica for an interview with me, VIVIAN MAELSTORM, to see if you have what it takes to be Athri's newest partner! She LOVE LOVE LOVES short women and absolutely ADO
  14. Sutican Festival of Love Conversing and Commiserating __________________________________________________________________________ A painting of two people, a man and a woman, conversing, while the gentleman seems to be offering a dance to the visibly disinterested woman. The Sutican Festival of Love is a festival held by the Sutican Event Committee to help the citizens find and celebrate love of all kinds, even in the strangest of places! Sit down at the Saloon, have a drink with someone, grab a bite to eat, and converse ‘til your pants drop!
  15. a drink called pony jar with coconut rum, heavy whipping cream, and a dash of strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup, and lemon syrup
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