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  1. inkysys

    A Talon Festival

    [!] Fliers are posted all across Arcas, in taverns and on any wall posts that will have them. Come one and all to Talon’s Grotto! We’ve food and games, crossdressing, festivities and more! We are coming together to embrace the happiness of numerous situations that have occurred within the last year of Arcas! The council honors the happiness and loveliness of their own Vivian Maelstorm becoming engaged to Eoghan O’Cathain, and the birth of their newborn son Eliott O’Cathain! The settlement of Talon’s Grotto also celebrates the homebringing of Tali’ah! ((Sunday, August 9th of 2020, at 4pm EST)) [!] Below this holds directions to Talon’s Grotto!
  2. [!] Flyers would be spread across Arcas, pasted to memo boards and outside of taverns, advertising the anniversary event of the Festival of Restoration. ”COME ONE, COME ALL, TO THE ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL!” ”One year ago, we held the Festival of Restoration in our small city, and it was a major success. Now, we hope to hold another festival, in remembrance of our last festival.” “We offer food, drink, fun, festivities, and games! Come join us in our excitement!” ((OOC: This takes place on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 3pm EST.)) Directions to Talon’s Grotto are drawn out on a map below. ((MAKE SURE TO TAKE THE QUEENS ISLE WARP, NOT KORVASSA!))
  3. [!] Flyers are posted throughout Arcas. On these flyers are descriptions for an upcoming festival in the southeastern city of Talon’s Grotto. ”The City of Talon’s Grotto invites all residents of Arcas to attend a festival of renewal and restoration. ((July 14th, 2020, at 3pm EST)) Come one, come all, to the Festival of Restoration! We of Talon’s Grotto long to see new faces and meet new friends once again, and bring a new light to our newly redeveloped town. We’ve activities to take part in, such as competitive darts, drinking, dining, dancing, and more! The only restriction we have in place is to leave all weapons at at the gate during the time of the event, to ease any tension with others. ((How to get to TG from Cloud Temple: Head towards the Sutican and Druids. When coming up on the Queens Isle bridge, go across and continue on towards the road to Talon’s Grotto.)) ((A map of how to get to Talon's Grotto is posted as well.))
  4. inkysys


    Thank you! My favorite song is “Last Song I’m Wasting On You” by Evanescence! Yours? Thank you!!!
  5. inkysys


    I enjoy a lot of classic rock and general theatre music! Thank u!! ❤️ Alright, I’ll 100% keep that in mind ❤️ Thank u! Hi Gus!!! I’ll keep that in mind ❤️
  6. __..--''``---....___ _..._ __ /// //_.-' .-/"; ` ``<._ ``.''_ `. / // / ///_.-' _..--.'_ \ `( ) ) // // / (_..-' // (< _ ;_..__ ; `' / /// / // // // `-._,_)' // / ``--...____..-' /// / //
  7. inkysys


    So I didn’t really know what to do for a while but I decided to make an intro post, since I’m making new friends here on the server. Hi, I’m Alyx, I also go by Sie or Cee. I’ve been RPing for years and I’m glad to finally find a community where I feel comfortable enough to do so. I’m 19 and I’m an aspiring singer. It’s nice to meet everyone!
  8. inkysys


    Elyna was born in the kingdom of Norland. Her parents and siblings are unknown, as she was raised on the streets of Morsgrad. She is an adventurous young soul, searching to find gemstones all around the wilderness, never wanting to stop in one place until she finds enough of what she wants-- unless she sees a karin she would love to stop and pet. As she grew up, she learned little in schools, but rather learned what she needed from books she found in shops, all about cooking, harvesting, gemstones, as well as general knowledge such as polite mannerisms and languages. She is a self taught adventurer who wishes to find her place in the world, so as she has a stable home to live in, a warm bed to sleep in, piping hot food to eat, and a nice mug of mead to gulp down. Although she has never been a very sociable person, due to her ever-growing anxiety around others, she believes that she is ready to sit down and set up for the rest of her natural life, making friends, taming Karin and breeding litters, and finding loved ones to share her life with. However, she is unsure of where to stay, and is interested in finding the perfect place to call her home.
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