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  1. inkysys

    Mina and YOU!

    Okay, so my piece on this new economy system will comprise of numerous different points, that likely have already been brought up but this is literally 5 pages long and I don't want to lose my train of thought, so bear with me here. Color ranged from highest priority concerns, to mid priority concerns, to lowest priority concerns. The whole issue with banks being nation-locked is truly unfair to settlements that do not wish to reside under nations. It takes away their ability to be able to hold roleplay with purchasing items, selling items, etc, and would make that kind of RP die out. Many people don't wish to keep an excess of mina on them in the event of pugsies or being bandited. Not to mention my next point: A ******* FIVE HUNDRED MINA CAP on what you can keep in your bank, without paying a fee? This is going to make people NOT want to pay their nation/settlement taxes even more than they already complain about doing. It's harmful to nations and settlements, especially settlements that are still attempting to grow, as these areas require more mina to continue growing and allowing for more housing, better tile developments, etc. Not to mention, SETTLEMENT TREASURIES were not included on the exemption list- only nation treasuries. It feels as if the world team is PURPOSELY trying to make anyone who plays in a settlement want to either quit or be forced to move to a nation so that they actually feel lumped into something. Settlement treasuries are just as necessary as nation treasuries, you cannot change my mind on this. The new system with mina is going to **** over everyone and anyone who makes skins. Are you going to make people resort to RMT? Or are you going to make them lower the prices of several hours worth of work? And what about those who donate skins to the server in order to gain mina? Is that system going away as well? The cap will ruin the idea of making skins for people unless for RMT, which inevitably brings losses to the server revenue, as less players will want to join unless they have a premade or donated skin, less players will want to spend their money on server ranks, and more artists will inevitably be scammed. Another issue regarding the nation exemption from taxes, but how are you supposed to know that users who are nation treasurers won't abuse the treasury exemption? Put their own funds into the treasury to avoid the taxation and keep track of what money they put into it compared to what money the rest of the nation civilians are paying so that they can continue to hoard their loads of money while the economy gets even more fucked than what you're hoping to keep it at. And where is the tax going, anyway? CT? Why does the Cloud Temple require mina? Shouldn't it be running on magick to keep it up and keep it safe? It's not going to help the mina just go back into circulation, because people are going to ask the same thing I am- Why is CT getting the mina if it's a literal godsent safehaven without any damage or government? The mina would be better going to working on making sure settlements, lairs, nations, and others aren't going to be landscars, allowing the users to clean things up easily and fix things around them. With the new economy ideals, what would happen if five players with five hundred mina each all up and left the server permanently? What would be done in that case, regarding the 2500 mina loss? And from the perspective of a friend, who plays amongst the Orcs race: They make a very, VERY valid point when you bring in the fact that the LOTC player base already has a low chance of wanting to interact with the Orc tribes due to the banditing that had occurred numerous times, or because they hear negative things about them-- not to mention, very few people already want to play orcs. This would cause a very lore-rich race die out.
  2. Vivian would look about, waiting to see where Talo had gone, as she hadn't seen him since she ran into him in the alley on her way back to the ship with Eoghan, Lilith and Seteth. When she couldn't find him, she frowned. "I hope he made it out of the Grotto safely..."
  3. Reds n Roses $7
  4. [!] Vivian would smile. "And here we are, my other brother becoming the sovereign," she remarked, Lilith and Seteth running around her legs.
  5. Because people need dates
  6. [!] Posters have been pasted all over Arcas, detailing yet another speed dating event in Talon’s Grotto. Talon’s Grotto Speed Dating Event [!] An illustration of 3 cartoonish hearts would be drawn onto the poster. If you’re looking for love, come on down to Talon’s Grotto’s own restaurant, the Bird Cage Bar and Grill. We’ll help you find that love you’ve been craving forever. ((Will be on October 20th, 2020, at around 4pm EST)) [!] An illustration of the directions to Talon’s Grotto would be down here. To get to Talon’s Grotto, begin to make your way towards Sutica and keep going until you get to the Ferry. Then, take the ferry to the Queen’s Isle, and follow the path that leads to the left, and you’re here!
  7. [!] Numerous missing posters have been hung on noticeboards all over Arcas. Each word would have been scribbled feverishly, obviously made in distress and copied over to new sheets. MISSING: DANA MAELSTORM Date of Birth: 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1771 Age: 16 Home City: Talon’s Grotto Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Last known height: 4’7 Last known weight: 75lb Dana has been missing for almost a year now. If you have any leads, please send a bird to either her stepfather, Eoghan O’Cathain (SemiProParrot99), or her mother, Vivian Maelstorm-O’Cathain (Mitamas). REWARD: 2500 MINA
  8. [!] Flyers have been posted all over Arcas, handed out to all persons who would take them. Talon’s Grotto reaches a full Saint’s year since it’s birth! Come all to the festival of the Saint’s year anniversary of the Grotto! [!] There would be advertisements of food, games, homes, and major festivities. We’ve got darts, we’ve got drinks, we’ve got foods, we’ve got spars, and we’ve got fun! Stop by the Grotto to celebrate our anniversary! You won’t regret it! [!] An illustration of festivities is shown below. ((OOC: Hey! Talon’s Grotto has been around for a full year now! We’d love for everyone to stop by and check us out, have some fun with us, and do some RP! It takes place on Sunday, September 20th, 2020, at 6pm EDT! That’d be 3pm PDT, 4pm MDT, 5pm CDT, 11pm BST)) [!] Directions to Talon’s Grotto are posted below. To get to Talon’s Grotto, begin to make your way towards Sutica and keep going until you get to the Ferry. Then, take the ferry to the Queen’s Isle, and follow the path that leads to the left, and you’re here!
  9. EDIT: Eliott has been taken! Still looking for someone to play Corrin and Dana! Hey there! I’ve been looking for a while and I have literally no luck... I’m looking for people who are willing to play three kids for me. My oldest, Corrin, should now be about 18. Middle, Dana, would now be 14. And youngest, Eliott, would be 10 soon. I’ve got all three skins ready if anyone is interested- I’d like y’all to be active players if at all possible. Eliott Dana Corrin
  10. [!] Vivian grins as she pastes even more flyers over all the doors in the Grotto, and even some at Cloud Temple! Eventually, as the flyers get all around Arcas, more and more people read them. ”I can’t wait for this,” she murmurs, pulling out some more flyers and notices. [!!] A Wedding is taking place in Talon’s Grotto! [!!] Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend, as there will be drinks, food, games, dancing, and even consensual fighting afterwards in a tavern party located at the Alley Alehouse! We all could use some lifted spirits in this time of crisis, and we shouldn’t allow this to stop us from living our lives to the fullest! So come one, come all, to the wedding of Vivian Maelstorm, previously known as Eibhlin af Orvar or Evelyn Wardsen, and Eoghan Balder O’Cathain! To celebrating new lives together and a fresh start for all who require one! ((Date: August 27th, 2020, at about 4pm EST)) [!]A map detailing how to get to Talon’s Grotto is drawn below! ((IF UNABLE TO SEE MAP: GO FROM CT TOWARDS SUTICA. PASS SUTICA AND GO TO THE FERRY THAT PREVIOUSLY TOOK PEOPLE TO KORVASSA, AND GO TO THE QUEENS ISLE. THEN, MAKE YOUR WAY TOWARDS THE GROTTO.))
  11. I love you Neo, I hope you’re okay. I’m always here for you and Talon’s Grotto welcomes you at any point in time.
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