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      thamnk u squamk

  2. Name: Mahea'lani Age: 35 Race: Human Prior Relevant Experience: Guard within ISA, individual experience.
  3. literally the stinkiest ST

  4. Created with ArtBreeder. For my persona card <3
  5. thank you sluggobuggo aka sweetplants. very cool.
  6. Hello!! My name is Pomplemousse (aka bee) I joined Lotc summer of last year- but I have been roleplaying much longer. My journey started in 2013 or somewhere around there. I bounced around to different servers, and I even participated in some forum roleplay. I love to write and to write collaboratively with others is, and always will be, a novel concept to me. My dream of becoming an author when I was younger, has been long replaced. However, writing is still a great hobby for me. In terms of interests, I enjoy painting and drawing- my first medium being oil, and current medium is digital. Sin
  7. IGN: Pomplemousse Name: Mahea'lani Kili'ona ISA Rank: Recruit Event(s): I'm here for the food and the costume contest
  8. ((IGN)): Pomplemousse Name: Mahea’lani Kili’ona Rank: Recruit
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