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  1. BIG AGREE. 100%. I would love to see large scale antagonising of settlements that isn't just bandits showing up, causing a city to lock its gates for an eternity. Unfortunately, navigating the red tape surrounding property damage within settlements, coupled with the fact that the perpetrators would likely be subjected to pvp default makes it near impossible to do.
  2. Favourite memory on the server, ic or ooc?
  3. Xanthe grabs a copy with her morning coffee, hurrying back home to read it!
  4. A young redheaded raevir sat within the dreary pub of Dobrov, alongside a certain flamboyant bard. The relentless chattering of whom seemed melded into nought but noise as the youth stared blankly upon the half-drunk cup of ale that sat in front of him. Only when he reached for it, bringing it to parched lips, did the sing-song voice of his companion finally break through his daze and return him to the reality had sought escape from. "Yes, yes. . . He will be missed." Kazimir muttered as his friend once more returned to the blurred peripheral of his cerulean gaze, it then affixing to the loomi
  5. Seated in a land far off, word finally reaches the now aged Haeseni man. The notice offered to him by the courier was scanned over with an eager gaze-- it had been an age, or at least it felt like it, since he had heard from his firstborn. Though this was not a letter he had been hoping for, nor indeed expected. With a heart so heavy it felled the man back into the seat of his study, the missive held betwixt a crushing grasp-- his cerulean gaze glossed over and then turned out over a small bay. His chest rose up and down as finally, the barriers to his sorrow broke back to deliver a torrent of
  6. Time seemed unmoving for Aidevo, a petrified, rigid look of pure wrenching, agony stuck to her face as she peered over the battlements where Blanche had been but moments before, and where she had been too late to catch her. Scrambling, and tripping over her own feet she dashed down to the pond where the Duchess-Dowager's body lay afloat. Repeatedly she struck her departed lover's gentle features in vain attempts to awaken her from a slumber that deep-down, Aidevo knew she would not return from. Beneath the cover of darkness, the Seyami did steal away into the night, to seek out a suitable rest
  7. Why did Vladislav challenge his wife's music teacher to a duel?
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