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  1. Calan finds a copy of the newspaper and chuckles at the article about him. “What a lovely article! I’ll have to read the paper more often.”
  2. Calan Elendil strokes his mustache while reading the missive, “I’ll have to attend!”
  3. Applicant Name: Calan Stahl-Elendil Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): Jordan1921#5143 Applicant Sex and Race: Male Human Form of Art: Playwright, writing, acting Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Y Experience in the Performing Arts (if any): None so far.
  4. -Application- [RP] Name: Hogarth Irongut Race: Dwarf Clan (if applicable): Irongut Reason for Joining: I would like to serve the Clergy again, and see how the organization is doing as of late. [OOC] MC Username: Jordan1917 Discord: Jordan1921#5143
  5. Format Discord Username: Jordan1921#5143 Reference Image: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fossworld/images/8/8a/Avner_zps6cca5fc6.jpg/revision/latest/top-crop/width/360/height/450?cb=20160828173734 Character Gender: Male Alex or Steve Model: Steve Any other notes: Like that reference picture, same clothes, blond hair, brown eyes, no smile on the skin pls.
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