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  1. I was told the cooldown on herb nodes was 5 hours, did this change? The story team have a very warped perspective on what "fairly short" means if the cooldown is the same. And while we're at it since tech team said it was up to you all, the ST team, change the herbs to be player based instead of server based. I'm sick and tired of having to run halfway across the map to grab an herb from a node and see that someone else got to it first. Like I said in the tech discord we don't have fight over each other for vortex nodes, herbs should be the same. This is ESPECIALLY if the team want
  2. man these really look a lot like resource pits.
  3. nah you're not racist, I didn't even call you that mate. BUT IM DEFINITELY NOT FILCH
  4. COULDN'T HAVE EVEN GIVEN ME A BLACK CHARACTER! I could have been Dean Tomas Alexa!
  5. Alright Alexa you better not **** me over here. What hp character would I be?
  6. Its really starting to bother me that most of the playerbase here a few months ago **** talked how easy to get minas were and how absolutely worthless they were, but now actual changes to the economy on lotc have been made for the better and for some reason you all still just complain. Most of the problems I'm seeing here can literally be solved within roleplay (aka the smaller settlements who think the world team is out to get them now). As for the skinners that are here complaining, most of you already ask for irl money for your work, and for those of you that don't a single mina
  7. Joshua searched around his family to make sure every one of his children, and his wife was accounted for before helping them settle on the Haenseti ship. As he climbed aboard he went to the tail end of the ship as it started to sail away from the shore. Though the docks the descendants fled from was far from his Home in New Reza, he thought of memories of that once great city. He felt sad to see it all go after the horrors he and his fellow brothers of the HRA thought they had overcome with the inferi incursion. He prayed after it their battles were over that they had secured this land as thei
  8. That looks so fire! Can't wait to explore the rest of the map on friday!
  9. ah thank god, a proper release date ah thank god, a proper release date
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