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  1. For the sake of people saying it's not only LOTC, no of course it isn't, but this is the LOTC forums, this is the place to talk about the LOTC community, we're not gonna discuss /pol/ here. Of course there are issues of bigotry all over the internet, but that is besides the point. Through my time on this server I've been exposed to genuinely horrible people, groomers, racists, homophobes, etc, and at times I have been told I'm taking things too seriously when I discuss how big of an issue this is in our community. The open bigots of the server are certainly a problem, but I also think we should consider how they receive protection from average players who know how they act, but keep on their good side so they can have an in to a special community. One of the things that frustrates me to no end is hearing all of these people talk about having evidence that could get someone banned, but they don't release it because they want to be on this person's good side. Instead they sit on the mountain of evidence and wait for someone else to call the person out. To take some of the criticism from other former and current mod members a bit further, another big contributing factor to this behavior is many of these people have protection from their friends in staff positions who will actively attempt to prevent certain players from receiving punishment for their horrible behavior, or will dissuade people from bringing evidence forward against them. That's something that can only be dealt with from within each team individually, however, unfortunately.
  2. Everyone else already summed up my thoughts I don't want freebuild
  3. Crying and sobbing myself to sleep rn because I have to RP on my RP server this is literal discrimination 

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    2. argonian


      like what, taking 6 months to release an umpteenth rewrite only to start the next one the moment it's been posted?


      there's a reason the only ppl who bother reading lotc lore are the ones tryna abuse it for OP magic

    3. UnBaed


      Yikes, I’ll let you figure it out 

    4. argonian


      no sorry it's not my job to define the purpose of yours

  4. Skin Name: Dapper Bid(s): 300 mina Discord: Scourgeoforder#1206
  5. A stupid little monkey creature scurried about in a pool of viscera and blood, when he had heard of the frogman's fall he did not think much of it, he never thought much of anything, he never thought much. Still, an excuse to condemn the souls of the druids in eternal fire was a compelling offer, no matter the cause. Shaking free the gore from his coat he beat his wings into the air and took flight, for frogmen everywhere.
  6. In Service of the Small Folk Servitude, this is our charge. Bestowed upon our order by Blessed Xan, our duty is to serve the descendants of Horen, Krug, Malin, and Urguan alike, and all the lesser beasts upon this world that our righteous God presides over. We usher in the equality, order, justice, and love that Xan asks of us to uphold. It is with the utmost pride that I, the lowborn son of a grain farmer, strive to achieve these goals laid out to me by my brothers and sisters, and through the Credo of our Sunlit Lord. The world has felt the plague of darkspawn grow in recent years. Daemons, drakes, and dead things lurk in the shadows, wishing destruction upon human, elf, dwarf, and orc alike. So we stand, as the shield of the people, as their servants, not as lording guardians who watch from afar. Our blood we spill for them, our steel we break for them, our lives we give for them, all in the name of order. For centuries the order of Paladins has stood to fill this role, and for centuries yet to come it will remain steadfast in the face of darkness, providing an all encompassing shield to defend the people. These values do go only so far as our blades can reach, it is us who must strive to provide for the people, to meet their needs. If you see a poor beggar shivering from the frost on the side of the road, unclasp your cloaks and clothe them, provide them with shelter and meet their needs. Use your final pennies to feed the starving youths in the cities, such is our duty. It is true, we do not meddle in the politicking and warring of the nations of our shared continent, but even here we cannot shirk our duties. Wars create crises, refugees must flee their villages, with naught but the clothes they bear on their backs, and the babes in their arms. It is them we must meet with outstretched arms, to invite them into our homes, to feed and clothe them, for we can not prevent the wickedness of war, we can only nurse the wounds that it brings. This, I say, let them seek refuge in our halls, let our wards ease their fears, our shields deflect the blows of the darkspawn threat. Let the light of the Sunlit Lord bathe them in warm comfort. Our roofs keep dry their heads, and our swords vanquish the threats that plague them. Au nom de Dieu, Philippe of Sunbreak
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