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  1. A young Thalius sat isolated in his room, hovering over a parchment sprawled about his desk. The gentle glow of the lantern flickered a flame in the youth’s golden eyes, a hand rubbing angrily at the bits of parchment that had become soggy with fallen tears, ruining the scrawled handwriting. It was here, in his reclusive state, that he had heard of his mother’s passing, and it was here he had remained ever since, secluded from the rest of the mourners, left only with his fury and sorrow. A small hand traced the wooden surface as he slumped back in his chair, trying his hardest to remember the
  2. A Wick Partisan squeals in joy at the prospect of another Wick politician
  3. The Divinity Of Man On the problem of God’s chosen people As was told in the Scroll of the Gospel, God, in His infinite wisdom, chose from the sons of the first man a prophet. The prophet he chose to receive His word, the first of The Holy Scrolls, The Scroll of Virtue, was Exalted Horen. To the layman it may appear that God’s choice of humanity over the other descendants was an arbitrary one, unfair to the other races. However, as we know God is a just and benevolent Lord, we know His decisions are never arbitrary. It is not, in fact, God
  4. “Very well, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Edwin Baruch “And your age?” 20 “I know it may be clear, heh, but it is for the sake of records. What race of the descendants are you of?” Human “You are able to read and write, yes?” Yes “And with that, are you at all familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” I am “You are of course baptized?” Yes, I am “Good, good. Are you married? Do you have children?” No, to both. “In what way of the clergy do you wish t
  5. Don’t have much of a vested interest in either of these camps, just here to say that the staff are being so disappointingly childish over this whole thing, have some class about it and lose the superiority complex.
  6. Siorwyn smiled at the announcement. “Look here, the corrupt, impure councilors behind the death of our beloved Maheral Lack even the support of their peers. How lonely these disgraces find themselves!” The youth would declare. “This Mali yet stands for our rights, even if her colleagues do not.”
  7. Siorwyn Sythaerin watched on as the sentence he was unfortunately tasked with announcing was carried out, memories of the day’s earlier happenings flooding his mind. The protests in the streets, he wondered how connected it all was, had their outcries pushed the hand of these councilors to murder their own Maheral? “As if they had not done enough! These actions will not stand... there will be answers for what happened here. For the Maheral.” The young elf would mutter under his breath, fingers shaking anxiously as he watched the Lor’demar take his final breaths.
  8. Name: Siorwyn Sythaerin ((MC Name)): Scourgeoforder ((Discord)): Scourgeoforder#1206 Age: 24 What magic are you trained in, if any? Presently no training, though the use of magic is common in my bloodline. How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? First, my living ancestor, Silvos, has documented that our line has only Mali’thill within its ranks. Second, I strive for the pursuit of knowledge, taking great care to document the facts of life I come across in my extensive researching of topics which happen to catch my i
  9. I have fairly strong opinions and always will. This server is not the place for firearms or gunpowder based weaponry. - My biggest concern, once you open the gates to modern technology there will be an increased push towards furthering the agenda of breaking the tech lock. That is to say, once we invent guns, it’s only a matter of time until we invent steam engines (which I believe we might already have a form of), electricity, etc. etc. - It would render many lore items completely useless, magic being the biggest example of this. Firearms, overpowered as they are, would ruin
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