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  1. The Divinity Of Man On the problem of God’s chosen people As was told in the Scroll of the Gospel, God, in His infinite wisdom, chose from the sons of the first man a prophet. The prophet he chose to receive His word, the first of The Holy Scrolls, The Scroll of Virtue, was Exalted Horen. To the layman it may appear that God’s choice of humanity over the other descendants was an arbitrary one, unfair to the other races. However, as we know God is a just and benevolent Lord, we know His decisions are never arbitrary. It is not, in fact, God who chose Horen over his brothers, but Horen who chose God over worldly wealth. It was not Horen’s inherent supremacy that made him the first Exalted, but in fact his devotion to the Lord which prompted God to bestow upon him His eternal favor. To understand the origin of man’s place in God’s plan one must turn to the Gospel and understand the birth of our forefathers, of Horen, of Malin, of Krug, of Urguan. These four ancestors, the origin of we descendents, spread through the world with their people, and each chose that which they valued the most. Malin into the forest, to care for the creatures of the land. Urguan into the mountains, to gather the precious metals from the heart of the world. Krug into the desert, to hunt and find the strength superior to all foes. Horen into the plains and forests, to worship God and fulfill His word. This is the origin of our places in the world, of humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. Our ancestors, valued equally in the eyes of God, chose that which they valued the most. Only one of them, however, chose to value God above all else, and that was Horen. It is from these choices we find our purposes today as the descendants of these four brothers. God informed us that “As Horen and Owyn, as all men, you suffer the sins of your father and your mother:” (Gospel 7:28). So, by God’s very own words, the reason humanity is favored to be the prophets of God is because our fathers chose God over this world, where the fathers of elves, dwarves, and orcs chose this world over God. Bear in mind, humanity does indeed carry with them the blessing of God as passed down to them by their forefather Horen, this is without dispute. This is why of all God’s prophets, all have come from the line of Horen, the line of humanity. This blessing does come with a price, however. As humans we are expected to spread the love of God to the other descendents, we are tasked to follow in the footsteps of Exalted Horen, Owyn, Godfrey, and Sigismund. This is due to our forefathers’ promise that we shall remain dutiful and faithful to His word and His plan. In this regard the word of God does not promote human supremacy, but the supremacy of His virtuous and righteous followers. There is only one supreme, and that is the Lord himself, and by this fact no man can be supreme but through Him. A non believer may rebut with a passage from the book of Godfrey; “And Godfrey set aside the Throne of Man for a holy purpose, consecrating it to GOD. Thus it was sworn that no Son of Malin, of Urguan, of Krug, or any magi shall hold it.” (Gospel 6:36-37). The answer to this is rather straightforward. As discussed prior, the sons of Malin, Urguan, and Krug chose for themselves false gods at the behest of Iblees. It is for this simple reason no non-human may rule over man, those that worship the servants of Iblees can not sit on the throne that was consecrated and dedicated to God. Furthermore, one should not become overly prideful in their status as the bearers of God’s word. This very mistake was made by Exalted Godfrey himself, in proclaiming the supremacy of humankind over the other descendent races. “So the Lord saw that Godfrey went into strange lands. 17 He spoke the word of God, which was good. 18 But he also spoke of man’s perfection, and the foreigner was made to grovel before man in worship. 19 The world lived in terror of the Lord, and not in love.” (Gospel 7:16-19). As one can read, directly from the Holy Scrolls themselves, humanity is not to be made supreme over all of the races. Godfrey was in fact chastised by God for this very display of pride. Therefore, one must take great heed not to become prideful of their own place in this world, after all we are all but mere servants to the Almighty. It is without a doubt our divine duty to rise to the expectations God has placed for the greatest among us, the Exalted, but in doing so we must not create a division between his people by spreading the idea of singular supremacy in the eyes of God. Rather, we must bring all descendents together under the loving gaze of our Creator. We must shine the light of God upon all other descendents so they too may feel His loving embrace. To conclude this work, the Scroll of Spirit recalls God’s mercy towards those who have been led astray. Each of the races, as well as the Magi, receive a warning not to fall victim to the Denier’s lies, but to find the Lord and worship Him. Therefore it is not supremacy over the descendents God has given to we humans, but the burden to bright salvation to them, to show them the lies of their false gods and guide them to the love of the one true God. I implore you, dear reader, do not be swept up in ideas of your own divine superiority, as this is not the will of God. Instead, turn inward and find yourself naught but a humble servant called upon to do your duty as a follower of God’s divine word. I reiterate, there is none as supreme as the Lord your God, do not fall victim to your own pride, that is the will of the Denier and his minions. Humble yourself before God and spread his word to your fellow creations, this is your duty as a descendent of Horen, the first descendent to receive the word of God at Gamesh. The opening up of the self to the Horenic virtues bonds together the divnity of God's salvation and the fulfillment of creation. Amen.
  2. “Very well, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Edwin Baruch “And your age?” 20 “I know it may be clear, heh, but it is for the sake of records. What race of the descendants are you of?” Human “You are able to read and write, yes?” Yes “And with that, are you at all familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” I am “You are of course baptized?” Yes, I am “Good, good. Are you married? Do you have children?” No, to both. “In what way of the clergy do you wish to serve? As a Priest, a Monastic?” Priest “While this may not be accepted by the Prelate, depending on the needs of the Church, in what Diocese would you prefer to serve in? You can simply name a city or Kingdom.” The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska “A rather personal question, why have you chosen to walk this path in God?” As I pondered my place in this world, a mere cousin to Lord Baruch, I found myself praying in the city of Reza. As the sounds of the streets faded away I heard Him call to me, to follow his path and bring back the way of GOD in our great nations. “And at last, are you truly devoted to this way of life? Prepared to take any vows involved with ordination and commit oneself to this lifetime bond with the Lord Almighty?” I am prepared “Wonderful, then that should be all.” he says as he gestures you out of the office with a smile, “This shall be brought to His Eminence, Manfried. You shall hear word of your acceptance and placement soon enough.” he nods before saying finally, “God bless you.” as you walk out and say so in return.
  3. Don’t have much of a vested interest in either of these camps, just here to say that the staff are being so disappointingly childish over this whole thing, have some class about it and lose the superiority complex.
  4. Siorwyn smiled at the announcement. “Look here, the corrupt, impure councilors behind the death of our beloved Maheral Lack even the support of their peers. How lonely these disgraces find themselves!” The youth would declare. “This Mali yet stands for our rights, even if her colleagues do not.”
  5. Siorwyn Sythaerin watched on as the sentence he was unfortunately tasked with announcing was carried out, memories of the day’s earlier happenings flooding his mind. The protests in the streets, he wondered how connected it all was, had their outcries pushed the hand of these councilors to murder their own Maheral? “As if they had not done enough! These actions will not stand... there will be answers for what happened here. For the Maheral.” The young elf would mutter under his breath, fingers shaking anxiously as he watched the Lor’demar take his final breaths.
  6. Name: Siorwyn Sythaerin ((MC Name)): Scourgeoforder ((Discord)): Scourgeoforder#1206 Age: 24 What magic are you trained in, if any? Presently no training, though the use of magic is common in my bloodline. How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? First, my living ancestor, Silvos, has documented that our line has only Mali’thill within its ranks. Second, I strive for the pursuit of knowledge, taking great care to document the facts of life I come across in my extensive researching of topics which happen to catch my interest. Third I take great care not to foul my body or mind with any substances or acts that other, less concerned Mali, abuse frequently. How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? As of present, 4 years, though I have, of course, made it my permanent place of residence. Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Of course, for it will be my eternal pleasure. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Arcanism and, if all goes well in my training, water evocation.
  7. I have fairly strong opinions and always will. This server is not the place for firearms or gunpowder based weaponry. - My biggest concern, once you open the gates to modern technology there will be an increased push towards furthering the agenda of breaking the tech lock. That is to say, once we invent guns, it’s only a matter of time until we invent steam engines (which I believe we might already have a form of), electricity, etc. etc. - It would render many lore items completely useless, magic being the biggest example of this. Firearms, overpowered as they are, would ruin the special guidelines in place to allow a character to become overpowered, so to speak. With magic you can effectively be as powerful as a man wielding a gun, but you have to go through hoops to make sure not all characters are able to just blow up anyone in a mile radius. -As previously mentioned, the potential for powergaming is too great. There is no way to counter a musket ball, and therefore a legitimate CRP encounter could and would never take place, as the fighters would be dead in minutes if not seconds of the fight beginning. -The overall feeling of the server would completely change. I see many places, specifically Oren/Helena, pushing for this colonial vibe, which I personally find dull and out of place, but that is a personal feeling, if I don’t wish to RP in the colonial area I will simply go somewhere like Morsgrad with a more medieval feel. The problem with introducing guns is that the medieval fantasy feel would be completely lost on the server, all corners would be affected by it and eventually forced to adopt it out of, at the very least, self preservation. As one counter argument to the arguments I have heard saying things like “it only makes sense in the year 1800 we would have guns.” -To this I would like to say, this server is not based in a BC/AD timeframe. It’s a completely different calendar in a different world from our own. Even after 1800 years we would not be out of place as a fantasy setting to not have this type of weaponry. Lord of The Rings itself is set around the year 3,000. Tech locks only make sense to keep the feel of the server alive and not shift it into something that, going off the poll, over half the people do not want to see. One additional proposal to the staff is this: - I think we should do a reset of the calendar, and start back over from a year somewhere in the 500-1000 range, so people do not get mixed up in associating the real life year with the IRP year. I am not sure who to ping about that final suggestion so I’m just pinging the OP @Archipelego
  8. Erich Stafyr beems with pride at his Cavalry, thanking GOD for such courageous, loyal, and patriotic men. Back at the tavern he would raise a cup for the victories to come, and the invevitable fall of Suffonia. ”Ave Haense”
  9. Ah yes, the tried and true “You’re oppressing my free speech” argument. Flawless. If I have to give up my ability to talk about poltics on a minecraft server and all related forums to get rid of the white supremacist awful memes then so be it. If it’s a controversial topic just talk to your friends about it. We all know how modern politics is, everyone’s already in their little echo chamber of ideas. Just rant to your discord groups about politics and all that garbage if you want, we don’t need it here. Also who the hell talks politics on minecraft anyway, seriously? I say good job on this one @Telanir
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