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  1. would love to use this myself and see it used across the server
  2. Full name: Theodore Lothar Barclay Summers’ old: 26 Clerical role: Priest Diocese of Service: Gelimar Minister of Ordination: Pontian IV Racial identification: [!] “Human, child of Horen” had been filled out on all admission forms [!] Sex: [Username: Liokv] [Discord: Liokv#8858]
  3. Wally von Reinmar pens his name upon the sign-up sheet. Name: Wally von Reinmar Representing: House Barclay
  4. OPEN THE CASEMENT, AND UP WITH THE SUN DEATH OF EMIL BARCLAY The boy read, “He who rests, rusts.” It was etched into the plaque above the entryway to the keep. The words had always been there, but it seemed the boy never put much thought to them. Now, though, he stood like a statue as he gazed upon the words, and a spark ignited within him for the first time. - The little soldier’s bright smile widened as he brandished a new wooden sword before his brother. In the boy’s eyes, it seemed to gleam under the light of the fire– shining just like a real sword. “Vater made this for me– for Tuvsmas, see?” The light of the fireplace reflected the proud shine within his eyes as he presented the sword. - The father gazed upon the baby with some sort of uncertainty as he laid resting in his cradle. “..Leon. Would you like that name, hm?” He then gathered the bundle into his arms, and the weight against his chest warmed the father to his core. - The squire grasped on tightly to his halberd as it breathed a blaze of bright flames into the darkening sky. “Behind me, son– stay behind me!” The squire gasped to the blonde boy beside him as the assault continued upon the large tendrils the isle had sent out to harm them. Yet even as the stream of flames eventually dwindled, the flames within the squire’s soul burned ever brighter. - The aged knight mumbled to himself as his attention remained fixed upon the tree’s foliage. He urged his horse onwards then, rounding the corner that blocked his vision from the figure sitting before the fire. “...Who dares?” A slouched, dark figure sat cross-legged before the tree’s base. . . . The struggle between the pair continued even as the leaves of the tree wavered from the wind, unbothered by the frenzied ongoings below its boughs. “...there is a place promised for you that acts as escape from me. But maybe I shouldn’t allow it.” A flame– ever-burning within the depths of his soul– ignited at that moment, and rage seemed to course through the aged knight as his intense attack upon the figure continued. The tip of his halberd caught upon the figure’s battered chestplate, tearing it free from his body. . . . Even as the aged knight’s eyes dimmed, the flames within them gleamed. Then, he finally slipped into darkness. Ser Emil Barclay 'The Guardian' 1834— 1901
  5. At receiving the news, Emil Barclay sat down his work and lit up a cigar in celebration. He then continued his work in the cloning chambers, having already produced three Barclay clones at order of the Duke of Minitz this week! "Oh-- oops.." He let out as the cigar fell into the cloning vat he was working in.
  7. Dim light flickers within an isolated room occupied only by the form of one Emil Barclay. He was still, silent-- reminiscing about past times so filled with joy.
  8. Herman clutches tight to a flask of Carrion marked with the initials of K.B.
  9. Herman races home to have his uncle Johann @Frymark pen an application for him! After years of begging, a loyal steed at last! Name: Herman B. Race: Human Do you promise to take good care of your new horse?: Yes. I will take dutiful care of the steed.
  10. Persona Name - Emil Barclay IGN - Liokv Nation - Haense
  11. "Your majesty," Emil Barclay's head dipped into a low nod of respect. He then spoke loudly before the king's court: "My son, Leon-" He laid a gauntleted hand upon the boy's shoulder, "I see in him a passion- determination to pursue knighthood like no other." He recalls the boy's unforeseen participation in his own knight's quest... "He seeks to follow the path of his forefathers- Ser Brandt, Ser Cedric, and Ser Reinhardt." He paused then, casting a short glance to the ground, before returning his gaze to Sigismund with determination shining in his eyes: "..should it please you, I ask that you take Leon as your page- to be taught both the stories and the realities of knighthood."
  12. "Boys-- Herman? Leon?" Emil Barclay rose his fist once more to lay a few knocks on the door, and at getting no response, finally pried the door open. The room his two sons shared was completely devoid of said boys, with the only evidence of their presence the scattered mess of maps, clothes, and books draped about the floor and shelves. The boy's father breathed a small sigh at this, though his lips ticked up in a slight smile as he backed out of the room and shut the door with a quiet click.
  13. "No, no, no--" One Emil Barclay directs to the bustling workers as they go about rearranging the Lord Marshal's office. "I want the chair here, and place my nameplate on the desk there-- And for GOD's sake, take down that calendar!"
  14. In his office, Emil Barclay remarks idly: "That's a Barclay Bar--" His boast is interrupted by a loud warning signal as a train rumbles past Reinmar.
  15. Manning the gates, Emil Barclay has no idea what's going on. Nonetheless, he shakes an angry fist in the direction of the Orenians claiming victory.
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