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  1. While running amongst the rose fields of Reinmar — "ACK!" A bird suddenly slams into Emil's face. Sputtering feathers out of his mouth, he retrieves the parchment it carried. He looks over it for a moment, but does not know its contents because he cannot read. Instead, he uses the invitation to make a cool paper boat. When later informed of the wedding through word, the boy is — of course — excited to attend.
  2. Ilya recalls a distant memory of a jousting lesson between a young duke and an orphan all those years ago.
  3. ENLISTMENT APPLICATION FOR THE 3RD ROYAL ARMY Full Name: Koen Grayeson Date of Birth: 1787 Place of Birth: Haense Address [N/A if none]: N/A Race: Human Gender: Male Bloodline [Commoner/Noble/Former Noble/Royal]: Commoner Reason for Enlisting: "To be of use, and to find a place for myself" [Username: ] zbqueen [Discord: ]
  4. Liokv


    Monty Ridmon was born on an estate on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Haense. Monty's mother was a highlander born and raised. His father was a heartlander, though not one of very distinct status, who visited the Kingdom of Haense where he met Monty's mother. The two met in the midst of the tensions between the Holy Orenian Empire and the Kingdom of Haense and their families looked down on their marriage. Unable to return to his home, Monty's father sought a new way to live. Thus, the two sustained themselves on agriculture. Monty's parents were unable to produce another child, leaving him without a sibling, and moreover, forcing him to take a brunt of the household work. The family of three went on this way until Monty's fifteenth year, when his mother died to a fever during the harshness of winter. Monty's father mourned for a long time, leaving Monty to be independent and carry the household because of his socially, not physically, absent father. Monty's father died three years after his mother, leaving Monty unsure of his future and his purpose. Now, he has set out to visit the places he never has before, starting with the kingdom's capital of Reza.
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