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  1. Young Sigismund still revels in his first real combat, remembering how the brave men protected the Cardinal from the nefarious Pontiff and his cronies.
  2. "This isn't a revolution, this is just a weird political agreement. Boring, I was hoping they meant fighting" young Sigismund would remark, frowning.
  3. Event is postponed till a later date, my apologies.
  4. I may have to postpone the event, I will be contacting leaders to make sure we have all participants. @Tainted_ace yall are good
  5. Apologies everyone, I'm a bit busy today, but I will update the post with this as well- if each nation lead could contact me on discord (Aidoro#0946) with the username of their champion OR at the time of event message me ingame (Aidoro) so we don't have people arguing that would be appreciated. One per nation! Please try to select a backup as well in case the original cannot make it.
  6. Tournament of Nations The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska extends an invitation to every nation and settlement all across the continent of Almaris to send their most valiant warrior to represent their people in the Tournament of Nations. The victor of this tournament will be bestowed the honorary title of Champion of Almaris and be gifted a decorative olive wreath signifying their victory. After the tournament, we will head to the tavern for drinks and various tavern games. The Tournament will consist of two brackets, a winners and losers bracket. Once someone loses a
  7. damn i already out of minas from the last one, you accept bread?
  8. Ah yes why have a complete guide prepared when you can just get players to do it for you omg guys thats brilliant.. would be kinda awkward if the players couldn't make a guide on something they aren't informed about and is in shambles...
  9. To be honest, I don't know why this is being debated. In my opinion it's pretty cut and dry, but that doesn't necessarily have to be shared by everyone. Yes, it has its place in role-playing, to an extent. Its a simple concept yet becomes blurry. Certain aspects that may be considered homophobic (i/e killing of homosexuals due to canonism) or racist (killing other races such as Kha or my personal favorite wonks) certainly belongs. This is literally what happened in medieval times, and what has happened on the server for years. As to the extent of people in roleplay trea
  10. I want you to throw pancakes at the same child.
  11. Today marks the one year anniversary of the Pun report.. man that was a fun day 

  12. Ser Demetrius Ruthern would frown "My cousin seems to be crazy, women do niet exist! She herself is just a man in disguise with an strangely high pitched voice, da?"
  13. Ser Demetrius Ruthern would laugh at the attempt “Perhaps they will get him next time.”
  14. Ser Demetrius Ruthern anticipates the next edition with great excitement! "Clearly the best newspaper in Arcas, and the most factual." commenting as he scanned the paper.
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