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  1. "Ah ****." Andrew says, reading the note. "Here we go again"
  2. What did we do deserve your wrath, oh great one??
  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Aidoro (Was Clicquot when I was on the server) Ban Reason Banned for 1 month for logging out to avoid rp, not listening to a moderator, inappropriate behavior. Players Involved GM Team By your own understanding, why are you banned? As I was in a crabby mood, I logged back on in Haense after coming back from a trip to Philly, and joined to a war rally, and since I was a member of Renatus, found myself surrounded and was either going to be killed or jailed, which annoyed me as I had been gone for a week and had not known they had become enemies, and thought it was unfair so I just didn't want to deal with it and logged off. Why should you be pardoned? I understand why I was banned, I was being uncooperative for something that should've not been a big deal, but it was a 1 month ban and I feel that the ban does not define me. I was having a bad day at that point in time, and acted irrationally, instead of thinking and taking careful actions to just go along with it. It wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I acted like it was, and I feel like that one mistake deserves a second chance. LOTC is a different type of roleplay server from those I have experienced before, and though stricter, I believe I can once again fit in and contribute to the server and its roleplay, instead of being a nuisance like a few months ago, where I basically would whine that things were unfair whenever they did not go my way. The community on LOTC is great, and I would love to be back, and I know I can contribute more than before, and be a better member of said community. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? When it comes to roleplays that I may not want to be in, just think of how I could avoid getting into them the next time, and if I do end up in those situations, just deal with it and go along with it, as others deal with it everyday. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community guidelines is a very important aspect of the server in order to maintain and promote a healthy community. It sets the standards for how users who wish to contribute to the server should behave, so that they can contribute fully to the community. Let us begin from the top: Being invested in your character and roleplay is important to be, however, there is always a limit, and as a community if everyone went berserk when they did not win, roleplay would be awful. Players should know when to fight and when to not, not only to win but in order to help provide for unique and dynamic roleplay and characters. Users should be kind and accepting, and help others learn from their mistakes and help them grow. Users should be unique to themselves, and not copy previous people, in order to maintain freshness and variety among the roleplay network- Creating a dynamic character is always more fun, and helps keep roleplay from becoming stale. Along with this, being a member who helps contribute ideas to the community will not be shunned, and will be encouraged, and vice versa. Take the roleplay you want to see into your own hands, and help towards making that become a reality. As well as this, in order to keep the community healthy, users should keep themselves separate from their characters, in order to not power or metagame, and should keep honest regarding roleplay. I believe that due to all previously mentioned items, the Community Guidelines are crucial in order to provide a path and process that users can follow in order to provide the server with dynamic, unique roleplay, and to keep a respectful and ever changing experience for everyone, where new and old users alike can feel welcome, and that if followed, help make the server an incredible place.
  4. Fresh off inactivity :mexican:

  5. When will I be added? Its been an hour :P

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      :P Srry.. Just really excited to play I want to today but I only got hour tops to play left.

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      No worries, hopefully a GM implements you soon!

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