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  1. Ophelia Romanov just merely begins to laugh. “Lord, I should sue the ISA for emotional damages and such! Many people could do the same. The count does dress rather spicy so I am on the spiked fence on which side to choose!”
  2. Ophelia Romanov looked at the flyer as she was walking by, a bit of mint leaf was within her mouth. Her torso leaned closer to inspect the new poster as she chewed and chewed upon the minty freshness. Using her fingers, she removed the piece from her mouth and pressed it onto the drawn mans face. Creating a mustache with the mint leaf, it was clear she was quite intoxicated due to how her body swayed while attempting to rework the flyer. ”Mustaches look more spicy and fun. .” The blonde’s words were slurred as a giggle escaped her rose-tinted lips.
  3. Ophelia Romanov would happily vote for her friend. ”If I do not get voted for due to misogynistic men and their incestuous wives harboring distaste for me solely due to my beautiful hair and doe-like oceanic eyes then they surely must vote for my dear friend!”
  4. Ophelia Romanov looks forward to attempt to participate within this social season, not really wanting to find a husband; she just is bored and wants attention.
  5. [!] A painting was drawn under the title of the posters that were flooded within Providence. Some plastered upon building walls, some scattered throughout the ground; purposely placed there. The painting as that of a young blonde woman, seemingly a self portrait. Underneath the skilled artwork was finely written paragraphs that somehow fit the length of the flyer. You may ask why you should vote for a woman such as Ophelia Romanov, you may ponder this question as you read along this beautiful poster! Well, you desire a person of noble status and such, but I do not believe we
  6. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Ophelia Romanov Age of the Alderman Candidate: 19 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Ministry of Justice
  7. Ophelia Romanov rose a brow as she looked at the poster that was somehow plastered on the wall outside of the Ministry of Justice. “Oh Fock, is there going to be another war soon or something?” With that being said, the blonde began to laugh. “They really caught at how chubby some of the ISA men are, even a dwarf can outrun some.” It was clear Ophelia was yet again drunk off her arse and was having a good time laughing at the facial features and the bodies of the paintings
  8. Ophelia Romanov began to laugh profusely at the statements. ”How absurd! Some of us use it for medical purposes, some expecting mothers use this to ease morning sickness,and ease the pains of labor. I,for one,am not going to stop using my favorite substances! It helps me deal with my various issues within my mind. If alcohol can be legal, so should drugs. I see more bar fights and drunken violence than drug violence.”
  9. Ophelia Romanov couldn’t help but sing along softly to the harmonious sound of the instruments and vocals colliding into one beautiful song! “How stupendous that Oren has succeeded without even trying! Tis’ fun to hear of the goats fleeing from the wolves known as Orenian men! Quite delightful! Sad that it ended so soon though. . .”
  10. Get ur high elf spit ale. Filled with ale and a tinge of queen elf spit! Get it while it's hot.

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      did u really just break our based combo for this

    3. Macaroniminx
  11. Ophelia Romanov giggled at the words, seeing it first hand was truly the best. ”Gustaven got his arse beat and almost lost his arm. Maybe he shouldn’t cheat on his wife and this would’ve never occurred.”
  12. Ophelia quickly opened the letter with a bright smile, as she read the written words, a tinge of blush began to form upon her pale cheeks. ”Oh my! I think I am in love with two men now! He has such a way with words! I must show him my affection by spitting on him!”
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