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  1. Pen to pad, scribbled the elf. For his eloquent penmanship developed well in his time as inquisitor, writing letters and the like. But this one had been addressed to a name long buried within the century long columns of memories and thoughts. A face of indifference commonly associated with the letters recipient.
  2. as a corc your only purpose is to get purged in the name of thy LORD
  3. Loss of a brother, in both faith, and blood. ✛THE HOLY INQUISITION✛ UT UNUS IN FIDE AS ONE IN FAITH With a heart heavy as the stone walls of the basilica I write this in, I, Ser Knight Inquisitor Galadin, do hereby proclaim the extinguishment of a brother's flame. Let it be known throughout the realms that I, with a sorrowful heart, must enact the decree of excommunication upon my own kin, Gavre Gaunt, severing all his ties to the sacred institution of the Churches’ Holy Inquisition, henceforth and forevermore. The mantle of an Inquisitor bears a heavy weight and demands a demeanor befitting of our divine LORD's laws. Alas, my very own flesh and blood hath defiled said sacred union. - By drawing his weapon upon the revered Patriarch of the grand Kingdom of Haense, Aleksandr the Second, Gavre Gaunt has dared to trespass upon the very precedent of safety and justice that the Inquisition ardently seeks to uphold throughout the lands. In a moment of lamentation, I uncovered these blasphemous acts. And as one of the few commanders of our Holy Inquisition, no justification can be found for such transgressions other than absolute banishment from our esteemed ranks. Furthermore, preceding the aforementioned acts, an incident unfolded within the realm of Balian. Gavre Gaunt dared to interrupt a rightful persecution sanctioned by the King, pitifully turning a blind eye to their orders and offering assistance to a vagrant soul. These grievous offenses, when culminated, have left me with no choice but to pass judgment upon Gavre Gaunt in the following manner—a bounty to be bestowed upon the first valiant soul who returns his officially issued 'Inquisitorial Saber,' for he is no longer deemed worthy to wield such a blade. As for his crimes, they are no longer within the purview of the Inquisition to address and dutifully have been passed on to those whom he hath wronged. Let this missive echo through the annals of history as a solemn reminder of the unyielding commitment we, the defenders of the faith, must maintain in our tireless pursuit of justice and righteousness. May the divine light guide us all in these turbulent times. IN DEI NOMINE, HOC DECRETUM SIT IMMUTABILE. IN THE NAME OF GOD, MAY THIS DECREE STAND IMMUTABLE. Lay beneath the missive, attached is a sketch and price; "50 mina, for the confiscations and submission of Gavre's Inquisitorial Issued Saber."
  4. pfft, imagine a nation testing newcomers at the gate during a vampire epidemic very metagame, very anti-spook, very unbased!
  5. 'i chose the spook role in a game, but don't want the implications of a wretched creature that sucks on blood' type beat..
  6. its already happened. i can call and send off my horse with aether
  7. get your money up not your funny up
  8. Me, debating whether to invest time on the temp map or not.


  9. i make sure to pay my yearly mina zakat.
  10. me at iftar time: in all seriousness, this a great post. spread the love.
  11. ❝Children left fatherless over a war fought on grounds of hearsay. May GOD allow all those who have turned away - refuge,❞ - the elf called out into the desolate expanse of the tavern, seemingly alone with a journal filled of missives distributed during these trying times. Clutching now, against his Lorraine Cross, sad the Canondom is left tainted.
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