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  1. A body would wash ashore along the river that ran near the farms of Haense, the body would be bloated and worn from tumbling against rocks in the river. The corpse would be slightly unrecognizable, only covered in a degrading dress with floral patterns on it as the long brown hair would be tangled with weeds, yarn and a set of broken glasses. The female body would rot out of the water for a few days before a farmer came to inspect it. The man was horrified to find the decaying mass, covered his nose and came closer to look for any identification. The only thing he could find in the woman's pockets was a broken knitting needle with words 'Return to .... Ludovar'. Freya's last moments were blurry, from losing her glasses, to falling, to being in excruciating pain, it was all very blurry. It had been a few years after the blizzard had ended, the snow was melting slowly with each day, yet it would refreeze into ice overnight. Maybe she shouldn't have been returning to the keep so late at night, Freya could have stayed in the tavern. But she was blindly stubborn and left back for the keep hours after the sun had set. So, as she walked up the steep steps, she walked over hundreds of times, she tripped and fell forward. The glasses on her face fell with her, landing at the edge of the steep mountainside. The woman groaned in annoyance, slowly inching her way around to look for the things that would let her see. She crept up to the ledge unknowingly and found her glasses. Freya stood up as she put the glasses on, frowning as the glass was cracked. One step forward and she was falling again, screams cut short as her head hit the jagged rocks on the mountainside. Silently she fell until landing in a pile of snow on the side of the mountain, her head pounding as she would begin to bleed to death. Her body would lie in that snow pile for months, frozen in wait till spring came and the snow would slosh down to the river beds. Her body moved with the flow, getting pulled under the rushing water that moved to Valdev. The farmer would wrap the corpse in a large blanket, pinning it shut with the knitting needle before hefting the body into the back of his cart and starting the long walk to the Ludovar's keep. After many hours, he would arrive, and giving his best explanation he would hand off the body to any adult present. "I found the lass' body by the farms, looked to be washed ashore. I am sorry, that is all I know." The man would be quick to depart after that, leaving whomever there to deal with the smelling corpse.
  2. Eve sat in her home, now having returned to Reinmar after a journey of silence, “I can only hope and pray that Handil’s name gets cleared. As for Vindacus… I can only pray that the light finds him.” The lights of the candles slowly burned out as she read the rest of the missive.
  3. Eve went numb when the boulder dropped down onto Handil, rendered speechless as tears fell down her cheeks without warning. She heard nothing around her besides the ringing in her ears as the scene replayed over and over in her mind. It wasn't until Mattia, another soldier of Reinmar, carried her to the clinic that she regained her speech. Eve was placed on a clinic bed, and she took the opportunity to scramble as far away from the man who had carried her, scooting herself into the corner where walls met. She pulled the sea blue cloak over herself, hiding her body away from the man like a child would hide under the covers from monsters. 'Monsters...' Is what Eve's brain supplied to her in that moment, 'Surrounded by monsters of men' "You still believe he was good, uh?" Mittia had asked her. “I held his hand; I saw the scars that made him living.” She curled as far into herself as she could, barely listening to the man's words. “He-… He trusted me, I knew him for so long….” Eve barely listened to what the man said to her, only picking up on the tail end of his words. "Sometimes the people we trust are just using us.” “No…” so whispered, so far into her belief, “He hunts darkspawn, kills the undead. He can't-….” 'He can't be what he's killed' She finished to herself. Eve Beilee shook her head, “I never went with him, because I was always in Haense or Minitz. I've seen his room, his helm has aurum on it.” Her hands gripped at her hair, tugging at it. “He can't be darkspawn, or an agent of the dark. He lived in the shire, with halflings.” Eve knew that Handil didn't lie to her, but how could she confess to someone who wasn't exactly on her side that she has seen the scars scattered on his arms? Mattia kept repeated that Handil was a darkspawn or aligned with them. At some point Eve grew distant as tears started flowing again, she asked if she could go to her home. Mattia let her walk out, and that she did. For two whole days she stayed in her bed, crying her eyes out and passing out from a complete drain of emotions. On the third day she woke up late at night, with a plan. One to leave and never return, because what if the Pontiff were to call for her head next? Or set on a pyre and burned alive? Eve didn't feel comfortable thinking of the rest of the ways they could plan her demise. So as quick as she could, she packed her weapons, clothes, and food for the road ahead. Attentively she looked over the items she would be leaving behind, picking up the few jewelry pieces she had and stuffed them in a pocket. As quietly as she could, Eve slowly maneuvered herself around Reinmar's layout and avoiding the large amount of people in the square. She had to act normal, or at least emotionally sane as she passed the group to head towards the back road that lead to her shop. Eve didn't stop moving till she got up to the attic space, taking a deep breath in and releasing it to calm her nerves. Hesitantly she looked over the books on the shelfs, picking out her two favorite books and stuffing them in with the rest of her items. She also grabbed a few blank books and some quills before scouting out the road below. Once the gaurd on patrol left the area Eve rushed out of her shop, ignoring the gates that were wide open, and pushing through the citizen doors. 'I will never trust open gates after this.' Pulling her whistle out she waited impatiently for her horse to arrive, jumping onto the white beast and riding towards Haense while actively avoiding the roads at all costs. She rode around Haense, and continued to follow the path to Petra, rushing her horse through the square before ridding off into an open feild. If anyone were to check her home, or her shop, they would find dust has collected and any fires would be out. Food would have rotted in the cupboards and nothing would be restocked.
  4. This story begins on the vast pathways across Aveos, in the colder north of the continent. A married elven couple rides along the paths, the wife crying in pain as her pregnant belly threatens to burst. The husband is driving the cart to Haense, a northern kingdom of humans. As the two get to the bridge of the kingdom, the baby is soon to be born. The next few days the wife laid in a clinic bed, tiredly holding her child as hazel eyes gazed upwards at her. Eve Beilee was born and ready to see the world. As the elven family stayed in Haense for a few years till Eve was 5 years old, leaving to go about their trading gypsy-like ways. With each town and city the family stopped in Eve grew in awe of the mass amounts of books to read, and the beautiful scenery around her. As her parents sold, bartered, and traded items they had, Eve ran off to whatever local library there was, sitting against the bookcases for hours learning to read from books for children. By nightfall Eve’s parents would find their child slumped asleep with piles of books around her, some open to pictures of maps or designs of fair maidens being rescued. Her father would pick her up and bring her back to their campsite while her mother put all the books back in place. When the family gathered under the night sky, cuddled with one another for warmth even on summer nights, Eve would wearily wake up and watch the stars and how they twinkled before falling back to sleep. Years passed by as Eve turned 16, now having viewed most notable cities and kingdoms, she was helping her parents sell and trade items. Yet she longed to find a spot in a library to read, or to run through the woods and climb the trees. While her parents were putting their makeshift stall away Eve would run out the front gates to the wilderness, grinning with laughter as the wind pushed her dark hair out behind her and her tanned dress looked like a banner in flight. At a peace once more Eve relished in the sounds of the animals, sitting on the floor as squirrels ran across the floor, birds sang songs for a hopeful mate, and deer pranced between trees. When Eve returned to her family's temporary campsite she found it turned upside down. The family’s cart was burning and all the things they had were torn through, crates smashed near the burning wreckage. Eve cried out for her parents, rushing forward to look through the campsite for any signs of them. She nearly tripped over the wreckage as she found her parents a few feet away from the burning cart, blood staining the grass under them a dark ichor. Eve’s eyes filled with tears as she shook their bodies, hoping for any kind of reaction. Yet no reaction was given, the air had long been stolen from their lungs and the light in their eyes burned no more. Eve cried in anguish over her parent’s bodies, begging for forgiveness, for running off instead of staying with them to return to the campsite. She let the cart burn overnight, passing out next to her parent’s bodies. As dawn broke Eve slowly rumbled to wake, forgetting momentarily that her parent’s laid dead next to her. She suffered through another round of crying before wiping at her tears to stand up. Gathering what materials weren’t burned or looted, Eve started to dig a large hole for her parents. The sun sat high in the sky as she finished the hole, taking a moment to rest her aching limbs. Being as gentle as she could with her parent’s corpses she laid them both to rest in the hole, doing her best to intertwine their arms together. Placing what was left of a fur pelt over their bodies she started to dump dirt back into the hole. Her voice was weak as she repeated the cannonist prayers for the dead, tears streaming down her face till she was finished. The tossed dirt left the impression of the grave, marking it clearly for all to see. So she gathered fallen oak seeds and buried them together in the soil above her parents. Sun started to set again as she collected what she could from the campsite before leaving the remains of her childhood behind. As the months passed on Eve took it upon herself to learn how to fight with daggers and a bow, inspired by the tales of the Scyfling Wars in Haense’s history. Even with no mentor besides the occasional guard teaching her small tricks, her aim and accuracy with a bow grew to be almost on par with any nation’s army man. Each time she drew the notched arrow back she thought of the bandits that killed her parents. As the arrow released forward it would pierce the practice target always near the center, making a satisfying thunk each time. Though she never found out who or what group killed her family, she vowed to fight off bandits and bring them to justice, even if that justice was at the tip of her arrows. Haense’s long bridge greeted Eve as she entered the nation’s territory, a small sense of belonging jolted her veins. Quietly she crossed the bridge, looking over into the icy rivers below before standing at the gate waiting to be let in. After exchanging the usual name, allegiance and reason for visiting, Eve was allowed inside. Almost immediately she was met by a man who overheard that she wanted to join the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, the nation's army. She explained she did, but only after learning a bit more about the kingdom’s history. It had been over a decade since she had been in Haense, so Eve asked if he could show her where the library was. She thanked him as she went to study the history of Haense.
  5. The cold stone walls in Reinmar did little to settle Eve as she shot up out of bed, in her mind the dark corners of her room held those same deadly eyes. Quickly she lit a candle and grabbed the journal on her bedside, writing down her nightmarish dream. ”What the hell was that?”
  6. An elf hidden away in her room at Reinmar looks over the paper as she paints, “I wonder what I should dress up as.” Eve put away her painting supplies and headed out to the library to do some hard time research!
  7. Amelia welcomed the new arrival to the skies, although only after staring at him for minutes. “You! We met in Elysium and I named you Lev, how are you fairing friend?”
  8. [!] A painting showing the tavern during a rainy night. Grand Opening of The White Petal Tavern -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Come join us for Tavern Night at The White Petal Tavern! Drinks will be flowing and food will be cooking and punches will be throwing. A fight pit will be in the lower floors of the establishment, a reminiscence of fight pits in taverns past. There will be a short tournament with a prize of 50 mina to the winner and a prize to the runner up. If you wish to enter the tournament, please bird The Masked Merchant!
  9. [!] Announcement Boards see a new addition to their cluttered papered faces! =+= Wild Wares Emporium =+= Come Visit In Haense at Vantra III Near the Palace! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wild Wares Emporium offers a wide variety of items for sale! Ranging from dolls and children's toys to jewelry for any fine maiden or strong lad. What we offer: - Toys - Clothes - Hand-carved items - Jewelry - And other finery We also take commissions for any type of item that you are willing to think of! Just put in an order and we will start on it as fast as possible! Thank you for reading this and please visit us in the near future!
  10. Merchant Supply Deal 15th of The Deep Cold, 131 SA I, Laenor Scrivener, will go to The Masked Merchant to sell items I deem fit, and in the trade I will gain both mina for the items and a random amount of building materials supplied by The Masked Merchant. Once I, Laenor Scrivener, tell The Masked Merchant to stop supplying me with building materials they will get a cart free of charge. It will be funded by me, leaving no charge to The Masked Merchant. Should one party want to remove themself from the contract, this trade deal will become null and void. X . . . Lord Laenor Scrivener, Lord of Visenya X . . . Masked Merchant, Owner of Wild Wares Emporium
  11. 3rd of Malin’s Welcome, 130 SA I, the Masked Merchant, will train and teach Barold Fieter crafts and the way of the trade. When he has compiled a stock or completed an item he deems ready to sell, he may sell it to Matthew Longwitz for mina. Matthew can take this stock and sell it to whomever deems the need to buy it off of him. Should this contract expire in 15 years passed signage, or one party wants to remove themself from the contract, this trade deal will become null and void. X . . . Matthew Longwitz X . . . Barold Fieter X . . . Masked Merchant
  12. [!] Letters would be posted up on every conceivable surface. To all merchants, shop owners, and traders across this time and space, I welcome you to join the Merchant’s Alliance. Make it easier to find that one item you need, or to find someone to commission that item. Make money by helping stock items be delivered to their locations, or by finding lost supplies on familiar trade routes. Let’s all work together today!
  13. A certain masked merchant prepares to sing this everytime they enter Minitz territory.
  14. An old woman stumbled as she followed retreating Haense citizens from the capital. Her ears were listening intently to all that was said, and made the lorraine over her as she heard of the fall of a Colborn. "May he rest in peace." "Godan keep my sweet Stasia safe in these times." Parvana Ludovar whispered under her breath as she made her way to savoy.
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