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  1. werewolf more like hairy man skull emoji x 7 #urmomjoe
  2. August Bishop sobs, going for his seventh bottle, and saluting the air.
  3. August Bishop sighed when his door was knocked on,"vhat?" He took the folded letter shown to him by Aurik. He shook his head after seeing the many paragraphs "too long, go avay" he waved both the man and his letter away and went back to his room for the 3rd bottle of Ilya Vintage for the night.
  4. Vasidir Stormheart signed cheerfully, shouting out, "MOI GOO'NESS THA'S SOOOO FOOKIN' AMA'YIN'!!" The stubby dwarf hopped off to fetch some ale.
  5. August bishop CHEERS for the continual maintenance of the FINE haeseni military "JAAA JAAA, VERY GUUUUUTTE!" he shouts, setting down his 3rd bottle of alcohol of the hour.
  6. birch wood is super ugly sometimes, but can make me extremely excited in a way that entails happiness like no other.
  7. MC Name: keegan7om Discord: keegan7om#9889 Image: Description of Image: My persona's three daughters with a background Dimensions: 2 wide, 3 high
  8. August Bishop II pats his favorite twin's shoulder, "Ja! Ve can make baskets und bouquets!" The boy nods vigorously, "Ist Awesome!"
  9. To Hoonse: As your newly appointed aulic treasurer, it occurs to me that our new kingdom will need some funding to effectively run our business. The first conquest of our journey is Merchant Stall 1, in the Haense square. I have forced my cousins Ariovistan and Thomund to give me this shop or else I will kick them in their sleep, so they gave it to me. And now it is the property of HOONSE! If we can make or collect some cool stuff, I can put it here, and all of the profits will go to the treasury and the True Koeng and Koenas of the north. If any of my fellow hoonseti patrons want to put something in the store, tell me! There is plenty of space and even more opportunity for profits! Just tell me at the next Meeting! Signed, August Bishop II, Aulic Treasurer of Hoonse [!] A depiction of money signs is drawn here:
  10. Username: Keegan7om Are you bidding for someone else? If yes, please say who!: Nope Bid: 200, 150 Skin Name(s): Business Woman, Scandalous Elfess Discord: Keegan7om#9889
  11. August Bishop II screams from the Attenlund after reading the event missive, "ICH LOVE PETS!" He says, rushing to grab his rabbit!
  12. August Bishop stood in the confines of his room, writing a letter, when the death of his trusted brother had reached him. As he read the letter a single tear slid down the man's bearded face as he took his hand up to his face mouth. He stood from his lantern lit desk and wobbled over to his bed. After a moment of standing in silence he reaches under his bed and grabs a bottle from underneath his bed. After a few moments of sad drinking he groans out, "It can't be!" He then returns to his desk laying his head upon it, and sadly sitting there for a few hours.
  13. Discord:Keegan7om#9889 Skin: The Golden Lion Bid: 190
  14. August Bishop stands in his room he frowns as he reads, not understanding the purpose of this squabble, "Vhy must everyzhing come to such lengths?" He wonders aloud as he sets the parchment down and begins to read his book.
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