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  1. Norido would shake his head upon reading the missive "Supposed devils being beaten up by humans? Never seen any in my life! Why don't you take that anger, and beat up some orcs, they are one of the true monsters in these lands!"
  2. Norido comments on the matter "Hm, didn't know Ravenswood has this much trouble- I'm happy I don't live there..."
  3. Norido sighs upon reading the missive before commenting "When will these humans stop fighting? With peace, comes progress and unity because everyone isn't destroying themselves then, sadly that seems impossible."
  4. Norido skims over the missive in his hand, only partially reading it before commenting "Oh wow, more necromancer- demon things, I read about them before in one of my books." Norido coughs "I should probably avoid them, how on this realm can a corpse even reanimate?"
  5. Norido smiles from underneath is bandanna upon receiving the news of Camp St Emma "Ah, the Adrian heart's are filled with endurance, they've been through so much.... may they prosper."
  6. Norido skims over the paper he had received at his door while very sleep deprived. "Heh- un- United Humaity- is a p- pipe dream.." Norido giggles
  7. "More human re- religious blabber. Now please leave me be. I- I don't worship your god... if they even do anything besides s- sitting all day." Norido strokes his bandenna and attempts to rest, while having trouble doing so.
  8. Norido remains silent on the matter, and pushes it to the back of his mind.
  9. Norido remarks "Maybe my neighbor might be a darkspawn- it's hard to know!"
  10. "Humans are foolish. They exist to fight each other, spark wars, and needlessly persecute other races. It is not a surprise to me that this has happened to them. They never change." Norido remarks whilst reading the paper found beside him.
  11. Norido reads over the note he stumbled across near his door, with an annoyed look on his face "I didn't know they had spread this far. Who knows, maybe my neighbors aren't what they seem."
  12. "Rest in peace my friend..It was nice meeting you, and knowing you. May Rychwald live on." Dobri mourns his death
  13. "May god be with you. Ave Haense, Ave Rychwald." Dobri remarks with a smile on his face.
  14. Norido claps slowly while a smile creeps across his face. "This was unavoidable."
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